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DJ5208 - Snakes & Ladders Game

Brand: DjecoSKU: DJ5208

The classic snakes and ladders game with a polar themed twist. The players try to get their penguin to the igloo at the end of the board by rolling a dice and moving that number of squares. But watch out! If you end your turn on a square with a polar bear you have to follow his net all the way back to the square it touches. But its not all bad news: if you end your turn on a square with a ladder you can climb that ladder up to the square it touches. The first player to get their penguin to the Igloo at the end wins.

Players: 2-4 Players.

Time: 10 Minutes.

Aim of the game: Be the first to move your animal to the end of the board. 

Suitable for ages: 5+ years

Product is constructed from: Cardboard / Paper / Wood

Package Dimensions

38cm L16cm H3cm W492g

Product Dimensions

38cm L16cm H3cm W

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