Phyllis Lamb 20cm(1)

RT709 - Phyllis the Lamb 21cm(1)

Sweet Phyllis the adorable 21cm soft lamb

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Pompom Patchwork Mouse(1)

RT314 - Pompom Patchwork Mouse (15cm) (1)

An adorable pink, velour mouse called Pompom

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Stitch Patchwork Mouse(1)

RT316 - Stitch Patchwork Mouse (15cm) (1)

Stitch the sweet patchwork mouse

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zzzPoppy Rabbit(1)

RT304 - Poppy Rabbit (21cm) (1)

Sweet rabbit Poppy with patchwork ears dressed in pink

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Paddy Rabbit 20cm(1)

RT710 - Paddy Rabbit 21cm(1)

Paddy the adorable 21cm soft rabbit

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Primrose Pig(1)

RT704 - Primrose Pig (18cm) (1)

Primrose the pig is a delicate and pretty Ragtag doll

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Alfie Lux Brown Rabbit (1)

RT317 - Alfie Lux Brown Rabbit (55cm) (1)

Alfie is a super-soft bunny with polka dot ears and tote bag

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Tooth Fairy Girl(1)

RT201 - Tooth Fairy Girl (19cm) (1)

Gorgeous tooth fairy girl with beautiful box and a touch of magic

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Terry Large Tortoise(1)

RT319 - Terry Large Tortoise (16cm) (1)

Terry the tortoise is a patchwork sweetheart soft toy

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Rag Book Alphabet Abc(1)

RT804 - Rag Fabric Book Alphabet ABC (1)

Beautiful soft ABC fabric story book with matching box

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12 Ragtag Assorted (1)

RTSRAG - Mixed pack of 12 Ragtags(1)

Mixed pack of 12 Ragtag Ragtale dolls

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Tooth Fairy Princess (1)

RT204 - Tooth Fairy Princess (19cm) (1)

Gorgeous Princess tooth fairy with beautiful box and a touch of magic

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Tooth Fairy Boy(1)

RT203 - Tooth Fairy Boy (19cm) (1)

Gorgeous tooth fairy boy with beautiful box and a touch of magic

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Oscar Dog (1)

RT306 - Oscar Dog (35cm) (1)

Oscar the charming brown puppy dog with carry bag

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Rag Books Nursery Rhymes(1)

RT802 - Rag Fabric Books Nursery Rhymes (1)

Soft nursey rhyme fabric story book featuring 8 classic stories

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Dylis Lamb (1)

RT323 - Dylis Lamb (35cm) (1)

Soft and sweet Dylis the Lamb Ragdoll

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