MAM3390 - Original Lock Activity Box

Wooden activity box for learning and cognitive development

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MyOwnBook My Journal $MOQ6

TCR60143 - My Own Journal Book

An engaging book designed for children to write a journal

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RSL Hidden Pictures Gr1-2$MOQ4

TCR5945 - Hidden Pictures Ready Set Learn Book -Grade 1-2

A 64-page activity book designed to help children pay attention to details

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WriteOnWipeOffBeginMath $MOQ4

TCR3293 - Beginning Math Write-On Wipe-Off Book

An engaging 32-page mathematical skills activity book that can be done over and over again

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TCR3294 - Preschool Activities Write-On Wipe-Off Book

An engaging 32-page pre-school activity book that can be done over and over again

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Making Faces

MH158960 - Making Faces Magnetic Set

A colourful and playful way to talk about emotions

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CollagePaperRound&Round MOQ5

DJ9056 - Round and Round Paper Collage

Adorable animal collage set using differently sized circles

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Ouch Wooden Puzzle $

TL8419 - Ouch Wooden Puzzle

12 piece wooden puzzle to learn about the body

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Lock Activity Box(1)

MAM3516A - Lock Activity Box

Colourful wooden activity box for cognitive development

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Mobile Phone MOQ3

MT7312 - Mobile Phone

Little one's imaginations will soar with this wooden mobile phone toy

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Woodpecker Game

TL8349 - Woodpecker Game

Use the woodpecker hammer to knock the balls through the tree stump

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5168-KatyDkBrownHairDames MOQ2
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KC5213A - Farm Animal Chunky Puzzle

A chunky easy to grab ten piece puzzle with farm animals

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Touch Sensory Tray $MOQ2

TL8406 - Touch Animal Sensory Tray

4 solid wooden animal shapes with tactile patches underneath

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1-10 Car Wooden Puzzle

KC4792Z - 1-10 Car Puzzle -REVAMPNOV22

A fun car and truck wooden puzzle to learn and interact with numbers

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Alphabet Spelling Blocks

MT7115 - Alphabet Spelling Blocks

An educational set with 26 solid wood alphabet blocks

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Ditty Bird - First 100Pla$MOQ2

DB0645 - First 100 Places Board Book

Join Ditty Bird as he explores different places that little ones venture to in their daily lives

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Liquid Motion Bubble: PurpMOQ6

TCR20962 - Pink & Purple Liquid Motion Bubbler

A fun and soothing way to encourage mindfulness

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PopitPushBubble10Frame6pk MOQ6

TCR20110 - 6 Pack of Push and Pop Bubble Ten Frames

A pack of 6 colourful fidget pop its that include 10 bubbles

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PuzzleDuoICount MOQ4

DJ8194 - I Count 20pc Puzzle

A frieze puzzle with 20 pieces to put in the right order and learn about numbers

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Rainbow Fish Wooden Puzzle $

KC5214E - Rainbow Fish Puzzle

A colourful fish and rainbow puzzle

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Sensory Activity Tray

MT7118 - Sensory Activity Tray

A wooden board with seven removable chunky shapes

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KC5213B - Wild Animal Chunky Puzzle

Place the wild animals in the right spot with this bright puzzle

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DJ1652 - 12 piece Magnetic Tropical Fishing

Magnetic fishing game with twelve tropical fish and 2 rods

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DJ9044 - With Coloured Dots Sticker Set

Decorate the playful animals with coloured dot stickers

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Doctor's Set

LETV292 - Honeybake Doctor's Set -REVAMPMAY22

Quick get the doctor with this multi-award-winning plastic free doctor's set

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Hammer Game Mr Mushrooms $

LEPL092 - Petilou Hammer Game Mr Mushrooms

Adorable mushroom and bunny themed hammer game

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220606-Hospital doll

DSL1909 - Hospital Doll (220606)

Oh no! This sweet doll has had an accident and spent the day at the hospital

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Large Sun and Rainbow Puzzle

KC2001B - Large Sun and Rainbow Puzzle

How high can you stack this stunning rainbow and birds puzzle

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Rabbit Lop, Little Pup MOQ4

FM2944 - Little Lop Rabbit Puppet

Little Lop Rabbit puppet has angora-soft fur

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Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Shap

MH201480 - Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Shapes

Interactive Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Shapes with noise makers

