DJ6625 - Role Play Wallet Set(1)

Adorable child's wallet for role play with toy money & cards

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Jewels pompoms and stars(1)

DJ6653 - Jewels Pompoms And Stars(1)

A sweet and pretty 6 piece jewellery set

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Baby Melody(1)

DJ6050 - Baby Melody Magnetics Music Toy(1)

Round melody box where two beautiful figurines dance

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Muriel masking tape(1)

DJ3634 - Muriel Masking Tape(1)

Muriel gorgeous printed 2.5cm wide paper 10m masking tape

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Bulldozer Stacker(1)

LETV456 - Bulldozer Stacker(1)

Bright yellow wooden bulldozer stacker great for fine motor skills

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DJ8985 - My Beautiful Dresses Stamps(1)

Lovely colouring in kit using rubbing paper

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Find the Ball Soft Book(1)

MH208160 - Find The Ball Soft Book(1)

Adorable fabric book for babies to find the ball

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Gosling Finger-Puppet(3)

FM2751 - Mini Gosling Finger Puppet (3)

This mini Gosling finger puppet will waddle into your heart

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DJ4277 - Donjons Wall Paper(1)

Wallpaper with geometric patterns and castle

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DJ3430 - Mini Ocean Night Light (1)

Calming soft ocean blue night light with timer

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DJ9562 - Sea Mountains Countryside Decals(1)

A holiday themed decal kit, featuring 90 rub-on transfers

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Peacocks (FSC)(1)

DJ4342 - Peacocks Mobile(1)

Peacock-themed hanging mobile with intricate patterns

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Glitter birds(1)

DJ4958 - Glitter Birds Mobile Lightweights (1)

Eclectic and patterned Glitter Birds paper hanging mobile

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DJ9773 - Birthday Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of approximately 25 birthday themed stickers

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Finger Mini Goldfinch(3)

FM2762 - Mini Goldfinch Pack Finger Puppet (3)

Fine Feathered Goldfinch finger puppet, perfect friend

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DJ4662 - Maltese Fabric Light Shade(1)

Light shade with striking Maltese cross design

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P55061 - Ceratosaurus(1)

The Ceratosaurus is out looking for it's next prey

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4 compartments serving tra(1)

JNL935G - Bear 4-compartment serving tray (1)

Adorable Fairytale Bear 4-compartment serving tray

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MIO Animal Set (dog/cat)#(1)

MH213840 - Mio Dog & Cat Animal Set (1)

Watch this sweet bean bag dog and cat play together

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Little Hare(1)

FM2931 - Little Hare Puppet(1)

Share adventures with this storybook Hare puppet

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Lila Lamb Musical Toy Pink

BN94003P - Lila Lamb Musical Toy Pink (1)

Soothing Lila the lamb organic musical toy

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Electronic Piano 18 keys(1)

DJ6006 - Animambo Electronic 18Key Piano(1)

Mini 18 key electronic piano that is perfect for table tops

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Ludi & co(1)

DJ1806 - Ludi & Co Puzzle(1)

Wooden puzzle featuring circle shaped animal pieces

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DJ8321 - Arthur & Co Eduludo(1)

Easy-to-learn drawing instruction cards, whiteboard & pen

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Animal Sloth, Baby(1)

FM2927 - Baby Sloth Puppet(1)

What's your hurry? Baby Sloth puppet loves to take it easy

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Weapon master bull(1)

P39917 - Knight Bull Black And Gold(1)

Bull knight figurine in black- Purple Dot

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Trendy riding girl pink(1)

P52006 - Trendy Riding Girl(1)

Papo trendy riding girl figurine- Green Dot

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Baby Doll Blue(1)

BN62022 - Baby Doll in Blue(1)

A traditional baby doll has cuddly soft blue pyjamas and bonnet

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Ze Geoanimo(1)

DJ6432 - Ze Geoanimo Shapes Activity(1)

Create the sweet animals on the cards with these bright wooden shapes

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Loggerhead turtle(1)

P56005 - Sea Turtle(1)

Sea turtle figurine- Red Dot

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White tiger cub(1)

P50048 - White Tiger Cub(1)

Baby white tiger cub figurine- Blue Dot

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Elephant rattle & teether (

BN96001 - Elephant Rubber Teether & Rattle (1)

Sweet eco-friendly chewable all rubber Elephant teether

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JAJ904G - Double-Handled Jungle Cup(1)

A wild jungle themed double-handed cup for secure drinking

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DJ5103 - Familou Card Game(1)

A 15-min, 2-4 player cooperative game to reunite the family

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Elodie pencil case(1)

DJ3511 - Elodie Pencil Case(1)

A beautiful cotton pencil case featuring Elodie and vibrant birds

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Mini Games Display(1)

DJ5982 - Djeco Mini Games Stand(1)

Free when purchasing DJMini Games - holds approx 45 games

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DJ7818 - Doll House Dogs(1)

Trio of dogs figurines to suit Djeco doll houses

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Casachou   1 Artychou(1)

DJ9131 - Casachou Hut and Figurine(1)

Adorable little acorn hut with cute Artychou figurine

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P39761 - King Richard with Lance (Black And Gold)(1)

King Richard the Lionheart figurine with lance in - Green Dot

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Small backpack(1)

JAL642G - Forest Small Backpack(1)

Very sweet small forest theme backpack for the traveller

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Blue oviraptor(1)

P55059 - Blue Oviraptor(1)

This Oviraptor just stole an egg for it's meal

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White mouse(1)

P50222 - White Mouse(1)

An adorable white Mouse out looking for some food

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White Baby Grand Piano(1)

SH3005W - White Baby Grand Piano(1)

An elegant and adorable first baby grand piano in white

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Little Rabbit, Lop(1)

FM2944 - Little Lop Rabbit Puppet(1)

Little Lop Rabbit puppet has angora-soft fur

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DJ9627 - Colorado Velvet Colouring (1)

A fun velvet colouring sheet that features a Colorado landscape

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Char Tree, Enchanted(1)

FM2950 - Enchanted Tree Puppet(1)

Captivating, is understating the charm of the Enchanted Tree

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Stilts(1 set)(1)

MAM3051H - Wooden Stilts(1)

Fun wooden stilts for the clown of the family

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Flowers maidens(1)

DJ8783 - Flower Maidens Stamps(1)

Use fun stamps to add detail to these beautiful characters

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Access Happy Family(1)

LEP055 - Happy Family(1)

A family of four wooden characters dressed for a party

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Reared up cob(1)

P51549 - Reared Up Cob(1)

This small stout horse reared up in fear

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JAF617BJ - PVC Coated Cotton Bib Farmyard(1)

Adorable farm themed bib with PVC coating and small pouch

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African elephant(1)

P50192 - African Elephant(1)

This large magestic elephant is exploring its surroundings

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DJ4384 - Flemenco Wall Mobile(1)

A spanish Flamenco dance themed wall-mounted hanging mobile

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Crazy Curve Carpark(1)

MAM3106 - Crazy Curve Carpark(1)

A fun wooden carpark tower with crazy curves

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DJ3433 - Mini Owl Night Light(1)

Purple and pink pattern paper Owl night light with timer

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JAL912E - Forest Mug(1)

Forest themed mug with mushrooms

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So pop (1)

DJ8666 - So Pop Collages(1)

Pretty animal and insect collage kit

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Bowl Robin redbreast(1)

JNL948G - Animal World Bowl Robin Redbreast (1)

A lovely animal themed Bowl featuring a sweet robin

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