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MH335530 - Lego Ninjago Lloyd

Brand: ManhattanSKU: MH335530

Meet Lloyd, the legendary Green Ninja and Elemental Master of Energy! Leave it to The LEGO Group to turn a band of youthful ninja proteges into the half-pint superheroes of the fictional place where the modern-day city meets ancient East Asian influence and culture--LEGO NINJAGO. Kids will have fun replicating their favourite scenes from episodes of the LEGO NINJAGO TV series or creating scenarios of their own.

This wacky character is constructed with a soft body and flat feet, enabling him to stand upright on shelves as collectible room decor. Unlike classic LEGO toys though, these plush Minifigures do not have moveable arms or legs but rather, they are made for soft toy play and snuggling. Officially licensed plush collectible from Manhattan Toy

Suitable for ages: Newborn and up

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