Schoenhut Back in Stock

Date Posted:8 September 2017 

Schoenhut Pianos are back in stock and ready for Christmas ordering. Starting musical instruments when child are young has major benefits and the experience is also great for laying the foundation for future musical learning. From a young age music is a wonderful learning tool that both your child and you can enjoy together. Researchers suggest that listening to music engages multiple areas of the brain but when children start playing an instrument it starts to give their brain the equivalent of a full body workout. Anita Collins has a fantastic TED talk video on how learning a music instrument is so beneficial for children (and adults). 

Schoenhut Pianos are back in stock SH3005B SH3005W SH2522W SH2522R

1: SH3005W - White Baby Grand Piano.

2: SH3005B - Black Baby Grand Piano.

3: SH2522R - Red 25 Key First Piano.

4: SH2522W - White 25 Key First Piano.