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Bakers Basket

LETV187 - Honeybake Baker's Basket In Crate(1)

A role play game with bakery treats

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Fresh Fish

LETV184 - Honeybake Fresh Fish In Crate(1)

Six glittery wooden fish in a crate.

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Market Meat

LETV189 - Honeybake Market Meat in Crate(1)

A delicious variety of wooden meat presented in a wooden crate

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Eggs & Dairy

LETV185 - Honeybake Eggs & Dairy In Crate(1)

A crate of painted wooden dairy produce.

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Fruits Five A Day

LETV183 - Honeybake Smoothie Fruit In Crate(1)

A selection of vibrantly coloured fruits in a crate

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Vegetables Five A Day

LETV182 - Honeybake Harvest Vegetables(1)

A selection of wood and fabric garden vegetables in a crate

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Author: Mel Okimoto   Date Posted: 19 May 2017  

This week the new 2017 Le Toy Van products arrived! The new products feature a range of functional and playfully designed toys that extend play to include  a more collaborative aspect. Additions to the range compliment existing products opening a whole new world of play. See the full range of Le Toy Van.  


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