Positive Thought Cards are now in stock

Date Posted:26 April 2018 

Kaleidoscope has just received its first shipment of Positive Thought Cards, a great tool to assist children in developing self-confidence and positive beliefs.

These cards have appealing images with powerful words for assisting parents and educators to change beliefs and mindsets through the use of affirmations.

Positive Thought Cards present affirmations to influence a developing values system, including healthy eating, fair play, kindness, confidence, resilience, and developing friendships.  

Studies in psychology and educational fields have proved that repetition of positive value-affirming statements rewire the brain to promote resilience and inner confidence. These attributes help children deal with many of the issues they face in school and society.

A downloadable handbook provides for educators and parents with fantastic ideas to optimise the use of these cards in the home and at school.

The regular use of affirmations can give our children positive values to develop into strong, compassionate, confident people.