Pizza Party

TL8275 - Pizza Party

Create your own pizza with this delicious 6 slice pizza with 12 different toppings and box

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Make me a Pizza

TL8244 - Make Me a Pizza Set

A pizza oven with 5 wood logs, toppings, slider and pepper shaker

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Construction Car Set

TL8355 - Wooden Construction Car Set

A set of 5 wooden construction vehicles

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Emergency Vehicles

TL8662 - Emergency Vehicles

A collection of 5 emergency service vehicles ready to race to the rescue

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TL8239 - Birdie Tea Set

Share a cup of pretend tea with your little one using this adorable set

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Seafood Basket MOQ2

TL8289 - Seafood Basket

A market basket filled with fresh-caught wooden seafood items

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Babyccino Maker

TL8225 - Babyccino Maker

An adorable bird's nest themed cappuccino machine with accessories

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Forest Koala Chair

TL8823 - Forest Koala Chair

A sweet koala character chair

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Woodpecker Game

TL8349 - Woodpecker Game

Use the woodpecker hammer to knock the balls through the tree stump

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Birdie Skittles (Bowling)

TL8621 - Birdie Skittles Bowling Set

A fun wooden game with 5 pigeon-themed pins and a round wooden ball

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Forest Racoon Chair $

TL8824 - Forest Raccoon Chair

A very sweet raccoon themed plywood chair

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My Botanical Press MOQ3

TL8423 - My Botanical Flower Press

Collect some flowers and then use this gorgeous wooden flower press

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Rosewood Cottage

TL8381 - Merrywood Rosewood Cottage

A small stunning woodland cottage with accessories and a family of 4

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Dovetail Bedroom Set

TL8152 - Dovetail Bedroom Set

A pretty in pink bedroom set for a doll's home

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Fire Engine

TL8367 - Fire Engine

A bright wooden fire engine with 4 firemen and accessories

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Noah's Shape Sorter Ark

TL8305 - Noah's Shape Sorter Ark

Wheel around this wooden Noah's Ark with 10 sets of wooden animals

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TL8483 - 1 piece Farmyard Animals Display Shelf Set

A wooden display stand with 13 farmyard animals

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Forest Deer Chair

TL8814 - Forest Deer Chair

A sweet deer themed wooden chair

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Forest Fox Chair

TL8813 - Forest Fox Chair

A sweet fox themed wooden chair

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Foxtail House Updated

TL8128 - Redesigned Foxtail Villa

A redesigned version of the Foxtail townhouse with matching starter furniture set

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General Store Cash Register

TL8260 - General Store Till

A colourful wooden cash till with a scanner

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Mini Chef Fruity Blender

TL8229 - Fruity Blender

Smoothie blender with fruit and take away cup

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Peacock Colours

TL8338 - Peacock Colours

5 tail feathers with coloured acrylic to view the world through

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Rainbow Birthday Cake MOQ2

TL8282 - Rainbow Birthday Cake

An adorable wooden rainbow birthday cake topped with 6 brightly coloured candles

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Rainbow Tunnel $

TL8339 - Rainbow Tunnel

A bright beautiful rainbow puzzle

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Weather Station $

TL8421 - Wooden Weather Station

Learn about the weather with this award-winning wooden weather station

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Chocolate Birthday Cake

TL8283 - Chocolate Birthday Cake

This delicious looking cake features 6 candles and a happy birthday plaque

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Forest Wooden Table and 2 Chai

