DJ7208 - Haathee Asian Elephant 24pc Silhouette Puzzle

Folky Asian elephant 24 piece puzzle in a silhouette box

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DJ7645 - Leopard 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A sleek stunning leopard is on the hunt in this 1000 piece puzzle

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DJ9784 - Artist's Palette

A comprehensive watercolour paint set with 53 harmonious paints on two levels

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DJ9872 - An Explosion of Pompoms

Create 4 eye-catching pieces of art with the colourful pompoms

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DJ9330 - The Flower Garden Multi Craft Box Set

A stunning flower craft set filled with 6 different activities

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DJ6975 - Elfe's Song Tinyly Music Box

A stunning cloud shape music box featuring Tinyly's Elfe

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UmbrellaPVCUnicorns MOQ6

DJ4708 - Unicorn PVC Child Umbrella

A magical unicorn themed printed clear domed child umbrella

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FeltBrushesClassic10 MOQ2

DJ8800 - 10 Felt Brushes Classic

Double ended felt colouring pens in 10 classic colours

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ColourCakesGuache36 MOQ6

DJ8873 - 36 Gouache Colour Paints

Beautiful gouache French paints with 36 different colours

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Sailaway Boat

TL8382 - Sailaway Boat

A stunning solid wood sailboat with 2 captains "Bubble" & "Squeak"

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My Botanical Press

TL8423 - My Botanical Flower Press

Collect some flowers and then use this gorgeous wooden flower press

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DJ9825 - One Big Dressing Room

Paper doll kit with clothing that any fashionista would love

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OrigamiBirdGame MOQ5

DJ8764 - Bird Game Origami

Fortune telling game with beautiful paper and stickers

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OrigamiFloatingBoats MOQ5

DJ8779 - Floating Boats Origami

Create three different sized waterproof origami floating boats

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OrigamiPlanes MOQ5

DJ8760 - Planes Origami

Fun planes origami kit with colourful illustrated paper

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PaperPuppetsFairies MOQ5

DJ9654 - Fairies Paper Puppets

Six beautiful fairy puppets you colour and create

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DJ9725 - The Beauties' Ball Scratch Cards

Scratch the card to reveal lovely ladies

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PensClassicGel10 MOQ4

DJ3759 - 10 Classic Gel Pens

A set of 10 gel pens in classic colours

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DJ6123 - BabyBirdi Wooden Shape Sorter

A stunning set of three stackable birds with wooden display

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Large Sun and Rainbow Puzzle

KC2001B - Large Sun and Rainbow Puzzle

How high can you stack this stunning rainbow and birds puzzle

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Touchy Feely Animals

TL8417 - Touchy Feely Animals

5 animal shapes to lift, touch and feel

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Visual Sensory Tray MOQ2

TL8405 - Visual Sensory Tray

4 solid wooden shapes with a different visual play feature

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GameTotem zen

DJ8454 - Totem Zen Game

A 15-min, 2-4 player dexterity-building game. Stack the pieces using chopsticks

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DJ3408 - Unicorn Globe Night Light

Pretty pastel unicorn night light with glitter and timer

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InspiredBySuperheroes MOQ2

DJ9376 - Inspired By Superheroes

Be inspired by Roy Lichtenstein as you compose 4 works of art

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DJ9755 - Introduction to Dough Set

A modelling dough set with 21 tools and four tubs of modelling dough

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CardsPaintFancifulAnimals MOQ5

DJ9658 - Fanciful Animals Cards to Paint

Paint these 4 beautiful cards with colourful wild animals

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ColourCakesClassic12 MOQ5

DJ8803 - 12 Colour Cakes Classic

Gouache French painting kit with brush and 12 colours

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DJ8934 - All Different Stickers

A craft kit with stickers teaching children about diversity

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FaceStickersDragon MOQ5

DJ9217 - Dragon Face Sticker Set

Face sticker set with dragon design

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DJ3400 - Ballerina Night Light

Ballerina night light with snow globe and glitter

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InspiredByAMomentinTime MOQ5

