EcoCup-Tea&Coffee-2 Piece MOQ2

LETV337 - Honeybake Take Away Hot Drink Cups

A pair of wooden hot takeaway drinks, a tea, and a coffee cup

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Forest Stacker Tower &Bag$MOQ2

LEPL087 - Petilou Forest Stacking Animals & Bag

A set of sweet stackable forest friends with bag

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Doctor's Set

LETV292 - Honeybake Doctor's Set -REVAMPMAY22

Quick get the doctor with this multi-award-winning plastic free doctor's set

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Construction Set

LETV442 - Construction Set -REVAMPAUG23

Award-winning set of plastic-free 5 construction vehicles with wooden wheels

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Bunny&GuineaPigDollshouse MOQ3

LEME045 - Daisylane Bunny With Guinea Pig -REVAMP23

Adorable plastic free wooden bunny and guinea pig set with house & accessories

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Doughnut Set MOQ3

LETV332 - Honeybake Doughnut Set

Kids will go glazy for this set of 4 wooden doughnuts in a window gift box

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Rocking Unicorn Carousel $

LEPL134 - Petilou Rocking Unicorn Carousel

Rock away on a magical adventure with this stunning unicorn wooden rocker

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Star Beauty Set

LETV293 - Honeybake Star Beauty Set

An adorable wooden beauty set with a hairdryer

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Hammer Game Mr Mushrooms $

LEPL092 - Petilou Hammer Game Mr Mushrooms

Adorable mushroom and bunny themed hammer game

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Vintage Phone

LETV323 - Honeybake Vintage Phone

Charming award-winning retro wooden telephone featuring bell sound effect

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LETV453 - George's Fire & Rescue Garage

Unleash heroic adventures with this fire & rescue toy garage, helicopter & fire truck

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TakeAwaySmoothie&Juice-3 P

LETV336 - Honeybake 3 Fruit Smoothies

A trio of wooden takeaway smoothies complete with straws

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Lady Bird Binoculars Yellow

LEPL116 - Petilou Lady Bird Binoculars Yellow

Wooden play binoculars with 2 kaleidoscope lenses

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Rainbow Cloud Walker

LEPL102 - Petilou Rainbow Cloud Walker

A stunning award-winning rainbow cloud walker filled with blocks

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ABC Wooden Blocks

LEPL101 - Petilou ABC Wooden Blocks

A multi-award-winning alphabet & numbers blocks set with tray

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Activity Table

LEPL137 - Petilou Activity Table -REVAMP NOV22

An activity table that features a shape sorter, rainbow xylophone, and more!

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Carlo's Gelato $

LETV310 - Honeybake Carlo's Gelato REVAMP SEPT20

Create a guilt-free dessert with Carlos Gelato wooden set

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Cherry Tree Hall Dollshouse

LEH150 - Daisylane Cherry Tree Hall Doll House -REVAMP21

A grand multi-award-winning best selling 4 storey doll's house

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Ice Lollies

LETV284 - Honeybake Ice Lollies

Delicious multi-award-winning set of ice-creams ready for afternoon tea

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Sophie's House Dollshouse

LEH104 - Daisylane Sophie's House Doll House -REVAMP21

Three-storey doll house with a glittery roof and a fresh gorgeous design

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Tradition Rocking Horse $

LEPL140 - Petilou Traditional Rocking Horse

A stunning tradition style rocking horse with touches of gold and glitter paint

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Daisylane Kitchen

LEME059 - Daisylane Kitchen -REVAMPAUG23

Step into a culinary wonderland with this dollshouse kitchen furniture set

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Ice Cream Set

LETV328 - Honeybake Ice Cream Set

A set of 4 colourful hand painted ice cream cones with wooden holder

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Mixer Set

LETV285 - Honeybake Mixer Set REVAMP MAY22

Prepare for the bake-off with this award-winning wooden mixer

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PetilouXylophoneMetal Notes

LEPL122 - Petilou Xylophone

Strum up some musical magic with this delightful wooden and metal xylophone toy

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Roseheart House

LEH124 - Daisylane Rose Heart Doll House

Step right into the fairy tale world with this enchanting and fresh dolls house

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Sophie's Car

LEME041 - Daisylane Sophie's Car -REVAMPDEC21

A pretty pink wooden car scaled for Le Toy Van dolls

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Africa Stacker & Bag

LEPL117 - Petilou Africa Stacking Animals & Bag

9 wild wooden stackable animals with a fabric bag

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Alex's Work Bench

LETV475 - Alex's Work Bench- REVAMP OCT21

An award-winning Alex's Work Bench complete with tools

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Apples & Pears Crate

LETV191 - Honeybake Apple and Pears in Crate -REVAMPAUG23

A market crate filled with wooden apples and pears

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Blender Set Fruit & Smooth

LETV296 - Honeybake Blender Set 'Fruit & Smooth-REVAMP21

An award-winning wooden set of ingredients and blender

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Daisylane Master Bedroom

LEME057 - Daisylane Master Bedroom -REVAMPJAN23

A gorgeous master bedroom with bed, vanity and accessories

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Figures Counting Puzzle MOQ2

