DJ9867 - Dogs to Stroke Pompom Collage

Decorate the playful dogs with the colourful craft balls

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DJ8757 - Pretty Faces Origami

Fold and create fun and happy faces

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DJ8821 - Fairies Stencils

Create pretty fairy themed drawings with the help of these 5 stencils

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DJ9626 - Wonderland Velvet Colouring

Colour the beautiful velvet wonderland

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DJ9005 - 12 Toddler Flower Crayons

12 pretty easy to hold flower crayons in a great holder

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DJ8953 - Adventures At Sea Stickers Set

Create 2 large scenes out in the sea with the provided 50 stickers

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DJ9623 - Forest Velvet Colouring

Colour in the white space to create beautiful nightscapes

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DJ8827 - 10 Magic Felt Tips

A pack of ten magical felt tip markers

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DJ9263 - 30pc Retro Toys Stickers

30 beautiful puffy stickers with a range of retro toys

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DoItYourselfSpace immersion

DJ7922 - Do It Yourself Space Kaleidoscope

Create an intergalactic space-themed kaleidoscope

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DJ9053 - I Love Princesses Create Stickers

Create beautiful princesses with the puffy stickers and felt

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DoItYourselfWoodland beauty

DJ7945 - Do It Yourself Woodland Beauty Fan

Decorate this pretty woodland-themed fan and case

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DJ8860 - Finger Paint Tubes

6 tubes of colourful finger-paint for hands-on painting

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ThreadingMy animals

DJ8978 - My Animals Threading

Create animal characters with this threading activity

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DJ9659 - Snack Time Paint Cards

Paint these 4 beautiful cards with colourful girls with their delicious snacks

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DJ9004 - 8 Little Ones Colour Pencils

8 chunky easy to hold colouring pencils

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DJ9097 - Soft Jungle Mosaic

Stick on the mosaics to create sparkling and colourful animals

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DJ9093 - Country Creatures Scratch Cards

What will the scratch card reveal?

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DJ8816 - Garden Wings Stencils

Create stunning garden themed drawings with the help of these stencils

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DJ9886 - Marie's Pretty Dresses Felt Tips

An adorable magic felt tip activity set featuring gorgeous dress designs

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DJ9001 - 8 Little Ones Felt Tips

8 chunky easy to hold felt tips

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DJ7946 - Do It Yourself Animocolour Puzzles

Colour the 4 different animal puzzles

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DJ7923 - Do It Yourself Spots Windmills

Create 4 vibrant spinning windmills

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DoItYourselfWandLittle fairies

DJ7950 - Do It Yourself Little Fairy Wands

Create 4 beautiful and magical fairy wands

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DJ8664 - Collages For Little Ones Set

Adorable mini collage kit with fun animal pictures to create

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DJ8668 - Family Portraits Collage Set

Create 3 playful animal family portraits with this collage set

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DJ8663 - Dazzling Birds Coloured Sand

Dazzling birds themed coloured sand picture making kit

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DJ8930 - Underwater Mosaic Bead Collage

Create an underwater adventure mosaic picture using beads

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DJ9878 - Squirt & Spread Painting Set

A great introduction to art, sensory play and paint while limiting the mess

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DJ9008 - Art Apron

Beautiful art apron with clouds and colour

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DJ9010 - Box of Colours for Little Ones

An adorable box filled with art supplies for little hands

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DJ8974 - Magic Circles Collage Set

Stick on the colourful circles to complete the picture

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DJ9421 - Ace at the Wheel Mosaic Kit

Decorate quirky vehicle designs with this mosaic set

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DJ9422 - Deep in the Jungle Mosaic Kit

Decorate wild jungle animals with this mosaic set

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DJ9868 - With Small Loops Collage

Loop the provided ribbon to add character and flair to the beautifully illustrated animal pictures

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DJ8992 - Colouring Cuties

Colour these animals and then wipe them off for next time

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DJ9007 - 3 Ingenious Paintbrushes

Set of 3 ingenious paintbrushes that are easy to hold

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DJ9063 - Hidden in the Garden Water Colouring

Colouring with water for an easy, safe, and no mess introduction

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DJ9064 - Hidden in the Woods Water Colouring

Colouring with water for an easy, safe, and no mess introduction

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DJ9065 - Hidden Outside Water Colouring

Colouring with water for an easy, safe, and no mess introduction

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DJ9628 - Under the Sea Colouring Surprise

Exotic ocean themed pictures to colour

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DJ8997 - Create Shapes Animals

Adorable and playful animal shapes to colour

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DJ8995 - Create Shapes Cars

Adorable little car themed shapes to colour

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DJ8996 - Create Shapes Girls

Adorable and pretty shapes to colour

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DJ9051 - I Love Cars Create Stickers

Create fun cars with the puffy stickers and felt

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DJ9046 - Large Animals Stickers

Use the coloured shaped stickers to decorate the animals

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DJ9566 - In Fairyland Decals

Transfer these pictures to create a fairyland

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DoItYourselfAnimal party

DJ7915 - Do It Yourself Animal Party

Create silly and playful animal masks for a photo booth

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DJ7912 - Do It Yourself Damsel Balloons

Decorate 4 balloons into pretty and sassy girls

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DJ7911 - Do It Yourself Pirate Balloons

Decorate 4 balloons into swashbuckling pirate characters

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DJ7952 - Do It Yourself Bloom Baskets

Weave 3 pretty flower themed baskets

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DJ7991 - Do It Yourself Cinderella Puppets

Decorate 4 different Cinderella themed puppets

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DoItYourselfPeter Pan

DJ7990 - Do It Yourself Peter Pan Puppets

Decorate 4 different Peter Pan themed puppets

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DoItYourselfPoetic garden

DJ7970 - Do It Yourself Poetic Garden Books

Embroider your own stunning notebook and exercise book

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DJ7941 - Do It Yourself Dragon Spin Tops

Colour and create 4 fantastic dragon spin tops

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DoItYourselfSuper treasure

DJ7907 - Do It Yourself Super Treasure

Decorate this illustrated box to keep secret treasures safe

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DJ7930 - Do It Yourself Forest Creature Wind Ups

Create 4 adorable wind-up clockwork forest characters

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DJ9000 - 6 Finger Paint's Tubes - Sweet

Six sweetly coloured finger paint tubes

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DJ9876 - Hide and Seek Folding & Stickers Set

Add some special touches to these folding pictures

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DJ9756 - 4 Pots of Bright Modelling Dough

Four tubs of coloured modelling dough

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DJ9027 - 4 Pots Of Modelling Dough - Nature

Four tubs of natured coloured modelling dough

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DJ9026 - 4 Pots Of Modelling Dough - Sweet

Four tubs of sweetly coloured modelling dough

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DJ9894 - Dough Circles Modelling Dough

Decorate the pretty animal pictures with colourful dough

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DJ8897 - Milfiori Mosaics

Stick on the mosaics to create sparkling and colourful animals

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