P36022 - Hippogriff Figurine

A magical creature featuring the front half of an eagle and the hind of a horse

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P38959 - Knight With Triple Battle Axe- Green Dot

This Knight of darkness is ready to save the kingdom

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FantasyTwo headed dragon

P36019 - Two Headed Dragon Figurine

Two Headed Dragon with exquisite detail

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FantasyWar Dragon Silver

P38937 - War Dragon Figurine

A colourful and strong fire breathing dragon

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P36001 - Dragon Black Prince And Horse Figurines

Dragon Black prince and horse figurine

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#FantasyRuby dragon

P36002 - Ruby Dragon

Ruby Dragon figurine

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#FantasyTwoHeaded dragon gold

P38938 - Two Headed Gold Dragon

Two headed gold dragon figurine

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EnchantRed dragon with flame

P39016 - Red Dragon with Flame Figurine- Green Dot

Ahhh watch this dragon's flaming breath

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FantasyArticulated Goblin

P36005 - Green Goblin Figurine- Green Dot

A scary and ghouly goblin figurine

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FantasyCentaur of heaven

P36014 - Centaur Of Heaven Figurine- Green Dot

A mythological Centaur of Heaven ready to stand up against evil

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P38912 - Cerberus Figurine- Green Dot

A terrifying three headed Cerberus

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P38977 - Chimera Figurine

A freaky beast like creature with a dragon head tail

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FantasyCrocodile mutant

P38955 - Croc Man Figurine

A man with a strong bite

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FantasyDragon mutant

P38975 - Dragon Mutant Figurine

A strong and brave warrior ready to battle

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FantasyDragon of ash

P36020 - Dragon of Ash Figurine

Dragon Of Ash with orange flame

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P36017 - Froggy the Dragon Figurine

Froggy the dragon has a cheeky side and is still learning to fly

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FantasyGhost horse

P38992 - Ghost Horse Figurine-Red Dot

A spooky Ghost knight's horse (Knight sold separately)

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FantasyGhost rider

P38991 - Ghost Rider- Red Dot

A spooky Ghost knight figurine (Horse sold separately)

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FantasyGorilla mutant

P38974 - Gorilla Mutant Figurine

Step out the way when this strong warrior starts to battle

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FantasyLion mutant

P38945 - Lion Man Figurine

A strong and brave Lion man figurine

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P38931 - Minotaur Figurine- Green Dot

Fierce armoured gladiator Minotaur figurine

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P36013 - Phoenix Figurine

A bright orange Phoenix rising from the ashes

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FantasyPhosphorescent ghost

P38903 - Glow In The Dark Ghost Figurine- Red Dot

A spooky and cool glow in the dark ghost figurine

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P38993 - Skeleton Horse Figurine

Skeletal horse figurine

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P36016 - Pyro the Dragon Figurine

Pyro is an adorable and strong dragon

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FantasyRainbow dragon standing

P38999 - Rainbow Dragon Figurine

Rainbow dragon figurine

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FantasyRhino mutant

P38946 - Rhino Man Figurine

A strong and smart Rhino man figurine

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P36018 - Spectre Figurine- Red Dot

A scary spectre to haunt the tower

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FantasyTiger mutant

P38954 - Tiger Man Figurine

A fast and strong Tiger man figurine

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FantasyWhite cerberus

P36012 - White Cerberus Figurine- Green Dot

A ferocious three headed beast

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FantasyWhite phoenix

P36015 - White Phoenix Figurine

A white strong Phoenix taking flight on an adventure

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P36021 - Wizard Figurine- Green Dot

A well trained Wizard with dragon head staff

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zzFantasyCerberus of darkness

P38983 - Cerberus Of Darkness Figurine

A three headed creature no one dares to cross

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zzFantasyDragon of brightness

P38982 - Dragon Of Brightness Figurine

A stunningly bright dragon that will help save you

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FantasyArticulated dragon

P36006 - Green Dragon Figurine

A fire-breathing, winged dragon figurine

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#FantasyDragon of darkness

P38958 - Dragon Of Darkness Figurine

A spooky and strong dragon of darkness figurine

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