DJ6104 - Babystacki Ring Stacker

A sweet bear face on this stack and rock toy.

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Find the Ball Soft Book

MH208160 - Find The Ball Soft Book

Adorable fabric book for babies to find the ball

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DSL1953 - Mini Knitted Bear in Cream Vest

Mini knit bear with cute cream vest.

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DJ6073 - Super cosmos in the city

A fun hand crank music box featuring Super Cosmos in the city

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4 Piece Sensory Tray Set

LEPL093 - Petilou 4 Piece Sensory Tray Set

A beautifully illustrated 4-piece wooden sensory tray set

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Safari Lion Blankie Teether

MH216420 - Safari Lion Blankie Teether

Safari Lion Blankie Teether to cuddle and chew.

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DJ6203 - 1234Basic Wooden Puzzle

A sweet wooden puzzle with cute characters

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Mirror Activity Tile

LEPL127 - Petilou Mirror Activity Tile

A colourful mirror with a rotating frame on a mountable hexagon shaped tile

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Adorables Lulu Bunny Medium

MH154240 - Adorables Lulu Bunny Medium

The super soft and adorable bunny.

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TL8345 - Rainmaker

Listen to the sound of the rain with these tumbling beads

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DJ9004 - 8colouringpencilsforlittleones

Chunky colouring pencils

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DJ3486 - Polo Space Picture Night Light

A magical spaceman night light

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Whoozit Orbit Teether

MH211790 - Whoozit Orbit Teether

A fun bright Whoozit Orbit Teether prefect for travel

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DSL3765 - Rubber Octopus Ocean Buddy

Fully enclosed all rubber rattle from the Ocean Buddies collection

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DSL1103 - Rosemary - Beige Hair With Flower Dress Doll - Swingtag

The gorgeous Rosemary features a side ponytail and lovely floral dress

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DJ8120 - Lotto Animals Game

Colourful and educational animal-themed lotto game

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DSL3764 - Rubber Turtle Ocean Buddy

Fully enclosed all rubber rattle from the Ocean Buddies collection

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DJ1487 - Charly & Co 3 Layer Wooden Puzzle

Discover what is under each of these 3 animals

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##Wobble-A-Round CDU

MH211960 - Wobble-A-Round Beads Assortment CDU

A nine piece CDU of the Wobble-A-Round Beads

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RideOnBlue Roll'it!

DJ0204 - Blue Roll'it!

This 'Blue Roll'It!' ride on is a stylish and fun way for a young child to get around

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Drinking cup pink(1)

JNL911BG - Pink Bear Drinking Cup (1)

Adorable fairytale bear drinking cup in pink

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DJ1652 - Magnetic Tropical Fishing

Magnetic fishing game with twelve tropical fish and 2 rods

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TL8467 - Heads & Tails Dominoes with Bag

Traditional dominos on one side, matching heads and tail on the other

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DJ9141 - Chounuts Figurines

Set of three adorable bear like characters

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Baby plate tiger 21 cm(1)

JAJ905G - Jungle Tiger Baby Plate 21cm(1)

A wild plate featuring adorable tiger and bird

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Bee Large Wheely Bug

WBA4LB - Bee Large Wheely Bug(1)

Large buzzy bee ride-on Wheely Bug

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Forest Wooden Table and 2 Chai

TL8801 - Forest Wooden Table and 2 Chairs

Adorable plywood table with a hidden compartment and 2 animal-themed chairs

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Busy Bug Puzzle

LEPL098 - Petilou Busy Bug Puzzle

Bright Busy Bug Puzzle

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Forest Wooden Clothes Rack

TL8803 - Forest Wooden Clothes Rack

Adorable forest themed clothes rack with hangers

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DSL3642 - Rubber Cow Farm Animal (Backer Card)

Gorgeous eco-friendly chewable all rubber cow teether

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DJ1054 - Mamijungle

Wooden 4 piece Jungle Puzzle

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DJ1059 - Frimours Forest Wooden Puzzle

An adorable and bright wooden puzzle with 5 different animals

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DJ3483 - Mister Zinzin Wooden Night Light

Galatic wooden Mister Zinzin garland LED night light with timer

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DJ3434 - Mini Fox Night Light

Sweet orange Fox paper night light with timer

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Courtyard Blocks (Bag)

TL8462 - Courtyard Blocks in Bag

34 colourful blocks with a printed drawstring bag

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MH216430 - SafariElephantBlankieTeether

Safari Elephant Blankie Teether to cuddle and chew.

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DJ6052 - Space Melody Magnetics Music Toy

Watch the space figures dance to Twinkle Twinkle

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Primrose Pig(1)

RT704 - Primrose Pig (18cm) (1)

Primrose the pig is a delicate and pretty Ragtag doll

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Forest Squirrel Hooks

TL8805 - Forest Squirrel Hooks

Adorable forest themed coat hook with squirrel

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DJ4481 - Toy Box Seat

Seat Toy Box with a bright geometric design.

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DJ9101 - Maxi Topanijungle Blocks

A set of 5 jungle blocks and 5 adorable animals

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DJ8934 - All Different Stickers

A craft kit with stickers teaching children about diversity

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WoodlandRace 8 Car Set CDU

LEPL037 - Petilou Woodland Race Cars CDU

Ready set go, with this adorable woodland animal car racer

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Visual Sensory Tray

TL8405 - Visual Sensory Tray

4 solid wooden shapes with a different visual play feature

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DJ6241 - Terreno Car Pull Along

Wooden pull-along featuring a quirky dog driver

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WBCHH1 - Wheely Bug Plush Hedgehog Cover Only

An adorable, soft hedgehog plush Wheely bug cover

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WBCUC1 - Wheely Bug Plush Unicorn Cover Only

Magical, mystical unicorn plush Wheely Bug cover

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Harrison Hedgehog onwheels

LEPL036 - Petilou Harrison Hedgehog Wheels

Solid wood Harrison Hedgehog on wheels racer

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DJ6383 - Chokko Activity Toy

Dog shaped wooden activity toy with movable blocks and little rattle

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DSL1610 - Display Doll

Large traditional ragdoll with blonde hair in pink floral dress

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Bear - 18,5x18,5x4cm(1)

DJ4936 - Bear Tableaux(1)

Big red bear on a snowy evening blue wall frame

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DJ1698 - Ludopark - 4 Games

A playful box filled with four interactive fun games

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DSL2604 - Havah all Rubber Rattle (Window Box)

An all rubber bunny companion named Havah to help entertain and soothe a teething baby

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DJ9021 - Modelling Dough Press

A four piece press set that helps children create different shaped strands of modelling dough

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DJ4704 - Savannah Umbrella

A bright yellow beautifully illustrated domed umbrella with a savannah design

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DJ9099 - Baby birds

Baby Birds velvet colouring

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Memory Game Animal Pairs

LEPL096 - #Ice Lolly Shop

Adorable wooden animal memory game great for travel

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Forest Fox Chair

TL8813 - Forest Fox Chair

A sweet fox themed chair

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DSL1102 - Lola - Brown Hair With Maroon Dress Doll - Swingtag

Lola has beautiful hair and a stunning maroon dress

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95000-My1stFarm12pc- 2019

DSL3639 - My 1st Farm 12 piece CDU

An assorted collection of 12 all rubber farm animals

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DJ1253 - Wooden Puzzle Foxymatch

Eight piece wooden puzzle with fun playful red fox characters

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DJ7135 - Jungle First 18pc Progressive Puzzle

4 adorable jungle animal shaped mini-puzzles

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