Australian Animal Puzzle

KC21001 - Australian Animal Puzzle

An Australian themed puzzle with 7 different animals

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WaterCycle Puzzle

KC21012 - Water Cycle Puzzle

A colourful puzzle introducing children to the water cycle

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Dino Chunky Puzzle

KC21010 - Dinosaur Chunky Puzzle

A chunky easy to grab puzzle with ten wooden dinosaurs

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Ouch Wooden Puzzle $

TL8419 - Ouch Wooden Puzzle

12 piece wooden puzzle to learn about the body

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ZeMirrorImages $

DJ6481 - Ze Mirror Images Set (inspired by Edouard Manceau)

The award-winning Ze Magic Mirror collection uses reflections to create a mesmerising game

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DJ9108 - Topanifarm Blocks

Multi-award-winning farm themed stacking cubes 1-6 with six cute animals

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PuzzleObsSorcerersAp54pc $MOQ2

DJ7565 - Sorcerers Apprentices 54pc Observation Puzzle

A 54-piece observation puzzle to discover what is happening in the school of the sorcerer's apprentices

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DJ7560 - In a Video Game 200pc Observation Puzzle

A 200-piece observation puzzle to dive into a video game

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DJ7225 - Fairy And Unicorn 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

Gorgeously painted 36 piece puzzle of fairy magic in the night

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PuzzleArtSeaHorse350pc MOQ2

DJ7653 - Sea Horse Shaped 350pc Art Puzzle

A gorgeous sea horse shaped 350 piece artistic puzzle

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PuzzleWoodFormaBasic MOQ3

DJ6200 - Formabasic Wooden Puzzle

A sweet wooden puzzle featuring three sized circles

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KC5213A - Farm Animal Chunky Puzzle

A chunky easy to grab ten piece puzzle with farm animals

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GameCardMiniFamily MOQ4

DJ5101 - Mini Family Card Game

A 10 min, 2-4 player game competing to collect the largest number of families

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PuzzleGalleryJungle100pce MOQ2

DJ7619 - Jungle 100pc Gallery Puzzle with Poster

A colourful 100-piece puzzle that is teeming with vibrant jungle vegetation and wildlife

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DJ7595 - Hedgehog School 35pc Observation Puzzle

A playful 35 piece hedgehog observational puzzle

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PuzzleSilVaillDragon54pcs MOQ2

DJ7256 - Vaillant And The Dragon 54pc Silhouette Puzzle

An action packed 54 piece puzzle in silhouette box

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1-10 Car Wooden Puzzle

KC4792Z - 1-10 Car Puzzle -REVAMPNOV22

A fun car and truck wooden puzzle to learn and interact with numbers

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KC5104R - Flying Balloon Chunky Shape Puzzle

A great introduction to shapes with a fun balloon theme

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BirdAndRainbowPuzzle MOQ3

KC5214C - Bird And Rainbow Puzzle

A colourful bird and rainbow wooden puzzle

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Fractions with Number$

KC2001E - Fractions with Numbers Puzzle

Teach fractions, shapes and colours with this bright puzzle

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PuzzleDuoICount MOQ4

DJ8194 - I Count 20pc Puzzle

A frieze puzzle with 20 pieces to put in the right order and learn about numbers

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PuzzleSilBarbBoat54 pcs MOQ2

DJ7241 - Barbarossa Boat 54pc Silhouette Puzzle

Awesome 54 piece puzzle of Barbarossa's crazy pirate adventures

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Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle $

KC21013 - Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle

A pretty and bright rainbow puzzle

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KC5213B - Wild Animal Chunky Puzzle

Place the wild animals in the right spot with this bright puzzle

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DJ7020 - Monster Party 50pc Foil Art Wizzy Puzzle

A 50-piece scary monster puzzle designed with a metallic twist

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DJ1652 - 12 piece Magnetic Tropical Fishing

Magnetic fishing game with twelve tropical fish and 2 rods

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PuzzleArtChameleon150pc MOQ2

DJ7655 - Chameleon Shaped 150pc Art Puzzle

Beautiful 150 piece chameleon shaped artistic puzzle

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WoodGameCrococroc MOQ2

DJ1629 - Crococroc Wooden Game

A snappingly adorable game to put the colours in the right order

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Egg and Dino Puzzle

KC21004 - Egg and Dino Puzzle

A 2 layer wooden puzzle featuring 6 dinosaurs and eggs

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GameCardTop Dogs $MOQ4

DJ5099 - Top Dogs Observation & Speed Card Game

A 20-min, 2-3 player game of observation, speed and syllables

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GameDot-toDotLacing MOQ2

DJ8326 - Dot-to-Dot Lacing

A dot-to-dot game to teach little ones about numbers & build fine motor skills

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Large Sun and Rainbow Puzzle

