Lego Iconic Unicorn

MH335500 - Lego Iconic Unicorn Girl

A large and magical unicorn girl LEGO plush

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Lego Iconic Butterfly

MH335520 - Lego Iconic Butterfly Girl

A large and playful Butterfly Girl LEGO plush

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DJ3765 - Lucille Magic Pen

A magical invisible ink felt tip pen for writing secret messages

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Skwish Natural Unboxed

MH209620 - Natural Skwish- Unboxed

The award-winning natural Skwish classic teether

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Artful Skwish

MH214250 - Artful Skwish- Unboxed

The stylish Artful Skwish classic teether

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Lego Ninjago Jay

MH335550 - Lego Ninjago Jay

Meet Jay the legendary Blue Ninja plush from Lego NINJAGO

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Lego Ninjago Kai

MH335540 - Lego Ninjago Kai

Meet Kai, the legendary Red Ninja plush from Lego NINJAGO

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Lego Ninjago Lloyd

MH335530 - Lego Ninjago Lloyd

Meet Lloyd, the legendary Green Ninja plush from Lego NINJAGO

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DJ3767 - Camille Magic Pen

A magical invisible ink felt tip pen for writing secret messages

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DJ9002 - 6 Foam Markers

6 tubes of bright foam marker colours for little hands

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DJ3766 - Caroline Magic Pen

A magical invisible ink felt tip pen for writing secret messages

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Forest Stacker Tower & Bag

LEPL087 - Petilou Forest Stacking Animals & Bag

A set of sweet stackable forest friends with bag

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DJ8841 - Animals Stickers

160 happy animals of the world stickers

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DJ3763 - Elodie Rainbow Pen

A pretty pen with 6 different ink colours

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DJ3762 - Tinou Rainbow Pen

A pretty pen featuring 6 different colours

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DJ8898 - Butterflies Mosaics

Stick on the mosaics to create sparkling and colourful butterflies

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DJ8756 - Sweet Treats Origami

Fold and create some delicious mouthwatering origami paper treats

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DJ9654 - Fairies Paper Puppets

Six beautiful fairy puppets you colour and create

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Musical Lili Llama

MH217120 - Musical Lili Llama

A funky Llama that is loaded with musical fun and activities

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DJ7645 - Leopard 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A sleek stunning leopard is on the hunt in this 1000 piece puzzle

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Ocean Stacker

LEPL139 - Petilou Ocean Stacking Animals & Bag

A bright colourful set of 9 wooden stackable aquatic animals with a bag

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TakeAwaySmoothie&Juice-3 Pce

LETV336 - Honeybake 3 Fruit Smoothies

A trio of wooden takeaway smoothies complete with straws

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EcoCup-Tea&Coffee-2 Piece

LETV337 - Honeybake Take Away Hot Drink Cups

A pair of wooden hot takeaway drinks, a tea, and a coffee cup

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Musical Chicken

MH216570 - Musical Chicken

Folk art style musical chicken with a variety of musical instruments

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DJ7618 - River Party 350pc Gallery Puzzle

A stunning 350 piece puzzle with a stunning river party scene

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Sunny & Mia house Tinyly

DJ6953 - Sunny & Mia House Tinyly

Meet Sunny and her sidekick Mia in their cloud themed home

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Activity Table

LEPL137 - Petilou Activity Table

An activity table that features a shape sorter, rainbow xylophone, and more!

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Bee, Honey Puppet

FM3028 - Honey Bee Hand Puppet

No humble bumble, the Honey Bee puppet is a plush dynamo

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DJ7641 - Tree House 200pc Gallery Puzzle

Step into a magical treehouse 200-piece gallery puzzle

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Andes Stacker

LEPL113 - Petilou Andes Stacking Animals & Bag -REVAMP21

9 wooden stackable mountain animals and a drawstring bag

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Bluchka & Indie house Tinyly

DJ6952 - Bluchka & Indie House Tinyly

Meet Bluchka and her sidekick Indie the dog in their wagon home

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DJ9425 - Lovely Pets Mosaic Kit

