Cosmic Rocket Set

TL8311 - Cosmic Rocket Set

Cosmic rocket with astronauts, space shuttles, lunar vehicles and accessories

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PensCandyGelPens MOQ4

DJ3779 - 10 candy gel pens

10 soft-coloured gel pens to enhance your creations!

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DollAccMagicFeedingBottle MOQ9

DJ7781 - Doll's Magic Feeding Bottle

A magic bottle of milk, when you tilt the bottle, the liquid disappears

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My Family Dolls Set

LEP053 - My Doll Family-REVAMP AUG23

An adorable family of 7 eco-friendly wooden dolls

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DoItYourselfAdorable MOQ2

DJ7918 - Do It Yourself Adorable Mini Boxes

Get ready to create 5 mini treasure boxes with this delightful creative kit

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UmbrellaMediumNature MOQ6

DJ4718 - Nature PVC Child Umbrella

A brightly coloured umbrella illustrated with a nature-themed design. Clear plastic so you can see where you're going, and a manual opening mechanism with safety system so you can open and close it without pinching your fingers. A colourful accessory, ide

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SecretNotebookKendra MOQ3

DJ3624 - Kendra Secret Notebook with Magic Pen

A little secret notebook and invisible-ink pen for you to write and draw all your secrets in! Just pass the UV light over it to reveal all your secrets! This notebook contains 88 lined and illustrated pages. It comes with a heart-shaped lock and 2 keys to

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NailStickersPetitFlowers MOQ10

DJ9241 - 60 Petit Flowers Nail Stickers

Finally, a super-quick manicure for little ones that’s easy to put on and take off! From the smallest sticker for your little finger to the largest for your thumb: stick, press, done!  No nail polish to get chipped – just the joy of decorating your nails

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Starter Furniture Set

LEME040 - Daisylane Starter Furniture Set -REVAMPSEPT23

A modern and stunning 35-piece furniture set

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DJ8958 - Ocean Depths 3D Painting Set

A 3D painting activity with 4 animals to be decorated. Take the brush and create raised lines and dots for a 3D painting with sparkling details.

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PensErasablePastel MOQ4

DJ3794 - 4 Pastel erasable pens

4 drywipe pens in classic colours with clip caps and an eraser to erase the ink. Perfect for writing, erasing and starting over.

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DJ3118 - 24 piece Wooden Magnetic Couco Animal Set

Mix and match two-piece animal magnets with twelve animals

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NailStickersCutie MOQ10

DJ9242 - 60 Cutie Nail Stickers

Finally, a super-quick manicure for little ones that’s easy to put on and take off! From the smallest sticker for your little finger to the largest for your thumb: stick, press, done!  No nail polish to get chipped – just the joy of decorating your nails

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PearlAlphabetGoldBeads MOQ2

DJ0031 - Gold Alphabet Beads

A pretty set containing 1,000 beads to create pretty bracelets with names or messages

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CollageBonjourParis MOQ2

DJ9849 - Bonjour Paris Collage Set

A collage activity: dress up the 3 adorable wooden characters with more than 45 items of clothing that can be stuck and restuck however you like! All that's left to do is make up some lovely stories to go with the 3 designs.

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CollagesAssortments MOQ2

DJ0070 - Assortments Pompom Collage

Introducing a fun and tactile collage activity for little ones and little hands

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Doll Nursing Set

LETV598 - Doll Nursing Set

A stunning award-winning neutral nappy bag filled with feeding and changing accessories

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DrawingBlottingPaper MOQ2

DJ0082 - Blotting Paper Drawing Set

An all-new early experience for ages 3 and up. Tear off a shape from the blotting paper and place it on the absorbent paper. Make a few dots with the pen and add a drop of water using the pipette: The ink will start to spread... The results are incredible

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Stacking Cars

TL8663 - Stacking Cars

Test your balancing skills with this fun game featuring seven brightly colored wooden toy cars on their way to the scrapyard!

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DoitYourselfGrand Prix MOQ2

DJ7932 - Do It Yourself Grand Prix

Children fold, assemble, customise and then race these 3 cars

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FrisbeeFlyingRosas MOQ6

DJ2033 - Flying Rosa Frisbee

Flying Rosa is a light foam throwing disc that is fun and safe for kids of all ages.

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DJ8135 - Tactilo Loto Farm Game

A discovery game. Feel inside the bag to find your object

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Stacking Farm Animals

LEPL141 - Petilou Farm Stacking Animals & Bag

Bring the fun of the farm home with this adorable 9-piece wooden animal set

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TinylyBraceletBerry MOQ3

DJ6978 - Berry Tinyly Bracelet

A bracelet with a “Berry” Tinyly figurine locket on a gold-plated metal chain

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TinylyBraceletTutti MOQ3

DJ6979 - Tutti Tinyly Bracelet

A bracelet with a “Tutti” Tinyly figurine locket on a gold-plated metal chain

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Activity Table

LEPL137 - Petilou Activity Table -REVAMP NOV22

An activity table that features a shape sorter, rainbow xylophone, and more!

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Mobile Phone MOQ3

MT7312 - Mobile Phone

Little one's imaginations will soar with this wooden mobile phone toy

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DJ1831 - 22 Piece Transport Wooden Puzzle

A vehicle-themed wooden puzzle. Put the 22 pieces in their places by recognising the vehicle shapes on the board.

