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KC21004 - Egg and Dino Puzzle

Brand: Kiddie ConnectSKU: KC21004

This puzzle helps to develop the fine motor skills of grasping, holding, and placing. It is practice for improving hand-eye coordination. This playful puzzle features 2 layers; 1 layer has 6 different-sized dinosaurs underneath 6 different-sized eggs. Crack open the eggs and see what is inside. 

Some ideas for enhancing and encouraging play and learning:

  • Find the dinosaur. Is that a triceratops?  
  • What colour egg is it in? Can you match the dinosaur to the egg?
  • Talk about each dinosaur.  What noise do you think this dinosaur made? Is it a carnivore, a herbivore or an omnivore?
  • Have the child identify these dinosaurs from photographs in a book or on the internet. This will allow the child to make the transition from the stylized representations of the puzzle pieces to the real dinosaurs.

Children will love experiencing open-ended play and can use the easy-to-grab chunky animals to play with.

Suitable for ages: 18 months+

Product Dimensions

26cm L2cm H26cm W

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