FM3199 - Shiba Inu Puppy Puppet

An adorable Japanese breed dog puppet that makes the perfect companion

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Coyote Small $

FM3173 - Small Coyote Puppet

A small grey coyote puppet with a movable mouth and forelegs

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Dog, Small Puppet $

FM3125 - Small Black and White Dog Puppet

Small black and white dog with a gentle expression

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Hare Puppet $

FM3164 - Hare Puppet

An adorable and sweet faced hare up for an adventure

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Hot Dog Puppet $MOQ2

FM3145 - Hot Dog Puppet

Be careful this hot dog has bite!

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Loris, Slow Puppet $

FM3072 - Slow Loris Primate Puppet

Fall in love with this exotic Loris's face and soulful eyes

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MiniOrcaFingerPuppet (3) $

FM2779 - Pack of 3 Mini Orca Finger Puppets

Make a splash with this orca puppet

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Rabbit Cottontail, Finger (4)$

FM2772 - Pack of 4 Mini Cottontail Rabbit Finger Puppets

Mini Cottontail Rabbit Finger Puppet

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Ray, Finger (4) $
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Sasquatch Puppet $

FM3180 - Sasquatch Puppet

A giant ape-like puppet crafted with a movable mouth and over 68cm in height

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