Bluchka & Indie house Tinyly

DJ6952 - Bluchka & Indie House Tinyly

Meet Bluchka and her sidekick Indie the dog in their wagon home

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Cherry Tree Hall Dollshouse

LEH150 - Daisylane Cherry Tree Hall Doll House -REVAMP21

A grand multi-award-winning best selling 4 storey doll's house

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Little Otter Canal Boat

TL8389 - Little Otter Canal Boat

Meet the otter family and their river boat "Mallardeau" that is filled with accessories

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Secret Meadow Shepherds Hut

TL8385 - Secret Meadow Shepherd's Hut

A whimsical award-winning shepherd’s hut with accessories and a family of mice

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Sophie's House Dollshouse

LEH104 - Daisylane Sophie's House Doll House -REVAMP21

Three-storey doll house with a glittery roof and a fresh gorgeous design

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Roseheart House

LEH124 - Daisylane Rose Heart Doll House

Step right into the fairy tale world with this enchanting and fresh dolls house

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The Stables

TL8165 - The Stables

A pretty wooden stable set with 2 horses and accessories

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DJ6955 - Charlie Tinyly Tinyshop

Meet Charlie, her companion Nut and their delicious pastry store

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DJ6956 - Milou Tinyly Tinyshop

Meet Milou, her companion Loulou and their adorable miniature vet room

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Humming Bird House

TL8127 - Humming Bird Doll House

Welcome to Humming Bird House, a colonial-style doll home

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Rosewood Cottage

TL8381 - Merrywood Rosewood Cottage

A small stunning woodland cottage with accessories and a family of 4

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Barbarossa Ship

LETV246 - Barbarossa Ship -REVAMPAUG23

Head to the seas with this fantastic Barbarossa Pirate Ship and 2 wooden characters

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TL8125 - Dovetail Doll House

A large, spacious and ultra-stylish home with 6 rooms

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Happy Folk Hotel

TL8370 - Happy Folk Hotel

Welcome to the Happy Folk Hotel with 9 little people

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Noah's Great Ark $

LETV259 - Noah's Great Ark

A wooden ark with ten pairs of animals

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Baytree House Dollshouse

LEH107 - Daisylane Bay Tree House Doll House

An classic and sweet three-storey doll house

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Fantail Hall

TL8126 - Fantail Hall Doll House

A grand and stunning doll home featuring an Edwardian style

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Farm Set $

TL8481 - Tender Leaf Farm

A gorgeous barn filled with accessories 2 horses and 2 geese

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Foxtail Villa

TL8124 - Foxtail Villa Doll House With Furniture

A classic townhome featuring a matching starter furniture set

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Greenhouse and Garden Set $

TL8371 - Greenhouse with Garden Set

A gorgeous greenhouse and garden with veggies and accessories

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DJ7838 - City House Doll's House with Furniture

A modern doll's house designed with 20pcs furniture and accessories

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Palace House Dollshouse

LEH152 - Daisylane Palace House

A stunning award-winning doll's house with 5 floors & grand double doors

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Sky Dollhouse $

LEH127 - Daisylane Sky Doll House

A stunning and fresh 2 storey doll's house with shutters, windows, roof and door

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Sandys Beach Hut

TL8379 - Sandy's Beach Hut

Meet Sandy Seagull and her family in their a small beach hut

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Penny Windmill

TL8380 - Penny Windmill Set

3 charming field mice who have crafted a cosy abode in a windmill

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MulberryMansion-with furniture

TL8861 - Mulberry Mansion with Furniture

This open-fronted dolls house has been designed for 25cm dolls

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Mayberry Manor Dollshouse

LEH118 - Daisylane Mayberry Manor Doll House

A deluxe doll house fully painted and decorated

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DJ6954 - Rosalie Tinyly Tinyshop

Meet Rosalie, her companion Rosie and their adorable miniature floral store

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Sunny & Mia house Tinyly

DJ6953 - Sunny & Mia House Tinyly

Award-winning cloud-themed portable doll house with adorable characters

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DJ5495 - Crazy Motors Garage

The ideal wooden garage for playing with Crazy Motors cars

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Town Puzzle

MT7364 - Town Puzzle

Unleash a child's imagination with this town-themed wooden puzzle

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