Bay Tree House (1)

LEH107 - Bay Tree House (1)

An elegant three-storey doll house

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Cherry Tree Hall (1)

LEH150 - Cherry Tree Hall (1)

Le Toy Van's biggest and grandest doll house

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Lavender House (1)

LEH108 - Lavender House (1)

A three storey lavender and lilac doll house

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Mayberry Manor (1)

LEH118 - Mayberry Manor (1)

A deluxe doll house fully painted and decorated

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Sophie's House (1)

LEH104 - Sophie's House (1)

Three storey doll house with a glittery roof

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zzzFairy Castle (1)

LETV643 - zzzFairy Castle (1)

A wooden fairy castle with pink tiles and gorgeous garden

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