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Pizza Party

TL8275 - Pizza Party

Create your own pizza with this delicious 6 slice pizza with 12 different toppings and box

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Make me a Pizza

TL8244 - Make Me a Pizza Set

A pizza oven with 5 wood logs, toppings, slider and pepper shaker

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DSL1910 - Grace Baby Doll in Carry Cot With Accessories (6200)

Small soft 25cm baby doll complete with a carry cot, blanket and bottle

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TL8239 - Birdie Tea Set

Share a cup of pretend tea with your little one using this adorable set

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7512 Baby Carry Cot MOQ2

DSL1962 - Baby Doll Carrier (7512)

A stylish 100% organic cotton baby carrier in a neutral style

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62021-CherubBabyPinkSoft MOQ2

DSL1911 - Pink Cherub Baby Doll (62021)

A traditional 32cm baby doll with soft pink fabric pyjamas and bonnet

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Seafood Basket MOQ2

TL8289 - Seafood Basket

A market basket filled with fresh-caught wooden seafood items

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StarryNightDragon blue, Sz 5-6

GP57205 - Teal & Gold Starry Night Dragon - Size 5-6

A spectacular dragon cape with fiery blue eyes, dramatic golden spikes, & horns

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Carlo's Gelato $

LETV310 - Honeybake Carlo's Gelato REVAMP SEPT20

Create a guilt-free dessert with Carlos Gelato wooden set

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FacePaintPalette6Metallic MOQ4

DJ9232 - Metallic Body Art Palette 6 Colours

Face painting palette featuring 6 metallic colour

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WoodTappingBricolou MOQ2

DJ6418 - Bricolou Wood Tool Set

An adorable mini tool station with a hammer, spanner and screwdriver

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7516 Baby Aria

DSL1963 - Baby Doll Aria (7516)

Award-winning organic cotton 43cm baby Aria has a weighted bottom

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Babyccino Maker

TL8225 - Babyccino Maker

An adorable bird's nest themed cappuccino machine with accessories

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Doctor's Set

LETV292 - Honeybake Doctor's Set -REVAMPMAY22

Quick get the doctor with this multi-award-winning plastic free doctor's set

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DoItYourselfSaberPirate MOQ2

DJ7902 - Do It Yourself Like A Pirate Saber (Metallic Stickers)

Battle like a pirate with these 3 decorative swords

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Ice Lollies MOQ2

LETV284 - Honeybake Ice Lollies

Delicious multi-award-winning set of ice-creams ready for afternoon tea

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DJ5506 - 41 piece Witch's Soup & Potions

Toil and trouble...A magical set with everything you need to invent potions

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DJ6500 - 15 Super Bricolo Wooden Tool Kit in Suitcase

A playful and quality toolset with tool case

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TakeAwaySmoothie&Juice-3 P

LETV336 - Honeybake 3 Fruit Smoothies

A trio of wooden takeaway smoothies complete with straws

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7511 Baby Kye

DSL1961 - Baby Doll Kye (7511)

This adorable organic cotton 43cm baby Kye has a weighted bottom

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GP13450 - Precious Gold Sequin Crown

A stunning princess crown that has been made with hundreds of soft gold sequins

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WandMagicalRainbowUnicorn MOQ5

GP14220 - Magical Unicorn Wand

Bring a touch of enchantment to your child's playtime with this magical wand

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Wings GlitterRainbowMOQ5

GP16800 - Glitter Rainbow Wings

These wings are sure to make your children feel like a true fairy queen or king

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62022-CherubBabyBlueSoft MOQ2

DSL1912 - Blue Cherub Baby Doll (62022)

A traditional 32cm baby doll has cuddly soft blue pyjamas and bonnet

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7510 Baby Kaia

DSL1960 - Baby Doll Kaia (7510)

This adorable organic cotton 43cm baby Kaia has a weighted bottom

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Apples & Pears Crate

LETV191 - Honeybake Apple and Pears in Crate -REVAMPAUG23

A market crate filled with wooden apples and pears

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Cake Mixer

MT7502 - Cake Mixer Set

A delightful wooden mixer set with an egg and measuring spoons

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DJ7731 - 32 cm Rose Pomea Soft Body Doll

Meet Baby Rose, a gorgeous 32cm machine-washable soft-body doll

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FacePaintPalette6Nature MOQ4

DJ9230 - Nature Body Art Palette 6 Colours

Face painting palette featuring 6 natural colours

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TL8483 - 1 piece Farmyard Animals Display Shelf Set

