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KC5114D - Sea Life Shape Sorting Puzzle(1)

Sort these sweet wooden sea life shapes

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Multiple Cylinder Puzzle(1)

KC5198B - Colour Timber Cylinder Knob Puzzle(1)

Sort the colours with this adorable puzzle

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KC5104K - Wooden Animal and Number Maze Puzzle(1)

An Adorable Numbers Wooden Maze Puzzle

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KC5104L - Buildings And Cars Large Maze Puzzle (1)

A fun puzzle to guide cars and buses through the roads

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Shape Clock Chunky Puzzle(1

KC5219C - Wooden Clock Puzzle(1)

Learn how to read the time with this clock puzzle

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KC5214D - Jigsaw Shape Fraction Puzzle(1)

Teach fractions, shapes and colours with this bright puzzle

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Chunky Sea Creatures

KC5112C - Chunky Sea Creatures

Ocean animals in a fun sea creatures puzzle.

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KC5214C - Bird And Rainbow Puzzle(1)

A colourful bird and rainbow puzzle

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Construction Worker Costume

KCCC001 - Construction worker costume

Construction worker costume with hard hat.

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KC5104R - Flying Balloon Chunky Shape Puzzle(1)

A great introduction to shapes with a fun balloon theme

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CarryAround abc Puzzle

KC5525C - Carry Around Abc (Lower Case) Puzzle(1)

Teach lowercase letters with this colourful carry around puzzle

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KC5525B - Carry Around Abc (Upper Case) Puzzle(1)

Teach uppercase letters with this colourful carry around puzzle

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Fruit Slicing Chunky Puzzl(

KC5200C - Slice the Fruit Puzzle(1)

A fun wooden puzzle with tasty looking fruit

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1-10 Car Wooden Puzzle

KC4792Z - 1-10 Car Puzzle (1)

A fun car and truck wooden puzzle to learn and interact with numbers

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KC5213B - Wild Animal Chunky Puzzle(1)

Place the wild animals in the right spot with this bright puzzle

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KC5213A - Farm Animal Chunky Puzzle(1)

A chunky easy to grab ten piece puzzle with farm animals

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Doctor Costume

KCCC012 - Doctor costume

Stethoscope ready! Doctor costume with accessories

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Chunky Vehicles

KC5112D - Chunky Vehicles

Fantastic variety of vehicles in a bright puzzle.

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KC5177B - In His Wardrobe Wooden Clothes Maze(1)

A wooden maze puzzle with sweet boys clothes

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Turtle ABC and 123 Puzzle(1

KC5129I - Turtle Alphabet Chunky Puzzle(1)

A fun turtle puzzle to help learn the alphabet

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Rainbow Fish Wooden Puzzle

KC5214E - Rainbow Fish

A colourful fish and rainbow puzzle.

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Nature Explorer Costume

KCCC003 - Nature explorer costume

Adventurous Explorer Costume with pith helmet and accessories.

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Chunky Ark Wooden Puzzle

KC5214G - Chunky Ark

An ark themed pairs matching puzzle.

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Fish Stacker Chunky Puzzle(

KC5199A - Wooden Fish Stacker Puzzle(1)

Stack the fish with this sweet wooden set

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Firefighter Costume

KCCC011 - Firefighter costume

Fireman costume with hard hat and accessories.

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My First Farm Puzzle (1)

KC5183A - My First Farm Puzzle (1)

No missing pieces with this adorable first farm themed puzzle

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Kaleidoscope Catalogue 2018

KALCAT18 - Kaleidoscope Catalogue 2018

Kaleidoscope Catalogue 2018

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Carry Around 123 Wooden Puzzle

KC5525A - Carry Around 123 Puzzle(1)

Teach numbers and mathematical equations with this wooden puzzle

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Policeman Costume (Green)

KCCC006 - Policeman costume (green)

Hi vis Policeman costume

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KC5177C - In Her Wardrobe Wooden Clothes Maze(1)

A wooden maze puzzle with sweet girls clothes

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