DJ9375 - Inspired By A Moment In Time

Be inspired by Douanier Rousseau as you compose 4 lush animal scenes

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InspiredByTotallyPop MOQ5

DJ9371 - Inspired By Totally Pop

Be inspired by Andy Warhol as you create 8 pop art portraits

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ScratchCardsFullMoon MOQ5

DJ9723 - Full Moon Scratch Cards

Full moon themed scratch card picture making kit

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ScratchFantasyGarden MOQ5

DJ9719 - Fantasy Garden Scratch Cards

Scratch the stunning cards to reveal beautiful patterns and colours

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Snail Whirls

TL8347 - Snail Whirls Wooden Puzzle

Adorable wooden puzzle with 6 removable wooden gears to turn

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DJ9750 - Big Box Of Colours

Big Box of Colours with box and high-quality artist supplies

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InspiredBySquare Heads MOQ2

DJ9377 - Inspired By Square Heads

Be inspired by Pablo Picasso as you compose 4 collage portraits

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DJ3757 - 6 Mini Fluro Highlighters

A bright set 6 mini highlighters

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PuzzleObsWorldsAnimal100 MOQ2

DJ7420 - World Animals 100pc Observation Puzzle

100 piece educational puzzle of the world showing animal locations

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Classic Baby Beads

MH210670 - Colourful Classic Baby Beads

Bright and colourful classic baby beads

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DoItYourselfBloom MOQ3

DJ7952 - Do It Yourself Bloom Baskets

Weave 3 pretty flower themed baskets

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FingerPaintTubes6 MOQ3

DJ8860 - Finger Paint Tubes

6 tubes of colourful finger-paint for hands-on painting

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DJ7810 - Thomas And Marion's Family Dolls

Thomas and Marion's family of four dolls for doll's houses

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MessageStampsLam MOQ3

DJ3626 - Lam Message Stamps

A small illustrated box containing an ink pad and eight “message” stamps

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MetallicPencils8 MOQ3

DJ9753 - 8 Metallic Pencils

Set of eight metallic pencils

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ModellingDough4TubsBright MOQ3

DJ9756 - 4 Pots of Bright Modelling Dough

Four tubs of coloured modelling dough

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Musical Table

TL8655 - Forest Musical Table

An interactive forest themed musical table with drums

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DJ7624 - Unicorn Lady 500pc Gallery Puzzle

Elegant 500 piece magical creatures puzzle

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Weather Station

TL8421 - Wooden Weather Station

Learn about the weather with this award-winning wooden weather station

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DJ8678 - Deliciously Cute Coloured Sand

Decorate vibrant and cute boards with coloured sand

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GlitterSandScentOfFlowers MOQ2

DJ9508 - The Scent Of Flowers Glitter Boards

Bring the girls to life by decorating with the supplied glitter

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DJ3407 - Aeroplane Night Light

A soothing glitter aeroplane snow globe night light

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InspiredByDesert MOQ2

DJ9373 - Inspired By Desert

Be inspired by Paul Klee as you compose 4 watercolour works of art

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InspiredByPolynesia MOQ2

DJ9372 - Inspired By Polynesia

Be inspired by Paul Gauguin as you paint 4 different works of art

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PuzzleArtChameleon150pc MOQ2

DJ7655 - Chameleon 150pc Art Puzzle

Beautiful 150 piece chameleon shaped artistic puzzle

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PuzzleArtDodo350pc MOQ2

DJ7656 - Dodo 350pc Art Puzzle

A gorgeous dodo shaped 350 piece artistic puzzle

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PuzzleArtLion150pcs MOQ2

DJ7654 - Lion 150pc Art Puzzle

Majestic lion shaped 150 piece artistic puzzle

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PuzzleArtOctopus350pcs MOQ2

DJ7651 - Octopus 350pc Art Puzzle

350 piece octopus shaped, ocean creatures puzzle

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DJ7643 - Nathalie Novi 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A magical and dream-like puzzle featuring 1000 pieces

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DJ7644 - Owls & Birds 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A stunning artistic bird-themed 1000 piece gallery puzzle

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PuzzleGalleryRainbTig1000 MOQ2

DJ7647 - Rainbow Tigers 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A tricky and beautiful 1000 piece tiger puzzle

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DJ7617 - Summer Lake 350pc Gallery Puzzle

Take in this stunning artwork that is also a 350 piece puzzle

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PuzzleGiantColours MOQ2

DJ7017 - Colours 24pc Giant Circle Puzzle

A giant 58cm circle 24 piece puzzle progressing through a colour wheel

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