TL8801 - Forest Wooden Table and 2 Chairs

Adorable plywood table with a hidden compartment and 2 animal-themed chairs

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Pet Cats Wooden Set MOQ3

TL8161 - Pet Cat Set

An adorable wooden set featuring 2 cats and their play table

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Timber Taxi

TL8386 - Timber Taxi

A log-shaped taxi vehicle with 3 friends; Fungi, Robbie, and Woody

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Wagon with Blocks

TL8464 - Wagon with Blocks

Brightly coloured wagon with fun blocks to pack and stack

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Wooden Eggs MOQ3

TL8285 - Wooden Eggs

6 solid wooden eggs in an authentic egg carton

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Blue Bird Service Station

TL8581 - Blue Bird Service Station

Entertain the car enthusiast with this bright service station

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Counting Carrots

TL8407 - Counting Carrots Wooden Stacker

Wooden stacking carrots with numbers and a bunny

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Countryside Furniture Set

TL8166 - Countryside Set

An adorable starter wooden set for a country-themed doll's home

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Farmyard Tractor

TL8485 - Farmyard Tractor

A farmyard tractor with a removable trailer, a driver, two hay bales, a horse and a goose

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Humming Bird House

TL8127 - Humming Bird Doll House

Welcome to Humming Bird House, a colonial-style doll home

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IceCreamScoops&Smiles $

TL8243 - Ice Cream Scoops & Smiles

A gorgeous retro-style wooden ice cream set to celebrate the summertime

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TL8227 - Home Baking Set

A playful wooden mixer with ingredients and a scale

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Noahs Wooden Ark

TL8306 - Noah's Wooden Ark

An impressive earth-friendly ark with matching animals

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SafariSetShelf-1PCEachAnimal $

TL8475 - 1 Piece Safari Animal Display Shelf Set

An eye-catching wooden stand with 8 safari animals

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Secret Meadow Shepherds Hut

TL8385 - Secret Meadow Shepherd's Hut

A whimsical award-winning shepherd’s hut with accessories and a family of mice

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Selection of 12 wooden animals

TLFARM - Selection of 12 Farm Animals

A selection of 12 wooden farm-themed animals

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Stacking Garden Friends (Bag)

TL8402 - Stacking Garden Animal Friends

Adorable award-winning wooden stacking animal set with carry bag

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Sunny Family MOQ2

TL8147 - Sunny Doll Family

A very sweet solid rubberwood family styling bright outfits

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Sweet Swan Pram

TL8105 - Sweet Swan Pram

A graceful and pretty wooden pram with a swan themed design

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The Leaf Family (wooden) MOQ2

TL8141 - Wooden Family of Four

An adorable family of four wooden dolls

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Tortoise Pet Set MOQ2

TL8167 - Tortoise Pet Set

An adorable wooden play set tor tortoises and accessories

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Wild Pines Train Set

TL8702 - Wild Pines Train Set

An interactive 30 pieces wooden train set and tracks

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Alpaca Wooden Animal (6 pack)

TL4827 - Alpaca Wooden Animal (Pack of 6)

A playful and adorable alpaca wooden animal created from sustainable rubberwood

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TL4768 - Brontosaurus Wooden Dinosaur (Pack of 6)

A roaringly amazing wooden Brachiosaurus made from sustainable rubberwood

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Chicken Coop

TL8164 - Chicken Coop-REVAMP DEC 2020

An adorable wooden doll's chicken coop with chickens

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Chicken Wooden Animal (6 pack)

TL4828 - Chicken Wooden Animal (Pack of 6)

A playful and adorable chicken wooden animal created from sustainable rubberwood

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Cow Wooden Animal (6 pack)

TL4830 - Cow Wooden Animal (Pack of 6)

A playful and adorable cow wooden animal created from sustainable rubberwood

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TL8125 - Dovetail Doll House

A large, spacious and ultra-stylish home with 6 rooms

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Dovetail Bathroom Set

TL8151 - Dovetail Bathroom Set

A gorgeous doll's bathroom set with bathtub and shower

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Dovetail Kitchen Set

TL8153 - Dovetail Kitchen Set

Can you smell the fresh bread baked in this gourmet doll's kitchen

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Dovetail Nursery Set

TL8156 - Dovetail Nursery Set

Time to put baby to sleep in its nursery

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Dovetail Sitting Room Set

TL8154 - Dovetail Sitting Room Set

Wonderful family memories are created in this homey family room

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Forest Book Case

TL8822 - Forest Bookcase

A sturdy, practical and stylish bookcase and storage unit

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