LEPL142 - Petilou Figures Counting Board

Get ready for some counting fun with this award-winning counting puzzle

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Fresh Fish Crate

LETV184 - Honeybake Fresh Fish in Crate -REVAMP AUG23

Six glittery wooden fish in a crate

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Groceries & Scanner

LETV326 - Honeybake Groceries & Scanner

Enjoy a trip to the store with this wooden basket filled with shopping items & scanner

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My First Tool Bench $

LETV448 - My First Tool Bench -REVAMP AUG20

A first wooden tool bench with wooden powertools

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My Stacking Garden $MOQ2

LEPL009 - Petilou My Stacking Garden

Charming wood stackable garden set with nine pieces

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MyLittleBirdHouseShapeSorte $

LEPL085 - Petilou My Little House Shape Sorter

Delightful wooden house shape sorter with six shapes

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Noah's Balancing Ark $

LETV214 - Noah's Balancing Ark

A wonderful wooden rocking ark with 10 wooden animals

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Ocean Stacker

LEPL139 - Petilou Ocean Stacking Animals & Bag

A bright colourful set of 9 wooden stackable aquatic animals with a bag

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Rainbow Tunnel Toy $

LEPL107 - Petilou Rainbow Tunnel Toy

A pretty 5 piece rainbow tunnel toy

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Vanilla Birthday Cake

LETV273 - Honeybake Vanilla Birthday Cake -REVAMPMarch22

This wooden vanilla birthday cake looks delicious

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Vehicle TheNewYorkCar(1)

LETV268 - New York Car Set

6 iconic American wooden vehicles with wooden wheels

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Barbarossa Ship

LETV246 - Barbarossa Ship -REVAMPAUG23

Head to the seas with this fantastic Barbarossa Pirate Ship and 2 wooden characters

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Drawing Room OLD Style

LEME056OLD - Daisylane Drawing Room -Classic Version

A great place for a tea party with a fantastic grandfather clock

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Holiday Campervan

LETV478 - Daisylane Holiday Campervan

Award-winning retro van features a surf board, a padded mattress and a removable roof

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Letters in Bag

LEPL143 - Petilou Uppercase Letters & Bag

Play and learn with uppercase wooden letters and a convenient storage bag

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Noah's Great Ark $

LETV259 - Noah's Great Ark

A wooden ark with ten pairs of animals

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Noah's Shape Sorter $

LETV212 - Noah's Shape Sorter

Noah's Ark themed, colourful, animal shape sorting set

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Sweet Dreams Pram

LETV322 - Honeybake Sweet Dreams Pram (Pink)

An adorable award-winning pastel pink Sweet Dreams Pram

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Baytree House Dollshouse

LEH107 - Daisylane Bay Tree House Doll House

An classic and sweet three-storey doll house

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Building Blocks & Bag

LEPL135 - Petilou 60 piece Building Blocks Set & Bag

A set of bright wooden 60 piece building blocks with a cotton bag

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Cafe Machine $

LETV299 - Honeybake Chococcino Machine- REVAMP21

Cappuccino? Latte? Chococcino? Coming right up with this multi-award-winning set

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Cake Stand Set $

LETV283 - Honeybake Cake Stand Set -REVAMP 2021

Serve in style with this elegant three tier cake stand

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Card Machine MOQ2

LETV320 - Honeybake Card Machine

A unique award-winning wooden credit card machine

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Cutlery Diner Set $

LETV309 - Honeybake Cutlery Dinner Set

A stunning 10 piece cutlery set featuring an adorable bunny illustration

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Daisylane Bathroom

LEME060 - Daisylane Bathroom -REVAMPOCT22

A beautiful blue bathroom with shower and bath

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Daisylane Children'sBedroom

LEME061 - Daisylane Child's Bedroom -REVAMPNOV22

Adorable 2 bed children's room with a play tent, computer desk and toys

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Daisylane Sitting Room

LEME058 - Daisylane Sitting Room -REVAMPAUG23

A cottage style sitting room including sofa, chair and fireplace

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Dotty Kettle $

LETV312 - Honeybake Dotty Kettle REVAMP SEPT20

A wooden kettle with brightly painted red and white spots

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Emergency Vehicles Set MOQ2

LETV465 - Emergency Vehicles Set

An adorable three piece emergency vehicles set

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Fruits Five A day Crate

LETV183 - Honeybake Smoothie Fruit in Crate

A selection of vibrantly coloured fruits in a crate

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LEPL095 - Petilou Gears & Cogs Busy Bee Learning Puzzle

A fun and interactive award-winning gears & cogs 'Busy Bee Learning' puzzle

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Honeybee Market $

LETV181 - Honeybake Honeybee Market -REVAMPDEC21

A bright and stunning wooden market stall with 1 fruit crate and shopping bag

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