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MH160240 - Paws & Claws Match Up Game

Brand: ManhattanSKU: MH160240

A wildly adorable animal-themed game for preschoolers. Comes with a high-quality and decorative storage box filled with 20 sizeable thick cards that depict 10 different animal characters - panda, elephant, tiger, crocodile, sloth, lion, zebra, iguana, toucan, and flamingo. 

Breaking out this matching game is an excellent way to foster cognitive, emotional (sense of accomplishment), and social (group dynamics) developmental skills. Mix, match, and memory game all in one! Piece together 10 animals by pairing two cards at a time. Mix and match the cards to make your own animal creations. A crocodile-flamingo . . . why not?! Plus, you can place the cards pattern side up to add a memory game twist.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

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