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PuzzleDuoBabyAniamls MOQ4

DJ8197 - Duo Baby Animals 24pc Puzzle

Piece together these 12 puzzles to match together the mother to the babies

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PuzzleDuoMom&Baby MOQ4

DJ8157 - Duo Mum & Baby 24pc Puzzle

Educational puzzle game, match mum and baby animals 20 pieces

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PuzzleDuoNumbers MOQ4

DJ8151 - Duo Numbers 20pc Puzzle

Colourful and educational number-matching 20 piece puzzle

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PuzzleDuoShapes-Animals MOQ4

DJ8256 - Duo Shapes & Animals 24pc Puzzle

Piece together these 12 puzzles to match together the animals and shapes

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PuzzleTrioMyDailyLife MOQ4

DJ8253 - My Daily Life Trio 24 pc Puzzle

A matching puzzle where children choose items to match the everyday action

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Whoozit Water Mat

MH202260 - Whoozit Water Mat

A fun interactive mat that features floating foam pieces

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WoodGameTactiloBasic MOQ3

DJ6214 - Tactilo Basic Wooden Game

Spin the wheel and then find the shape in the bag

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Ditty Bird - First 100 aniMOQ2

DB0649 - First 100 Animals Board Book

Join Ditty Bird as he meets 100 different animals living in 12 different habitats

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DJ7882 - 32 cm Baby Girl Prune Pomea Hard Body Doll

Meet Prune, a 32cm hard body anatomically correct baby girl doll with blue eyes

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Fidget Box Fidgety Fidgets

TCR20363 - Fidgety Fidgets Fidget Box

A collection of 14 assorted sensory fidget tools

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MusicXylophone MOQ2

DJ6001 - Animambo Xylophone

An adorable and colourful fish shaped four-key xylophone

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DJ7117 - Tactile Farm 20pc Giant Puzzle

Colourful 12 piece puzzle with textures for each animal

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PuzzlePrimoMosaico MOQ2

DJ8140 - Primo Mosaico Puzzle

Using the pegs children can decorate the 8 colourful animal cards

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DJ6641 - Vehicles Tap Tap

Create fun vehicles by nailing the pieces to the cork board

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ThreadingYarnBugs MOQ2

DJ8982 - Yarn Bugs Threading

Make 4 colourful bugs with this threading activity

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Visual Sensory Tray MOQ2

TL8405 - Visual Sensory Tray

4 solid wooden shapes with a different visual play feature

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DJ1659 - Cabanalock Wooden Puzzle with 4 metallic locks

Get ready for a purr-fectly fun & educational experience with this game

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230100BabyRheyaRubber Doll

DSL1920 - Baby Rheya Rubber Doll

Meet the adorable baby Rheya, a 30 cm all-rubber girl doll

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Chunky Sea Creatures

KC5112C - Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle

Ocean animals in a fun sea creatures puzzle.

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Chunky Vehicles

KC5112D - Vehicles Chunky Puzzle

Fantastic variety of vehicles in a bright puzzle

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GameToddlerLittleMemo MOQ2

DJ8552 - Little Memo Game

A 10-min, 2-4 player toddler memory game to figure out which animal is hiding

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GameTotem zen

DJ8454 - Totem Zen Dexterity & Handling Game

A 15-min, 2-4 player dexterity-building game. Stack the pieces using chopsticks

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Snail Puppet

FM2028 - Snail Puppet

Snail hand puppet may be slow, but at least it is not slimy

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Squirrel, Flying Puppet

FM2580 - Sugar Glider (Flying Squirrel)

Nocturnal Sugar Glider will glide into your heart

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Toadstool Bowling Set $

MH345190 - Toadstool Bowling Set

A lovely fabric bowling set with fabric bag

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123 Carrot Puzzle $

KC2001G - 123 Carrot Puzzle

An adorable carrot puzzle every bunny would love to learn their numbers with

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123 Worm Puzzle

KC2001F - 123 Worm Puzzle

A colourful and fun number puzzle with stackable worms

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Apron Muriel MOQ3

DJ9013 - Muriel Art Apron

An artist machine-washable apron for 3-6 year olds

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Bear In Tree Stump Puppet

FM2904 - Bear In Tree Stump Puppet

This Bear in the Stump puppet loves to play peek-a-boo

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