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WoodSortersCachaboom MOQ2

DJ6367 - Cacaboom Shape Sorter with Tab

A house-shaped wooden sorting box for ages 18 months and up. The child slides the 4 geometric pieces into the corresponding holes. They pull on the tab, and what a surprise to see the pieces disappear all at once. When you push the tab the pieces reappear

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Teaching Clock MOQ2

MT7304 - Teaching Clock

Introducing the wooden teaching clock, a fantastic tool for little learners

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DoItYourselfRobotime MOQ2

DJ7984 - Do It Yourself Robotime Clock

A creative kit with a clock to be decorated and assembled with over 80 decals and accessories. Using a pencil, rub over the decals to transfer them onto the 5 sturdy card clock parts. Then, screw on the nuts and bolts to assemble the robot. All that's lef

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DJ7780 - Baby Doll Table Seat

A lovely baby doll's wooden hook-on table high chair

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DJ7865 - Doll's Transat Rocker

A lightweight doll's rocker with a quilted cover

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GameSologicPathPathLogic MOQ2

DJ0811 - Path Path Logic with 40 challenges

A game that's quick and easy to get to grips with. Some little animals have lost their way! Players have to help them find their parents by laying path tiles in the wooden grid to build the only possible path home.

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Mayberry Manor Dollshouse

LEH118 - Daisylane Mayberry Manor Doll House

A deluxe doll house fully painted and decorated

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DJ7169 - The Little Buddies 36pc Giant Puzzle

Welcome to the little friends' house! Have fun cooking, doing DIY, gardening, singing in the bath, reading, and more. A giant, comfy house filled with surprises and joyful scenes.

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PuzzleWoodTiger MOQ2

DJ1264 - 12 piece Wooden African Animal Puzzle

Coucou-Tigre is a wild animals themed wooden puzzle. Have fun piecing together the 4 animals. Each animal consists of 3 colourful, simply shaped pieces to slot back into the board.

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DJ6649 - 10 piece Minibrico Wooden Toolbox with Tools

A basket-like open wooden toolbox filled with accessories

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The Dinosaur Train MOQ2

MT7742 - The Dinosaur Train

A wooden train engine and three carriages with removable Dinosaur pieces

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DollAccBathrobe MOQ2

DJ7858 - Doll's Bathrobe

A lovely baby doll's bathrobe

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DJ3126 - 24 piece Wooden Magnetic Mixanimo Animal Set

A set of 24 magnetic wooden pieces to create a range of different animals

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2BrusheswithWaterTanks MOQ6

DJ8909 - 2 Brushes with Water Tanks

Experience smooth & effortless watercolour painting with this water brush

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ArtisticPatchFairMaidens MOQ3

DJ9478 - Fair Maidens Artistic Patch

Decorate 12 cards illustrated with pretty little girls using foil

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BallGameJumpyGigi MOQ2

DJ0182 - Gigi Jumpa Ball Hopper

A bright and sturdy giraffe design ball hopper with 2 ear handles

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BeltBagsFruits MOQ3

DJ0331 - Fruit Belt Bag

A fruit-themed illustrated bumbag with 1 large centre pocket and 1 small front pocket. Wear it on your shoulder or around your waist to match your style.

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Colour6MultiFlowerCrayon MOQ6

DJ9006 - 6 Multicoloured Flower Crayons

6 chunky, easy to hold multicoloured wax crayons with 3 colours per pencil

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ColouringForestFamilies MOQ5

DJ0065 - Forest Families Colour Reveal Set

A pocket with 12 pictures to be coloured in using a jumbo coloured pencil, perfect for little ones. Colour in the animal families using the pencil to reveal what's hidden. It's magic: the pencil only marks certain areas, uncovering patterns and revealing

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CrazyMotorsGreenFlash MOQ4

DJ5471 - Green Flash Crazy Motors

Lightning-fast, nothing can stop Green Flash and its super driver

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CrazyMotorsMissBurgundy MOQ4

DJ5483 - Miss Burgundy Crazy Motors

She’s ready to win the race at all costs in her rocket vehicle

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CrazyMotorsNautiBubble MOQ4

DJ5474 - Nauti Bubble Crazy Motors

A mini-submarine & driver with diving helmet

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CrazyMotorsTaxiJoe MOQ4

DJ5479 - Taxi Joe Crazy Motors

Where to? Joe picks up thousands of people in his cherished yellow taxi

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DoItYourselfFlora MOQ3

DJ7994 - Do It Yourself Flora Necklaces & Stand

A comprehensive creative kit to make an embroidered multi-row necklace. Flat-stitch embroidery is used on the pre-punched beads to make it easier to pass the needle through. Once embroidered, simply attach the flat rubber bands to the back of the beads to

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DJ7799 - Wooden Rocking Horse

A mini rocking horse with cradle, designed to fit your baby dolls so you can play for hours. Kids will love it.

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DJ7731 - 32 cm Rose Pomea Soft Body Doll

Meet Baby Rose, a gorgeous 32cm machine-washable soft-body doll

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EduludoAnimologix MOQ2

DJ8261 - Animologix - Concept of Picture Creation

A magical image construction game! Learn how to place things in the right order. A magical result! Once layered, the see-through cards form whole animals.

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EduludoBatonnix MOQ2

DJ8268 - Batonnix - Concept of Length

A creative image reproduction and creation game to start learning about length and units.

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EduludoStepbyStepAnimals MOQ3

DJ8319 - Step by Step Learn to Draw Animals with White Board

Easy-to-learn drawing instruction cards, whiteboard & pens

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