A wooden display stand with 13 farmyard animals

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General Store Cash Register

TL8260 - General Store Till

A colourful wooden cash till with a scanner

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Market Meat Crate

LETV189 - Honeybake Market Meat in Crate -REVAMPAUG23

A delicious variety of wooden meat presented in a wooden crate

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Mini Chef Fruity Blender

TL8229 - Fruity Blender

Smoothie blender with fruit and take away cup

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Rainbow Birthday Cake MOQ2

TL8282 - Rainbow Birthday Cake

An adorable wooden rainbow birthday cake topped with 6 brightly coloured candles

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DJ5509 - 105 piece Mia and Leo Little Shop Set

An adorable and comprehensive set containing 45 accessories to play shopkeeper

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Weather Station $

TL8421 - Wooden Weather Station

Learn about the weather with this award-winning wooden weather station

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Chocolate Birthday Cake

TL8283 - Chocolate Birthday Cake

This delicious looking cake features 6 candles and a happy birthday plaque

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DoItYourselfMaskAnimals MOQ3

DJ7900 - Do It Yourself Jungle Animal Masks (Sticker Mosaics)

Create 8 different wild and sparkly jungle animal masks

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DoItYourselfSuperRobots MOQ3

DJ7924 - Do It Yourself Super Robots Masks (Metallic Stickers)

Transform children's playtime into a robot universe with this exciting kit

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DoItYourselfTiaraPrincess MOQ3

DJ7901 - Do It Yourself Like A Princess Tiaras (Mosaic Stickers)

Create 4 stunning tiaras with gemstones for a smart and royal princess

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Doughnut Set MOQ3

LETV332 - Honeybake Doughnut Set

Kids will go glazy for this set of 4 wooden doughnuts in a window gift box

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Wooden Eggs MOQ3

TL8285 - Wooden Eggs

6 solid wooden eggs in an authentic egg carton

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Blender Set Fruit & Smooth

LETV296 - Honeybake Blender Set 'Fruit & Smooth-REVAMP21

An award-winning wooden set of ingredients and blender

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GP41585 - Midnight Butterfly Tutu with Wings & Headband - Size 4-6

A stunning butterfly 3-piece set with skirt, wings and matching headband

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DJ7856 - Baby Doll High Chair

A wooden doll's high chair sized for dolls 30 to 34 cm

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DollAccCPotty&Wipes MOQ2

DJ7853 - Doll Potty & Wipes Set

A 4-piece potty training set for your baby doll

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DJ7865 - Doll's Transat Rocker

A lightweight doll's rocker with a quilted cover

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DJ7730 - 32 cm Alba Pomea Soft Body Doll

Meet Baby Alba, a gorgeous 32cm machine-washable soft-body doll

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EcoCup-Tea&Coffee-2 Piece MOQ2

LETV337 - Honeybake Take Away Hot Drink Cups

A pair of wooden hot takeaway drinks, a tea, and a coffee cup

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IceCreamScoops&Smiles $

TL8243 - Ice Cream Scoops & Smiles

A gorgeous retro-style wooden ice cream set to celebrate the summertime

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TL8227 - Home Baking Set

A playful wooden mixer with ingredients and a scale

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DJ6516 - Oscar And Cannelle Gingerbread Set

Design your own delicious and fun gingerbread cookies

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DJ5504 - 35 piece Greedy Cats Tea and Biscuit Set (in round tub)

A delightful introduction to teatime for little ones! This set includes everything needed for a tasty tea for two, with 35 accessories packed in a beautiful box.

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Star Beauty Set

LETV293 - Honeybake Star Beauty Set

An adorable wooden beauty set with a hairdryer

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Sweet Swan Pram

TL8105 - Sweet Swan Pram

A graceful and pretty wooden pram with a swan themed design

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Vegetables Five a Day Crate

LETV182 - Honeybake Harvest Vegetables - REVAMP Nov23

A selection of wood and fabric garden vegetables in a crate

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Vintage Phone

LETV323 - Honeybake Vintage Phone

Charming award-winning retro wooden telephone featuring bell sound effect

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Chicken Coop

TL8164 - Chicken Coop-REVAMP DEC 2020

An adorable wooden doll's chicken coop with chickens

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DJ7841 - 54 cm Flower Doll Umbrella Stroller

A foldable and portable doll umbrella stroller with a flower design

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DollsCamomille $MOQ6

DJ7877 - 32 cm Camomille Pomea Soft Body Doll

Meet Chamomile, a gorgeous 32cm machine-washable soft body doll

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