Egg and Dino Puzzle

KC21004 - Egg and Dino Puzzle

A 2 layer wooden puzzle featuring 6 dinosaurs and eggs

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1-10 Car Wooden Puzzle

KC4792Z - 1-10 Car Puzzle -REVAMPNOV22

A fun car and truck wooden puzzle to learn and interact with numbers

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PuzzleSilBallerina36pcs MOQ2

DJ7227 - Ballerina 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

Colourful 36 piece puzzle of dancing ballerinas performing

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Australian Animal Puzzle

KC21001 - Australian Animal Puzzle

An Australian themed puzzle with 7 different animals

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Bugs Animal Chunky Puzzle

KC22004 - Bugs Chunky Puzzle

Buzz through playtime with this bug-themed chunky wooden puzzle

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KC5104R - Flying Balloon Chunky Shape Puzzle

A great introduction to shapes with a fun balloon theme

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DJ7225 - Fairy And Unicorn 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

Gorgeously painted 36 piece puzzle of fairy magic in the night

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PuzzleDuoMom&Baby MOQ3

DJ8157 - Duo Mum & Baby 24pc Puzzle

Educational puzzle game, match mum and baby animals 20 pieces

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Dino Chunky Puzzle

KC21010 - Dinosaur Chunky Puzzle

A chunky easy to grab puzzle with ten wooden dinosaurs

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PuzzleArtWhale150pcs MOQ2

DJ7658 - Whale 150pc Art Puzzle

Have a whale of a good time with this 150 piece art puzzle

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Vehicle Puzzle with Magnets

KC2001A - Vehicle Puzzle with Magnets

A magnetic wooden vehicles puzzle for open-ended play

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Fruits Animal Chunky Puzzl

KC22005 - Fruit Chunky Puzzle

Deliciously fun fruit chunky puzzle - perfect for little hands

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Handcarry abc Trace Puzzle (lo

KC21006 - Handcarry Lowercase abc Trace Puzzle

A magnetic lowercase abc puzzle with tracing stick and grooves

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PuzzleArt500pcPeacock MOQ2

DJ7669 - Peacock 500pc Art Puzzle

An innovative and vibrant 500-piece puzzle of a peacock

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PuzzleArtElephant150pcs MOQ2

DJ7652 - Elephant 150pc Art Puzzle

Beautiful 150 piece elephant shaped artistic puzzle

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PuzzleSilPrincessSpr-36p MOQ2

DJ7238 - The Princess Of Spring 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

A gorgeous 36 piece springtime princess puzzle in an eye-catching silhouette box

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PuzzWoodPuzz&BoomRainbow MOQ2

DJ1076 - Rainbow Puzz & Boom Wooden Puzzle

Puzz & boom is an easy-to-assemble wooden puzzle and balancing game

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KC5213A - Farm Animal Chunky Puzzle

A chunky easy to grab ten piece puzzle with farm animals

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Fractions with Number$

KC2001E - Fractions with Numbers Puzzle

Teach fractions, shapes and colours with this bright puzzle

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PuzzleArt500pcBird MOQ2

DJ7668 - Bird 500pc Art Puzzle

An innovative 500-piece puzzle of birds in flight

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DJ7504 - Enchanted Forest 100pc Observation Puzzle

An enchanting 100 piece observational puzzle in a magical forest

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PuzzleWoodWild&Co MOQ2

DJ1904 - Wild & Co Wooden Puzzle

A four-piece wooden cube puzzle with 6 safari animal shape faces

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KC5213B - Wild Animal Chunky Puzzle

Place the wild animals in the right spot with this bright puzzle

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Woodland Animal Chunky Puzzle$

KC21009 - Woodland Animal Chunky Puzzle

A chunky easy to grab puzzle with ten wooden forest animals

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123 Worm Puzzle

KC2001F - 123 Worm Puzzle

A colourful and fun number puzzle with stackable worms

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BirdAndRainbowPuzzle MOQ3

KC5214C - Bird And Rainbow Puzzle

A colourful bird and rainbow wooden puzzle

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DJ1072 - Mouki Wooden and Felt Puzzle

Head down to the farm with this puzzle that includes a felt base and 5 chunky animals

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GameTeaserArchilogic MOQ2

DJ8590 - Archilogic Sologic Game

1 player game to recreate the skyline on the chosen card with the 8 building pieces

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DJ7645 - Leopard 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A sleek stunning leopard is on the hunt in this 1000 piece puzzle

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DJ7170 - Leon The Dragon 58pc Giant Puzzle

Award-winning 58 piece large floor puzzle that is shaped like a dragon

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PuzzleObsCarRally54pc MOQ2

DJ7564 - Car Rally 54pc Observation Puzzle

An action-packed 54 piece observational puzzle of an animal car race

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WoodGamePinstou $

DJ1627 - Pinstou Wooden Game

Use the chopsticks to place the tokens in the right order

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DJ8581 - Cubologic 9 Sologic Game

