Bay Tree House (1)

LEH107 - Bay Tree House (1)

An elegant three-storey dolls house

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Bella's House W/Furn (1)

LEH146 - Bella's House W/Furn (1)

Beautiful Bella. A fully painted and decorated doll's house

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Fairybelle Carriage&Unicorn(1)

LETV642 - Fairybelle Carriage&Unicorn(1)

She will go to the Ball. A delightful painted wooden fairy carriage co

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Fairybelle Palace (1)

LETV641 - Fairybelle Palace (1)

Once Upon A Time A beautiful painted wooden fairy castle with highlyd

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La Maison de Juliette (1)

LEH128 - La Maison de Juliette (1)

A romantic style painted wooden doll's house with Juliette balcony

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Lavender House (1)

LEH108 - Lavender House (1)

A three storey lavender & lilac doll's house. Suits Le Toy Van toy collections

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Lily's cottage W/Furn (1)

LEH111 - Lily's cottage W/Furn (1)

A prettily decorated house with an included furniture set

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Mayberry Manor (1)

LEH118 - Mayberry Manor (1)

Welcome to the Manor.A deluxe fully painted and decorated large 3 stor

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Mia Casa W/Furn(with Doll) (1)

LEH170 - Mia Casa W/Furn(with Doll) (1)

A complete & colourful open-plan painted wooden doll's house

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Sophie's House (1)

LEH104 - Sophie's House (1)

This decorated 3 storey doll s house features a glittery roof, a front

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Victoria Place (1)

LEH149 - Victoria Place (1)

The Town House. Four storeys high , this painted wooden doll's house

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