DJ9850 - Peacock Silk Printing

Paint your own silk scarf with peacock design

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DJ9729 - Sea Life Scratch Cards

Scratch away the surface to uncover glow in the dark sea life illustrations

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Otter, Baby Puppet

FM2960 - Baby Sea Otter Puppet

Baby Sea Otter puppet swims and plays all day

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DJ3633 - Fedora Masking Tape

Fedora pretty printed 2.5cm wide paper 10m masking tape

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DJ3530 - Lucille Eraser

Adorable Lucille rubber eraser featuring a sweet deer

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DJ3607 - Lucille Correspondence Set

A beautiful box of 10 cards and envelopes featuring stunning cat illustrations

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DJ3534 - Fedora Eraser

Adorable Fedora rubber eraser featuring a pretty girl

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The blue living room(1)

DJ7821 - Fedora Living Room

A lovely blue living room set

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DJ5142 - Mistigriff Card Game

A 15-min, 2-5 player tactical game of pairs to assemble the monsters

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DJ8647 - Under Sea Felt Brushes

Set of five felt tip brushes with underwater theme

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DJ9758 - 12 Double-Ended Pencils - 24 Colours

12 doubled-ended pencils for 24 colours

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Candy palace (1)

DJ8440 - Candy Palace Game(1)

A 10-min, 2-4 player tactical game to earn coins to buy the sweets

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DJ5641 - Zig & Go 27pc Set

Be mesmerised by this 27 piece chain reaction construction set

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Dragon Wyvern Puppet

FM2812 - Wyvern Dragon Puppet

The Wyvern Dragon puppet is a scaly green iconic beast

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Rat, White Puppet

FM3038 - White Rat Hand Puppet

White Rat puppet has movable arms and an expressive face

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Owl, Great Horned Puppet

FM2403 - Great Horned Owl Puppet

The Great Horned Owl puppet is a silent and skillful hunter

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DJ8410 - Alien Café Game

A 20-min, 2-4 player cooperation game to satisfy the alien customers

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Turtle, Sea Puppet

FM3036 - Sea Turtle Hand Puppet

Leatherback Sea Turtle puppet has a brown printed shell

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DJ5178 - Mini Magic Cards

A 1 play card set to share a little bit of magic

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DJ5643 - Zig & Go 45pc Set

Be mesmerised by this 45 piece chain reaction construction set

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DJ9826 - My Sewing Box Needlework

A gorgeous sewing box set filled with everything you need to get started

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DJ8411 - Glouton Game

A 15-min, 2-4 player observation and speed game to eat the most items

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Dog, Jack Russell Puppet

FM2848 - Jack Russell Smooth Coat Puppet

"Best in Show describes this Jack Russell Terrier puppet

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Dragon, Fire Puppet

FM3054 - Fire Dragon Puppet

This magical Dragon is a fiery little beast of a puppet

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Cat, Purring Puppet

FM3113 - Purring Grey Cat Puppet

Soft, grey cat - purrs when stroked.

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Ostrich Puppet

FM3026 - Ostrich Puppet

Ostrich puppet has feathery soft plush and long eyelashes

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DJ8643 - Tales & Legends Felt Tips

Gorgeous magical stories drawing set with felt brush pens

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DJ3730 - 10 Chichi Mini Metalic Pencils

10 small fun Chichi mini metallic pencils

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DJ5172 - Athletic Games Card Games

A 15-min, 2-5 player tactical game where the best card athlete wins

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DJ8803 - 12 Colour Cakes Classic

Gouache french painting kit with brush and 12 colours

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DJ3630 - Aiko Masking Tape

Aiko pretty printed 2.5cm wide paper 10m masking tape

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DJ8774 - Small Boxes Origami

Create beautiful paper boxes with this kirigami kit

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DJ3632 - Lucille Masking Tape

Lucille woodland animal printed paper 1.5cm wide by 10m long masking tape

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DJ3614 - Owen Secret Notebook with Magic Pen

A beautifully illustrated secret notebook with a lock and invisible ink pen

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DJ8812 - 8gelpastels-classiccolours

Lovely set of gel pastels in 8 classic colours

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Paper Toys^Giant Jaguar(1)

DJ9678 - Giant Jaguar Paper Toys(1)

Jaguar large 3D paper toy making kit

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DJ3553 - Aiko Notebook

Sweet 48 page lined Aiko notebook with cat

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DJ8644 - Nymphea Felt Tips

Lovely fairy and fish drawing set with felt brush pens

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DJ8663 - Dazzling Birds Sand Art

Dazzling birds themed coloured sand picture making kit

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Koala Puppet

FM3057 - Koala Puppet

Curious Australian Icon Koala puppet ready for a cuddle

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DJ9853 - Sparrows Silk Printing

Bird and flower silk scarf painting set

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Owl, Snowy Puppet

FM2236 - Snowy Owl Puppet

This Snowy Owl puppet is a real magical head-turner

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DJ9507 - Mermaids Glitter Boards

Mermaid art and craft set with glitter

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DJ5180 - Forest Adventure Card Game

A 15-min, 2-4 player tactical game to build a treetop adventure

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DJ3843 - Totem Locket Necklace

A gorgeous adjustable metal locket with a stunning illustration of an indigenous Indian

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DJ5135 - Recto Verso Card Game

A 15-min, 2-4 player tactical game to collect the same animal

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DJ3511 - Elodie Pencil Case

A beautiful cotton pencil case featuring Elodie and vibrant birds

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DJ4663 - Stars Fabric Light Shade(1)

Blue light shade with space-themed design

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Koala Baby Puppet

FM3079 - Baby Koala Puppet

This sweet crafty baby Koala gives soft cuddles

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Fox, Crafty

FM3081 - Crafty Fox Puppet

Watch out for this crafty fox

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DJ8799 - 10 Felt Brushes Pop Colours

Set of ten brush-tip felt pens in Pop colours

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12 gel pastels - Sweet(1)

DJ8806 - Bright Gel Pastels in Red Box(1)

Lovely set of gel pastels in 12 passionate colours

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DJ5216 - Chess Game

A 20-min, 2 player skill game to capture your opponent's king

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NotebookSarahStickers79 pcs

DJ3576 - Sarah Notebook with 79 Stickers

78-paged notebook with metallic effects and a sleeve filled with 79 stickers

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DJ4413 - Berries Cushion

Fun and quirky cotton cushion with a berries pattern

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DJ3555 - Elodie Notebook

Beautiful 48 page lined Elodie notebook with underwater girl

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Goat Puppet

FM2520 - Goat Puppet

Goat puppet has a sweet face, floppy ears, soft horns & a taste for clothes

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DJ5211 - Draughts Game(1)

A 15-min, 2 player strategy game to capture your opponent's pieces

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DJ9846 - Embroidered Brooches Needlework

Create beauitful embroidered brooches

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Cow, Moo Stage Puppet

FM3088 - Moo Cow Stage Puppet

A crazy and silly moo cow puppet ready to put on a show

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Bear, Polar Cub Puppet

FM3041 - Polar Bear Cub Hand Puppet

A cuddly Polar Bear Cub puppet that will melt your heart

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Dog, CavalierKing Puppet

FM3096 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppet

A sweet and cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppet

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Bear - Baby Black Puppet

FM2232 - Baby Black Bear Puppet

This Black Bear puppet could charm the honey from the bees

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DJ3823 - Lovely Sweet Divine Necklace

A lovely adjustable necklace featuring a pretty girl illustration

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