MH152960 - Wee Baby Stella Sleepy Time Scents Set(1)

An adorable Wee Baby Stella Sleepy Time set with Lavender scent

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Paper balls(1)

DJ8765 - Paper Balls Kirigami(1)

Fold and cut with this beautiful Kirigami paper kit

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DJ1680 - Wooden Game Cuddly Lacing(1)

Four bright wooden animals with coloured thread for lacing

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DJ9853 - Sparrows Silk Printing(1)

Bird and flower silk scarf painting set

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Watercolour pencil(1)

DJ8611 - WaterColour Pencil Workshop(1)

Be creative with templates, water colour pencils and brush

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Stage Giraffe Puppet(1)

FM2561 - Giraffe Stage Puppet(1)

Elegant stage Giraffe puppet with gorgeous long eyelashes

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DJ9560 - Savanah Desert North Pole Decals(1)

A world adventure themed decal kit, with 90 transfers

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DJ9624 - Creepy Crawlies Velvet Colouring(1)

Colour these beautiful velvet sheets featuring animals

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DJ3432 - Mini Nature Night Light (1)

Calming soft green nature night light with timer

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DJ9691 - Massive Fashion Stickers And Paper Dolls(1)

Dress the paper dolls in impressive fashions

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Bird Owl, Burrowing(1)

FM2578 - Burrowing Owl Puppet(1)

Who's that? It's Burrowing Owl puppet with its big eyes

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4-piece gift box(1)

JNL901G - Bear 4-piece gift box (1)

A beautiful fairytale mealtime gift set

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LETV273 - Honeybake Vanilla Birthday Cake(1)

This wooden vanilla birthday cake looks delicious

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Blink Owl Clock(1)

LEPL010 - Petilou Blink Owl Clock(1)

A classic simple first wooden clock that blinks

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DJ9850 - Peacock Silk Printing(1)

Paint your own silk scarf with peacock design

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Filomène and her friends(1)

DJ9885 - Filomene Friends Waxed Threads(1)

Filomene and friends fun wax craft set

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Glitter dresses(1)

DJ9500 - Dresses Glitter Boards(1)

Dress themed glitter board craft kit

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DJ9514 - Fireflies Foil Pictures(1)

Firefly themed foil paper craft kit

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Collages for little ones(1)

DJ8664 - Collages For Little Ones(1)

Adorable mini collage kit with fun animal pictures to create

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Oski - 18,5x18,5x4cm(1)

DJ4939 - Oski Tableaux(1)

Forest friends in an apple tree green wall frame

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Chaffinch's melody(1)

DJ6594 - Music Box Chaffinch's Melody(1)

A musical jewellery box with bird and flowers

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Baby Stella Peach Doll(1)

MH152420 - Baby Stella Peach Doll(1)

Sweet Baby Stella Peach Doll ready to be adopted

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DJ8950 - 1000 Stickers(1)

1000 art and craft stickers

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DJ5211 - Draughts Game(1)

Beautifully detailed ocean themed checkers board game

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DJ4665 - Leaves Fabric Light Shade(1)

Retro-inspired light shade with red and green leaves

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7-piece Cupcake set(1)

JAF452H - Hippopotamus Cupcake Set (1)

Bake a sweet treat with this happy hippo 7 piece cupcake set

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Finger Mini Duckling(3)

FM2764 - Mini Duckling Finger Puppet (3)

Adorable and sweet yellow Duckling finger puppet

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Little Pig(1)

FM2967 - Little Pig Puppet(1)

Little Piggy Puppet plays in the pig pen

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DJ3111 - Magnetic Crazy Animals(1)

Mix and match three-piece animal magnets with eight animals

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Stage Zebra Puppet(1)

FM2565 - Zebra Stage Puppet(1)

A striped and curious Zebra stage puppet

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DJ5186 - Ouistitwist Card Game(1)

A fun observation and speed game

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Japanese garden(1)

DJ9851 - Japanese Silk Printing(1)

Japanese design silk painting set

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DJ6005 - Animambo Tambourine(1)

Beautifully designed Tambourine with colourful toucan theme

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DJ8863 - Dinosaurs Stencils(1)

