DJ7709 - Pirate Boat Pop to Play

Colourful pirate ship pop-up cardboard play setting

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DJ7506 - Pirates 100pc Observation Puzzle

Find the items in this 100 piece pirate ship observational puzzle

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PuzzleSilBarbarossasBoat54 pcs

DJ7241 - Barbarossa Boat 54pc Silhouette Puzzle

Awesome 54 piece puzzle of Barbarossa's crazy pirate adventures

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DJ9852 - Butterflies Silk Printing

Butterfly design silk painting set

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DJ9850 - Peacock Silk Printing

Paint your own silk scarf with peacock design

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DJ8790 - Knights Create A Story

Use stamps to create an awesome story of knights and castles

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MedievalRed Prince Philip

P39252 - Red Prince Philip Figurine

Prince Philip figurine in red- Red Dot

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P39792 - White Prince Philip's Horse Figurine

Prince Philip's Horse shows he is ready for battle

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DJ8791 - Princess Create A Story

Use stamps to create a wonderful story of princesses

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DinosaursGreen running T-Rex

P55027 - Green Running T Rex Figurine

Green running Tyrannosaurus Rex figurine

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P55011 - Spinosaurus Figurine

Spinosaurus dinosaur figurine

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DJ7652 - Elephant 150pc Art Puzzle

Beautiful 150 piece elephant shaped artistic puzzle

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DJ7649 - Magic India 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

Take a trip to gorgeous India with this 1000 piece puzzle

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DJ8792 - Scheherazade's Tales Create A Story

Use stamps to create a fantastic story of Arabic princesses

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zzMedievalKnight William horse

P39336 - Knight William Horse Figurine

Knight William's horse figurine- Green Dot

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FM3098 - Capybara Puppet

Capybara Puppet is an interesting and large rodent, you will love to cuddle.

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P55030 - Brachiosaurus Figurine

Quadrupedal animal with a small skull and long nec

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DJ8988 - Magali's Friends Patterns To Rub

A beautiful pattern running activity featuring animals

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DJ7424 - Dinosaurs 100pc Observation Puzzle

Exciting 100 piece educational dinosaur puzzle

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DJ7220 - Pirate And Treasure 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

Fun 36 piece puzzle of pirates finding long lost treasure

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P39780 - Black Bronze Office with Mace Figurine

Bronze man-at-arms figurine with flail- Red Dot

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P39775 - Black Horseman with Axe Figurine

Black horseman figurine with axe- Purple Dot

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#MedievalBlue crossbowman

P39753 - Armoured Crossbowman Figurine

Armoured crossbowman figurine- Green Dot

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P39795 - Dragon King with Bow and Arrow Figurine

This Dragon King is ready to aim and shoot his arrow

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#MedievalKnight Du Guesclin

P39794 - Knight Du Guesclin Figurine

Knight Du Guesclin is in the middle of a battle for survival

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10 Assorted Djeco Kites

DJSKITES - Selection Pack of 10 Kites

A random assortment of 10 kites to fly on a lovely windy day

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20 Assorted Knights/Horses(1)

P0KNIGHTS - Selection Pack of 20 Knights & Horses Figurines

A random assortment of 20 knights and horses Papo figurines

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6 Assorted Moulds and Stamps

DJSMOULD - Selection Pack of 6 Cookie Cutter and Stamp Sets

A random assortment of 6 fun cookie cutter and stamp sets

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8 Assorted Musical Stage(1)

DJSMUSICBOX - Selection Pack of 8 Stage Musical Boxes

A random assortment of 8 gorgeous stage music boxes

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9 Assorted Dinosaurs(1)

P0DINOMIX - Selection Pack of 9 Dinosaur Figurines

A random assortment of 9 Papo Dinosaur figurines

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Car & Petrol Pump Set

LETV467 - Car and Petrol Pump Set

An adorable wooden 5 piece Car and Petrol Pump Set

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P55062 - Acrocanthosaurus Figurine

A large and strong Acrocanthosaurus ready to attack it's prey

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P55015 - Ankylosaurus Figurine

The Ankylosaurus, which means "fused lizard"

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P55039 - Apatosaurus Figurine

Apatosaurus dinosaur figurine

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P55054 - Baryonyx Figurine

A large Dinosaur with moving jaws

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DinosaursBlue oviraptor

P55059 - Blue Oviraptor Figurine

This Oviraptor just stole an egg for it's meal

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P55032 - Carnotaurus Figurine

Late Cretaceous period Dinosaur figurine

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P55061 - Ceratosaurus Figurine

The Ceratosaurus is out looking for it's next prey

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P55072 - Compsognathus Figurine

Compsognathus was built for speed

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P55035 - Dilophosaurus Figurine

Dilophosaurus dinosaur figurine

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P55033 - Dimetrodon Figurine

Dimetrodon dinosaur figurine

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P55055 - Feathered Velociraptor Figurine

This feathered Dino has a moving jaw

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P55071 - Iguanodon Figurine

Iguanodon with moveable mouth

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P55056 - Kaprosuchus Figurine

This Kaprosuchus is waiting for it's prey

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P55017 - Mammoth Figurine

Prehistoric mammoth figurine

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P55021 - Plesiosaurus Figurine

Plesiosaurus marine dinosaur figurine

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P55060 - Polacanthus Figurine

This spiked Polacanthus enjoys eating plants from the early Cretaceous period

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P55006 - Pteranodon Figurine

Flying reptiles, with wingspans over 6 metres

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P55073 - Quetzalcoaltus Figurine

Quetzalcoaltus dinosaur

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P55022 - Smilodon Figurine

Commonly known as the Sabre-tooth Tiger.

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P55007 - Stegosaurus Figurine

Stegosaurus dinosaur figurine

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P55020 - Styracosaurus Figurine

Styracosaurus dinosaur figurine

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P55001 - Tyrannosaurus Rex Figurine

Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur figurine

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P55069 - Therizinosaurus Figurine

Therizinosaurus stood at 10 metres

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P55002 - Triceratops Figurine

Triceratops dinosaur figurine

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P55038 - Tupuxuara Figurine

A prehistoric Tupuxuara dinosaur figurine

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DinosaursYoung mammoth

P55025 - Young Mammoth Figurine

Young Mammoth figurine- Green Dot

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DinosaursYoung triceratops

P55036 - Young Triceratops Figurine

Young triceratops dinosaur figurine

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Egyptian art(1)

DJ8646 - Egyptian Art Felt Tips

Egyptian themed drawing set with felt brush pens

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DJ9846 - Embroidered Brooches Needlework

Create beautiful embroidered brooches

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DJ9201 - Pirate Body Art

Face painting set with pirate designs

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DJ9207 - Princess Body Art

Face painting set with princess designs

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DJ8619 - Cabinet Of Curiosities Felt Tips

A fun felt-tip activity for children interested in insects

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DJ5136 - Batasaurus Card Game

A 10-min, 2-4 player strategic memory game to play the highest dinosaur

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