P38822 - Elf Ballerina With Unicorn Figurines

Elf ballerina figurine with her unicorn

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EnchantYoung unicorn

P39078 - Young Unicorn Figurine- Green Dot

An adorable young unicorn

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EnchantPink elf butterfly

P38806 - Pink Butterfly Elf Figurine- Purple Dot

A magical Butterfly elf ready for an adventure

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P39111 - Flower the Rabbit Figurine- Red Dot

Flower the rabbit is ready for an enchanted adventure

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EnchantFairy pony

P38817 - The Fairy Pony Figurine- Green Dot

A magical and brave fairy pony

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EnchantFairy unicorn

P38816 - Fairy Unicorn Figurine

A magical and fast flying fairy unicorn

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EnchantKing Ivan

P39047 - King Ivan Figurine- Green Dot

A brave medieval king who leads with an iron fist

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EnchantThe starry fairy

P39090 - The Starry Fairy Figurine- Green Dot

This lovely fairy is using her magic wand for good

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P39121 - Ballerina Figurine

An elegant Ballerina warming up before her performance

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P39025 - Winged Green Dragon Figurine- Green Dot

Careful! This fast flying dragon is strong

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EnchantMermaid silver

P39107 - Silver Mermaid Figurine- Green Dot

An underwater beauty with her clown of a best friend

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EnchantBlack pegasus

P39068 - Black Pegasus Figurine

A strong and brave Pegasus

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EnchantMagic unicorn

P38824 - Magic Unicorn Figurine

A magical and pretty unicorn figurine

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EnchantThe enchanted princess

P39115 - The Enchanted Princess Figurine- Grey Dot

A beautiful and kind Princess enchanted with magic

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##EnchantGold dragon with flame

P39095 - Gold Dragon with Flame Figurine- Green Dot

A strong gold dragon with fire-breathing powers

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EnchantKing with gold sceptre

P39122 - King with Sceptre Figurine- Green Dot

King With Gold Sceptre is strong but rules with kindness

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EnchantPrincess Chloe

P39010 - Princess with a Cat Figurine- Red Dot

Princess Chloe runs a non-profit for cats

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EnchantPrincess on swing chair

P39097 - Princess on Swing Chair Figurine

This princess is spending the afternoon in the sun

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EnchantQueen of fairies pink

P39133 - Pink Queen of Fairies Figurine- Purple Dot

This Queen Of Fairies is kind and ready to cast her spell

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EnchantThe queen

P39129 - The Queen Figurine- Green Dot

The Queen is dressed ready for the royal ball

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zzEnchant FreezycatGreen

P39105 - Freezycat Ice Cat Figurine

This freezy cat is curious, magical and beautiful

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zzEnchantSpanish dancer

P39075 - Spanish Dancer Figurine- Green Dot

Are you ready for a dance lesson?

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##EnchantBaby pegasus

P38825 - Baby Pegasus Figurine- Red Dot

Adorable baby Pegasus out for adventure

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#HistoricalsGentle Woman

P39119 - Gentle Woman Figurine- Purple Dot

A lovely gentle woman who is kind and welcoming

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P39128 - Ballerina and Partner Figurine

A ballerina and her dancing partner are ready to perform

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EnchantBlue princess with cat

P39125 - Blue Princess with Cat Figurine- Red Dot

A princess dressed in blue snuggling with her prized cat

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P39101 - Misty Cat Figurine- Red Dot

Misty is a cheeky blue cat

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EnchantPrincess Ophelie

P39033 - Sitting Princess Ophelie Figurine

Purple dot Princess Ophelie brushing her stunning hair

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P39108 - Princess with Skates Figurine- Purple Dot

This skating princess is ready to skate into her princes heart

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EnchantThe beast

P39152 - The Beast Figurine- Green Dot

The beast is dressed ready for the ball

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EnchantThe Evil Queen

P39085 - Evil Queen Figurine- Purple Dot

Be careful no one knows what this evil queen is up to

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P39100 - Yorky Dog Figurine- Red Dot

Yorky is a pink fluffy dog figurine

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zzEnchantPrincess Elisa

P39092 - Princess Elisa Figurine- Red Dot

A lovely and smart princess who is a strong leader

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##EnchantSilver unicorn

P39038 - Silver Unicorn Figurine- Green Dot

A magical and pretty unicorn

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#EnchantElf child

P38812 - Child Elf Figurine- Purple Dot

An adorable and sweet child elf

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P39159 - Bella Figurine- Green Dot

A stunning princess dressed in yellow and ready for a dance

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P39110 - Butterfly the Rabbit Figurine- Red Dot

This sweet rabbit looks magical in its shiny bow

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P39161 - Clown Figurine- Green Dot

A silly and jolly clown waiting for a laugh

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EnchantGingerbread Man

P39127 - Gingerbread Man- Red Dot

You have to be quick to catch this cheeky Gingerbread Man

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EnchantGolden unicorn

P39018 - Golden Unicorn Figurine- Green Dot

This brave unicorn gets it's magic from the sun

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EnchantHorsewomen with hat

P39074 - Horse and Woman with Hat Figurines

This royal lady is out for a ride on her lovely horse

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EnchantIce queen

P39103 - Ice Queen Figurine- Grey Dot

A royal beauty with icy powers and a magical touch

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EnchantIce unicorn

P39104 - Ice Unicorn Figurine- Grey Dot

Beautiful and magical white ice unicorn

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EnchantMerlin the magician

P39005 - Merlin the Magician Figurine- Red Dot

Watch out for Merlin, he knows some powerful magic

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EnchantPink enchantress

P39132 - Pink Enchantress Figurine- Purple Dot

This noble and elegant enchantress is ready to cast a spell

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P39126 - Princess with Skates Figurine- Purple Dot

A gorgeous Princess ice skating on a lovely winter morning

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EnchantPrince Victor

P39023 - Dancing Prince Figurine- Red Dot

Take this Prince Victor's hand and get ready for a lovely dance

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EnchantPrincess Helena

P39141 - Princess Helena Figurine- Red Dot

Princess Helena in her dancing gown

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EnchantQueen of elves pink

P39134 - Pink Queen of Elves Figurine- Purple Dot

A beautiful Queen Of Elves with butterfly wings

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P39158 - Snowman Figurine- Red Dot

Brrr this snowman is dressed for an adventure

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EnchantThe enchanted unicorn

P39116 - The Enchanted Unicorn Figurine- Grey Dot

A beautiful enchanted Unicorn featuring sprinkles of magic

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zzEnchant Lilac PrincessRed

P39043 - Lilac Princess Figurine- Red Dot

This lovely princess is spending an afternoon in the sun

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P39114 - Nouchka Eiskid Figurine

This sweet snowchild is dressed ready for a snow day

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zzEnchantPrincess Alicia

P39063 - Princess Alicia with Flowers Figurine- Red Dot

A lovely and smart princess has been picking flowers

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