A fun collection of 5 Prehistoric dinosaur stencils

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DJ9584 - Pirates Tattoos(1)

Pirate themed tattoo set (dematologically tested)

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Chocolate Gateau(1)

LETV277 - Honeybake Chocolate Cake(1)

This wooden cake looks delicious enough to eat

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Baby Doll Blue(1)

BN62022 - Baby Doll in Blue(1)

A traditional baby doll has cuddly soft blue pyjamas and bonnet

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DJ8174 - Trio Jobs Set (6 Puzzles)(1)

6x 4pce educational object and job association puzzles

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Paper dolls - Knights(1)

DJ9693 - Knights Paper Dolls(1)

Medieval knight themed stick on outfit paper kit

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DJ5136 - Batasaurus Card Game(1)

A prehistoric & fun memory game

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Glitter birds(1)

DJ4958 - Glitter Birds Mobile Lightweights (1)

Eclectic and patterned Glitter Birds paper hanging mobile

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Stilts(1 set)(1)

MAM3051H - Wooden Stilts(1)

Fun wooden stilts for the clown of the family

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Oscar and Cannelle(1)

DJ6516 - Oscar And Cannelle Gingerbread Set(1)

Design your own delicious and fun gingerbread cookies

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Rubber engraving(1)

DJ8614 - Rubber Engraving Workshop(1)

Creative craft: create pictures with rubber engravings

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DJ9852 - Butterflies Silk Printing(1)

Butterfly design silk painting set

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Big animals(1)

DJ8776 - Big Animals Origami(1)

Make large paper animals with beautiful origami kit

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Box 6 macaroons(1)

DJ6509 - Assorted Colourful Macaroons Role Play Set(1)

A box of 6 brightly coloured and delicious wooden macaroons!

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DJ3125 - Magnetic Wooden Vroom Bazaar(1)

24 piece wooden magnet set with zany animals and vehicles

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LETV806 - Pelmel 9 Tractors CDU(1)

Sweet wooden tractor and trailer sets counter display unit

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Fishing shark(1)

DJ1656 - Magnetic Fishing Sharks(1)

Magnetic 12 piece sharks and submarines fishing game with 2 rods

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DJ6625 - Role Play Wallet Set(1)

Adorable child's wallet for role play with toy money & cards

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Tree Top Stacker(1)

LEPL001 - Petilou Tree Top Stacker(1)

An eight piece wooden tree stacking set with yellow bird

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Wee Baby Stella Bathing Se(1)

MH314370 - Wee Baby Stella Bathing Set(1)

An adorable Wee Baby Stella Bathing Set with baby powder scent

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Linen Maliah(1)

BN5165M - Maliah Black Haired Doll With Linen Dress(1)

Sweet black haired Maliah in her pretty linen dress

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DJ8151 - Duo Numbers 20pc Puzzle(1)

Colourful and educational number-matching puzzles 20pce

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Finger Mini Alpaca(3)

FM2750 - Mini Alpaca Finger Puppet (3)

Feel the soft fur of this sweet mini Alpaca finger puppet

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10 nature and animal block(1)

DJ8505 - Nature And Animal Blocks(1)

Ten colourful, animal themed stacking blocks with numbers 1-10

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An elegant parade(1)

DJ8793 - An Elegant Parade Stamp Set(1)

Use stamps to add detail to these elegant characters

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Little Rabbit, Lop(1)

FM2944 - Little Lop Rabbit Puppet(1)

Little Lop Rabbit puppet has angora-soft fur

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Piti rain Orange(1)

DJ6380 - Orange Rain Shaker(1)

Re-create the sound of rain with this fun rain shaker.

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Junzo taptap(1)

DJ6441 - Junzo Tap Tap(1)

A bright and colouful wooden peg and mallet activity

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123 Moby(1)

DJ1046 - Wooden 3D Puzzle 123 Moby(1)

Join Moby Dick for a three-dimensional wooden puzzle adventure

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Snake and ladders(1)

DJ5208 - Snakes & Ladders Game(1)

Cute polar-ice animal themed snakes and ladders game

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