KC2001B - Large Sun and Rainbow Puzzle

How high can you stack this stunning rainbow and birds puzzle

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PuzzleArtWhale150pcs MOQ2

DJ7658 - Whale Shaped 150pc Art Puzzle

Have a whale of a good time with this 150 piece art puzzle

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PuzzleObsAquatic54pcs MOQ2

DJ7562 - Aquatic 54pc Observation Puzzle

Beautiful 54 piece ocean reef observational puzzle

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DJ7504 - Enchanted Forest 100pc Observation Puzzle

An enchanting 100 piece observational puzzle in a magical forest

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PuzzleSilIceCreamTrk16pcs MOQ4

DJ7264 - Ice Cream Truck 16pc Silhouette Puzzle

A delicious 16 piece ice cream truck puzzle in silhouette box

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PuzzleSilPrincessSpr-36p MOQ2

DJ7238 - The Princess Of Spring 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

A gorgeous 36 piece springtime princess puzzle in an eye-catching silhouette box

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PuzzleSilSpaceStation54pc MOQ2

DJ7291 - Space Station 54 pc Silhouette Puzzle

Blast off into an interstellar world aboard DJ3 station with this 54-piece puzzle

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DJ7269 - The Fire Truck 16pc Silhouette Puzzle

An awesome fire truck 16 piece puzzle in silhouette box

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PuzzleSilTigersWalk24pcs MOQ2

DJ7201 - The Tiger's Walk 24pc Silhouette Puzzle

Beautiful tiger 24 piece puzzle in silhouette box

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PuzzleWoodLeo&Co MOQ4

DJ1475 - Leo & Co Wooden Layer Puzzle

An adorable three-piece wooden puzzle on three levels featuring 4 animals

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DJ1821 - 9 piece Panda Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

A wildly adorable 9-piece puzzle in the shape of a panda

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DJ1653 - 12 piece Magnetic Coloured Fishing

Magnetic fishing game with twelve ocean creatures and 2 rods

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Cookie Cutting Set MOQ3

MT7409 - Cookie Cutting Puzzle Set

A 2-in-1 baking adventure with four sugar cookies

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GameDominoFarm MOQ3

DJ8158 - 30 piece Farm Domino Game

Colourful dominos game for kids with cute animals

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GameDressUpBingo MOQ3

DJ8190 - Dress Up Bingo Game

A fun interactive game to be the first to dress your character

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KC5214D - Jigsaw Shape Fraction Puzzle

Teach fractions, shapes and colours with this bright puzzle

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PuzzleDuoBabyAniamls MOQ4

DJ8197 - Duo Baby Animals 24pc Puzzle

Piece together these 12 puzzles to match together the mother to the babies

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PuzzleDuoMom&Baby MOQ4

DJ8157 - Duo Mum & Baby 24pc Puzzle

Educational puzzle game, match mum and baby animals 20 pieces

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PuzzleDuoNumbers MOQ4

DJ8151 - Duo Numbers 20pc Puzzle

Colourful and educational number-matching 20 piece puzzle

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PuzzleDuoRacing cars MOQ4

DJ8148 - Duo Racing Cars 20pc Puzzle

Piece together the 10, 2 piece racing car puzzles

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PuzzleDuoShapes-Animals MOQ4

DJ8256 - Duo Shapes & Animals 24pc Puzzle

Piece together these 12 puzzles to match together the animals and shapes

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PuzzleProgressInTheSea MOQ3

DJ7144 - In The Sea 4, 6,9pc Progressive Puzzle

Adorable sea animals puzzle set. 4 piece, 6 piece, 9 piece puzzles

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PuzzleTrioMyDailyLife MOQ4

DJ8253 - My Daily Life Trio 24 pc Puzzle

A matching puzzle where children choose items to match the everyday action

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DJ6971 - Mini Méli-Mélo Tinyly Observation Card Game

An observation card game featuring the Tinyly characters

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WoodGameDominoWood MOQ2

DJ1625 - Forest Domino

A forest animal-themed domino game

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WoodGameTactiloBasic MOQ3

DJ6214 - Tactilo Basic Wooden Game

Spin the wheel and then find the shape in the bag

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Fruits Animal Chunky Puzzl

KC22005 - Fruit Chunky Puzzle

Deliciously fun fruit chunky puzzle - perfect for little hands

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GameCoolSchoolAnimoMondo $MOQ2

DJ8198 - Animo Mondo - World Animal Tracking Game

A 15 min 2-6 player, lotto game tracking animals around the world

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GameSologicSpaceLogic $MOQ2

DJ8580 - Space Sologic Game with 40 challenges

A one player brain teaser game to complete the puzzle with the wooden tokens

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