Set of 4 Tikiri Aussie Animals

DSLAUSSIE - Set of 4 Tikiri Aussie Animals

A charming collection of 4 My First Australian animals

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94201Platypus, Rubber MOQ4

DSL3791 - Rubber Platypus Australian Animal (94201)

An adorable Aussie friend that is sure to make a splash during a little one's bathtime play

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94203Koala,Rubber MOQ4

DSL3793 - Rubber Koala Australian Animal (94203)

An iconic Australian animal perfect for soothing sores gums and great for bathtime fun

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94202Kangaroo, Rubber MOQ4

DSL3792 - Rubber Kangaroo Australian Animal (94202)

An adorable Aussie friend that will hop with a splash into a little one's bathtime play

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94204Kookaburra,Rubber MOQ4

DSL3794 - Rubber Kookaburra Australian Animal (94204)

An adorable Aussie friend that will fly into a little one's bathtime play

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Forest Koala Chair

TL8823 - Forest Koala Chair

A sweet koala character chair

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94103-Ocean Activity Book

DSL3787 - Ocean Activity Book (94103)

This sweet fabric book features ocean buddies in one delightful story

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98100-Koala Toy MOQ2

DSL3316 - Organic Koala Plush (98100)

Meet this adorable Aussie koala that is ready for a cuddle

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Quokka Puppet

FM3196 - Quokka Puppet

Meet the happiest animal puppet on the planet - the curious Quokka

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Squirrel, Flying Puppet

FM2580 - Sugar Glider (Flying Squirrel)

Nocturnal Sugar Glider will glide into your heart

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Australian Animal Puzzle

KC21001 - Australian Animal Puzzle

An Australian themed puzzle with 7 different animals

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Ditty Bird Sounds of AustrMOQ2

DB9271 - Sounds of Australia Board Book

Join Ditty Bird as he explores Australia with 6 sounds of this lovely country

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Great White Shark Puppet

FM3181 - Great White Shark Puppet

A 71cm long shark with swallowing moveable mouth

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Kangaroo Small Puppet

FM3170 - Small Kangaroo Puppet

This lovely small kangaroo puppet will hop into your heart

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FM2777 - Pack of 4 Mini Shark Finger Puppets

Baby shark is ready for his song and an adventure

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WoodSorterMulti Boita

DJ6292 - Multi Boita Shape Sorter

A wooden shape sorting box where children discover 3 different ways to fit the shapes

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Owl, Barn FingerPuppet (4)

FM2645 - Pack of 4 Mini Barn Owl White Finger Puppets

Fall in love with this heart shaped faced mini Barn Owl

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DJ6245 - Otto Koala Pull Along

Meet Otto, an adorable wooden pull-along koala

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Ray, Finger (4) $
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94200Australian Animal CDU-8pc

DSL3790 - My 1st Australian Animals With 8 piece CDU

A charming counter display unit featuring 8 assorted My First Australian animals

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Clam, Giant Puppet

FM3067 - Giant Clam Puppet

This Giant Clam puppet is a deep sea divers dream

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TCR66112 - POSSUM Dice Word Game

An educational 2-4 player dice game for players to spell out words

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GameCoolSchoolAnimoMondo $MOQ6

DJ8198 - Animo Mondo - World Animal Tracking Game

A 15 min 2-6 player, lotto game tracking animals around the world

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Hermit Crab Puppet

FM2867 - Hermit Crab Puppet

A Hermit Crab puppet that can cheer you up in a pinch

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KangarooWithJoey Puppet

FM3178 - Kangaroo with Joey Puppet

A set of kangaroo puppets that includes a mum puppet and little joey puppet

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Owl, Barn Puppet

FM3124 - Barn Owl Puppet

Handsome Barn Owl

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TinylyBagTagBianca MOQ6

DJ6996 - Bianca Tinyly Bag Tag

A white metal bag tag featuring “Bianca” Tinyly koala pendant

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Turtle Puppet

FM2021 - Large Turtle Puppet

A gorgeous green turtle with a soft shell and movable feet

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Turtle, Sea Puppet

FM3036 - Sea Turtle Hand Puppet

Leatherback Sea Turtle puppet has a brown printed shell

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WoodGameMemoWood MOQ2

DJ1624 - Memo Wood Animal Memory Game

A wild animal-themed 32 piece wooden memory game

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WoodGamePinstou $MOQ12

DJ1627 - Pinstou Wooden Game

Use the chopsticks to place the tokens in the right order

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UmbrellaMediumNature MOQ6

DJ4718 - Nature PVC Child Umbrella

A brightly coloured umbrella illustrated with a nature-themed design. Clear plastic so you can see where you're going, and a manual opening mechanism with safety system so you can open and close it without pinching your fingers. A colourful accessory, ide

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Emu Stage Puppet

FM3184 - Emu Stage Puppet

This Emu stage puppet brings a puppet show to life

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Octopus, Red Puppet

FM2974 - Red Octopus Puppet

The Octopus puppet is a vivid coloured underwater creature

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