Dress the 4 fabulous animals with the small glittery foam pieces

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Ditty Bird - Nature Songs

DB0646 - Nature Songs Board Book

Join Ditty Bird as he explores nature with 6 songs

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Africa Stacker & Bag

LEPL117 - Petilou Africa Stacking Animals & Bag

9 wild wooden stackable animals with a fabric bag

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DJ8509 - Beach Blocks

A playful beach themed set of nesting blocks from 1 - 10

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DJ7646 - Land and Sea 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

View gorgeous animals from both land and sea in this 1000 piece puzzle

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DJ7512 - Garden Play Time Observation Puzzle

Piece together this 100 piece garden puzzle and then find the hidden objects

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Alex's Work Bench

LETV475 - Alex's Work Bench- REVAMP OCT21

Alex's Work Bench complete with tools

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Blender Set Fruit & Smooth

LETV296 - Honeybake Blender Set 'Fruit & Smooth-REVAMP21

A wooden set of ingredients and blender

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DJ9424 - Space Battle Mosaic Kit

4 metallic intergalactic mosaic cards to complete

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DJ5225 - Chess & Checkers Game

A 20-min, 2 player skill game with chess on one side and checkers on the other

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Lion, Little Puppet

FM2930 - Little Lion Puppet

Little Lion puppet is more cuddles than roars

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DJ6312 - Rondanimo Wooden Screws

Screw together four adorable mix and match coloured animals

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Activity Center Zebra

MH316310 - Activity Center Zebra

Head out on a safari of fun with a bead run, spinning gears and more

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Ditty Bird - Career Songs

DB0642 - Career Songs Board Book

Join Ditty Bird as he explores different careers through 6 songs

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DJ5646 - Zig & Go Fork 14pc Set

A clever chain reaction set with 14 pieces

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DJ6685 - Lucy's Bag and Accessories

A gorgeous bag with accessories featuring a bunny illustration

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Moppettes Bea Bear

MH161070 - Moppettes Bea Bear

A delightful set with a plush bear, soft fabric bassinet, blanket, and pillow

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Moppettes Beau Bunny

MH160350 - Moppettes Beau Bunny

A delightful set with a plush bunny, soft fabric bassinet, blanket, and pillow

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Tree Top Adventure

MH212280 - Tree Top Adventure

A wooden Tree Top Adventure activity center

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Pup Match Up Game

MH160230 - Pup Match Up Game

A 2-5 player matching memory game to accessorise your dog

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DJ9483 - Sea Charm Artistic Aqua

Create sea-themed designs with beads and water

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DJ9056 - Round and Round Paper Collage

Adorable animal collage set using differently sized circles

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DJ5645 - Zig & Go 52pc Music Set

A clever chain reaction set with 52 pieces and a musical theme

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DJ8932 - Create Animal Stickers

The animals of the forest need help dressing up and adding some colour

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Wobbly Bobbly Owl

MH161620 - Wobbly Bobbly Owl

This adorable owl wobbles, bobbles, and bounces without fail

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DJ3862 - Cats Lovely Purse

A stunning cotton purse featuring two stylish cats

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DJ9027 - 4 Pots Of Modelling Dough - Nature

Four tubs of natured coloured modelling dough

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DJ9331 - The World of Dinosaurs Multi Craft Box Kit

The perfect dinosaur craft set filled with 6 different activities

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T-Rex, Little Puppet

FM2997 - Little Tyrannosaurus Rex Puppet

Little T-Rex puppet is a scaly, green puppet

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Turtle, Little Puppet

FM2968 - Little Turtle Puppet

Little Turtle puppet is a sure bet to win any race

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Deep Sea Adventure

MH159110 - Deep Sea Adventure

Head out on a deep-sea adventure with this interactive toy

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DJ7628 - Yokai 500pcs Gallery Puzzle

Yokai is a 500-piece gallery puzzle with so many interesting delights to see

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DJ9658 - Fanciful Animals Cards to Paint

Paint these 4 beautiful cards with colourful wild animals

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