P55071 - Iguanodon Figurine

Iguanodon with moveable mouth

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P55056 - Kaprosuchus Figurine

This Kaprosuchus is waiting for it's prey

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P55017 - Mammoth Figurine

Prehistoric mammoth figurine

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P55004 - Parasaurolophus Figurine

A herbivorous dinosaur with a large cranial crest

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P55060 - Polacanthus Figurine

This spiked Polacanthus enjoys eating plants from the early Cretaceous period

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P39910 - Prehistoric Man Figurine- Green Dot

Prehistoric Man with club and spear

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P55073 - Quetzalcoaltus Figurine

Quetzalcoaltus dinosaur

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DinosaursRoaring smilodon

P55067 - Roaring Smilodon Figurine

The Roaring Smilodon is showcasing it's large saber-tooth

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P55011 - Spinosaurus Figurine

This dinosaur was larger than the T-Rex

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P55007 - Stegosaurus Figurine

A herbivorous dinosaur that was slow moving

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P55069 - Therizinosaurus Figurine

Therizinosaurus stood at 10 metres

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P55038 - Tupuxuara Figurine

A prehistoric Tupuxuara dinosaur figurine

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P55023 - Velociraptor Figurine

Velociraptor dinosaur figurine

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DinosaursYoung mammoth

P55025 - Young Mammoth Figurine- Green Dot

Young Mammoth figurine- Green Dot

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DinosaursYoung spinosaurus

P55065 - Young Spinosaurus Figurine

Young Spinosaurus learns quickly to hunt

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P39128 - Ballerina and Partner Figurine

A ballerina and her dancing partner are ready to perform

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P39159 - Bella Figurine- Green Dot

A stunning princess dressed in yellow and ready for a dance

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EnchantBlue elf child
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P39161 - Clown Figurine- Green Dot

A silly and jolly clown waiting for a laugh

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P38822 - Elf Ballerina With Unicorn Figurines

Elf ballerina figurine with her unicorn

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EnchantFairy pony

P38817 - The Fairy Pony Figurine- Green Dot

A magical and brave fairy pony

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EnchantFairy unicorn

P38816 - Fairy Unicorn Figurine

A magical and fast flying fairy unicorn

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EnchantGingerbread Man

P39127 - Gingerbread Man- Red Dot

You have to be quick to catch this cheeky Gingerbread Man

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EnchantGold dragon with flame

P39095 - Gold Dragon with Flame Figurine- Green Dot

A strong gold dragon with fire-breathing powers

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EnchantGolden unicorn

P39018 - Golden Unicorn Figurine- Green Dot

This brave unicorn gets it's magic from the sun

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P39025 - Winged Green Dragon Figurine- Green Dot

Careful! This fast flying dragon is strong

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EnchantGuardian of the forest

P39109 - Guardian Of The Forest Figurine- Green Dot

This solid guardian protects all within the magical forest

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EnchantHorsewomen with hat

P39074 - Horse and Woman with Hat Figurines

This royal lady is out for a ride on her lovely horse

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EnchantIce queen

P39103 - Ice Queen Figurine- Grey Dot

A royal beauty with icy powers and a magical touch

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EnchantIce unicorn

P39104 - Ice Unicorn Figurine- Grey Dot

Beautiful and magical white ice unicorn

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EnchantKing Ivan

P39047 - King Ivan Figurine- Green Dot

A brave medieval king who leads with an iron fist

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EnchantPink elf butterfly

P38806 - Pink Butterfly Elf Figurine- Purple Dot

A magical Butterfly elf ready for an adventure

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EnchantPrince Victor

P39023 - Dancing Prince Figurine- Red Dot

Take this Prince Victor's hand and get ready for a lovely dance

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EnchantPrincess Helena

P39141 - Princess Helena Figurine- Red Dot

Princess Helena in her dancing gown

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EnchantSilver unicorn

P39038 - Silver Unicorn Figurine- Green Dot

A magical and pretty unicorn

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EnchantThe beast

P39152 - The Beast Figurine- Green Dot

The beast is dressed ready for the ball

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EnchantThe enchanted princess

P39115 - The Enchanted Princess Figurine- Grey Dot

A beautiful and kind Princess enchanted with magic

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EnchantThe enchanted unicorn

P39116 - The Enchanted Unicorn Figurine- Grey Dot

A beautiful enchanted Unicorn featuring sprinkles of magic

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EnchantThe Evil Queen

P39085 - Evil Queen Figurine- Purple Dot

Be careful no one knows what this evil queen is up to

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EnchantThe starry fairy

P39090 - The Starry Fairy Figurine- Green Dot

This lovely fairy is using her magic wand for good

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FantasyCentaur of heaven

P36014 - Centaur Of Heaven Figurine- Green Dot

A mythological Centaur of Heaven ready to stand up against evil

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P38912 - Cerberus Figurine- Green Dot

A terrifying three headed Cerberus

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P38977 - Chimera Figurine

A freaky beast like creature with a dragon head tail

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P36001 - Dragon Black Prince And Horse Figurines

Dragon Black prince and horse figurine

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FantasyFaceless horseman

P38901 - Faceless Horseman- Red Dot

Faceless horseman figurine (horse sold separately)

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FantasyFire dragon man

P38972 - Fire Dragon Man- Green Dot

A terrifying and strong man ready to battle

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P36017 - Froggy the Dragon Figurine

Froggy the dragon has a cheeky side and is still learning to fly

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FantasyGhost horse

P38992 - Ghost Horse Figurine-Red Dot

A spooky Ghost knight's horse (Knight sold separately)

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FantasyGhost rider

P38991 - Ghost Rider- Red Dot

A spooky Ghost knight figurine (Horse sold separately)

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FantasyGorilla mutant

P38974 - Gorilla Mutant Figurine

Step out the way when this strong warrior starts to battle

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P36022 - Hippogriff Figurine

A magical creature featuring the front half of an eagle and the hind of a horse

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P38959 - Knight With Triple Battle Axe- Green Dot

This Knight of darkness is ready to save the kingdom

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FantasyLion mutant

P38945 - Lion Man Figurine

A strong and brave Lion man figurine

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P36013 - Phoenix Figurine

A bright orange Phoenix rising from the ashes

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FantasyPhosphorescent ghost

P38903 - Glow In The Dark Ghost Figurine- Red Dot

A spooky and cool glow in the dark ghost figurine

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P38993 - Skeleton Horse Figurine

Skeletal horse figurine

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P36016 - Pyro the Dragon Figurine

Pyro is an adorable and strong dragon

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P36018 - Spectre Figurine- Red Dot

A scary spectre to haunt the tower

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FantasyWar Dragon Silver

P38937 - War Dragon Figurine

A colourful and strong fire breathing dragon

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FantasyWhite cerberus

P36012 - White Cerberus Figurine- Green Dot

A ferocious three headed beast

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P36021 - Wizard Figurine- Green Dot

A well trained Wizard with dragon head staff

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FarmBlack and white calf

P51149 - Piebald Calf Figurine- Red Dot

Piebald is a genetic abnormality causing patches

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FarmBlack and white cow

P51148 - Piebald Cow Figurine- Yellow Dot

Piebald is a genetic abnormality causing patches

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P51150 - Black & White Grazing Cow- Yellow Dot

Black and White grazing cow figurine

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