A one player brain teaser game to complete the puzzle with the wooden cubes

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BabyAnimaliWoodenPuzzle MOQ2

DJ6121 - BabyAnimali Wooden Puzzle

A stunning animal stacking puzzle for little fingers

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GameCardTop Dogs MOQ4$

DJ5099 - Top Dogs Card Game

A 20-min, 2-3 player game of observation, speed and syllables

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GameDot-toDotLacing MOQ2

DJ8326 - Dot-to-Dot Lacing

A dot-to-dot game to teach little ones about numbers & build fine motor skills

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PuzzleArt150pcPanther MOQ2

DJ7659 - Panther 150pc Art Puzzle

An innovative and vibrant 150-piece puzzle with a unique format and stunning design

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PuzzleArtChameleon150pc MOQ2

DJ7655 - Chameleon 150pc Art Puzzle

Beautiful 150 piece chameleon shaped artistic puzzle

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DJ7609 - Volcania 350pc Gallery Puzzle

Get ready to embark on a vibrant autumn adventure with this 350-piece puzzle

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DJ7412 - Monument Of World 200pc Observation Puzzle

200 piece educational puzzle of the world with fun attractions

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PuzzleObsJungle35 pcs MOQ2

DJ7590 - Jungle 35pc Observation Puzzle

Colourful 35 piece Jungle animals observational puzzle

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PuzzleObsPirates100pcs MOQ2

DJ7506 - Pirates 100pc Observation Puzzle

Find the items in this 100 piece pirate ship observational puzzle

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DJ7208 - Haathee Asian Elephant 24pc Silhouette Puzzle

Folky Asian elephant 24 piece puzzle in a silhouette box

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DJ7254 - Elise's Carriage 54pc Silhouette Puzzle

Beautiful 54 piece puzzle of a princess, carriage and castle

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PuzzleSilPirateTreas36pcs MOQ2

DJ7220 - Pirate And Treasure 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

Fun 36 piece puzzle of pirates finding long lost treasure

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PuzzleSilTeothedino MOQ2

DJ7284 - Teo the Dino 24pc Silhouette Puzzle

A 24-piece puzzle featuring Téo the triceratops with a dinosaur silhouette box

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PuzzlosPuzzloKipic MOQ4

DJ1822 - Kipic 9pc Puzzlo Wooden Puzzle

A wildly adorable 9-piece puzzle in the shape of a hedgehog

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PuzzWoodPuzz&MatchHappy MOQ2

DJ1075 - Happy Puzz & Match Wooden Puzzle

Puzz & match is an easy-to-assemble wooden puzzle and construction game

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Shape Clock Chunky Puzzle$

KC5219C - Clock Puzzle

Learn how to read the time with this clock puzzle

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WoodMagneticFishingDream MOQ2

DJ1650 - Magnetic Dream Fishing

Magnetic river fishing game with twelve fish and 2 rods

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DJ8320 - Eduludo Josephine & Co

Step-by-step drawing instruction cards, whiteboard & pens

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DJ5225 - Chess & Checkers Game

A 20-min, 2 player skill game with chess on one side and checkers on the other

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DJ8576 - Cubologic 16 Sologic Game

A one player brain teaser game to complete the puzzle with the wooden cubes

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GameToddlerLittleCollect $

DJ8558 - Little Collect Toddler Game

A 10-min, 2-4 player toddler collecting game to collect the carrots

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GameTotem zen

DJ8454 - Totem Zen Game

A 15-min, 2-4 player dexterity-building game. Stack the pieces using chopsticks

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Handcarry ABC Trace Puzzle (up

KC21005 - Handcarry Uppercase ABC Trace Puzzle

A magnetic uppercase ABC puzzle with tracing stick and grooves

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PuzzleDuoAnimals MOQ3

DJ8147 - Duo Animals 20pc Puzzle

Piece together the 10, 2 piece animal puzzles

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PuzzleDuoNumbers MOQ3

DJ8151 - Duo Numbers 20pc Puzzle

Colourful and educational number-matching 20 piece puzzle

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PuzzleDuoRacing cars MOQ3

DJ8148 - Duo Racing Cars 20pc Puzzle

Piece together the 10, 2 piece racing car puzzles

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DJ8187 - Duo Shadows 24pc Puzzle

A playful educational puzzle where the child associates the coloured animal with its shadow

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DJ6971 - Mini Méli-Mélo Tinyly Observation Card Game

An observation card game featuring the Tinyly characters

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WaterCycle Puzzle

KC21012 - Water Cycle Puzzle

A colourful puzzle introducing children to the water cycle

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DJ1664 - Locktou Wooden Set

A set of 3 wooden animals to teach locking skills

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123 Carrot Puzzle $

KC2001G - 123 Carrot Puzzle

An adorable carrot puzzle every bunny would love to learn their numbers with

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