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Knight in tournament(1)

P39800 - Knight in tournament

Knight in tournament with sword and shield.

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Praying Mantis Finger(6)

FM2610 - Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet (6)

tiny green miniature praying mantis finger puppet

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DJ9560 - Savanah Desert North Pole Decals

A world adventure themed decal kit, with 90 transfers

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Bea Ballerina

LEBK708 - Budkin Bea Ballerina(1)

Bea Ballerina ready to perform

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Lion Stage Puppet

FM2562 - Lion Stage Puppet

This royal Lion is the king of the stage puppets

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DJ9623 - Forest Velvet Colouring

Colour in the white space to create beautiful nightscapes

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LEME082 - Play Time Doll's House Accessory Pack(1)

Adorable handmade wooden five piece play time set

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Dragon Wyvern

FM2812 - Wyvern Dragon Puppet

The Wyvern Dragon puppet is a scaly green iconic beast

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Alezan Hanovrian horse(1)

P51556 - Alezan Hanovrian horse

Alezan Hanoverian horse ready for show.

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Truck Stacker

LETV457 - Truck Stacker(1)

Wooden blue truck stacker great for fine motor skills

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Dragon, Winged

FM3051 - Winged Dragon Hand Puppet

Fierce and bold, Winged Dragon puppet is a handful of fun

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DJ3270 - Rabbit Wooden Coat Hook

A decorative rabbit-shaped wooden coat hook

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zzzPetilou Speedy'Catpillar(1)

LEPL034 - Petilou Speedy Caterpillar Wheels(1)

Solid wood Speedy Caterpillar on wheels racer

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JAJ616J - Jungle Purse(1)

A stylish jungle themed purse to keep pocket money safe

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P55035 - Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus dinosaur figurine

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DJ9203 - Tiger Body Art

Face painting set with tiger designs

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DJ8759 - Family

Animal families origami kit with colourful illustrated paper

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Black and white calf(1)

P51149 - Piebald Calf

Piebald Calf figurine- Red Dot

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MH214650 - Farmer's Market Chicken Pull Toy

A gorgeous and fun Farmer's Market Chicken Pull Toy

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DJ7269 - The Fire Truck 16pc Silhouette Puzzle

An awesome fire truck 16 piece puzzle in silhouette box

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P50186 - Impala

An African Antelope keeping an eye out for predators

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P33021 - Wild 'B' 6pc Mini-Tub

6 alternative wild animal figurines for bathtub pl

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P35000 - Leo


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P55030 - Brachiosaurus

Quadrupedal animal with a small skull and long nec

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DJ1691 - So Chic Lacing Craft

Lace the 12 piece felt clothes onto the adorable wooden girl

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DJ9645 - Butterfly Ball Colouring Surprises

Butterfly Ball themed large page colouring in kit

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DJ8363 - Kioukoi Animals Eduludo(1)

photo-realistic animal naming educational game

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Rainbow dragon standing(1)

P38999 - Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow dragon figurine

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DJ9492 - Western Magic Plastic(1)

Western themed shrinking plastic craft kit

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123 Frogy(1)

DJ1047 - Wooden 3D Puzzle 123 Froggy(1)

A brightly coloured 3D wooden animal puzzle with stacking pieces

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#Napoleon I(1)

P39727 - Napoleon I

Napoleon ready to lead- Green Dot

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Cerberus (1)

P38912 - Cerberus

Cerebus figurine- Green Dot

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DJ9826 - My Sewing Box Needlework

A gorgeous sewing box set filled with everything you need to get started

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DJ8763 - Papers Origami

100 beautifully illustrated paper sheets for origami

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Gold dragon with flame(1)

P39095 - Gold Dragon With Flame

Gold dragon with fire-breathing powers- Green Dot

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Fire Horseman(1)

P38995 - Fire Horseman(1)

Fiery ghost knight figurine- Red Dot

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Orangutan, Baby

FM3106 - Baby Orangutan Puppet

A cheeky and playful baby orangutan that will steal your heart

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DJ6169 - Vehicles Wooden Beads

Gorgeously painted land, sea and space vehicles on a string

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DSL3122 - Fox Toy(1)

Cuddly fox toy with all natural rubber head

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P33017 - Pirates 12pc Mini-Tub

12 pirate themed figurines for bathtub play

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Frog, Finger(3)

FM2761 - Mini Frog Pack Finger Puppet (3)

Jump for joy with this cute Green Tree Frog finger puppet

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DJ3611 - Elodie Secrets Notebook

Elodie secrets 92 lined page notebook with lock and key

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DJ6281 - Mila Cat Pull-Along

Mila is an adorable pull-along cat toy with big eyes

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DJ9020 - Everything You Need To Start Modelling Dough Set

A 21 piece modelling dough set to inspire creative creations and characters

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DJ9665 - Miss Bliss Arty Paper

Fold this interesting character & decorate with craft balls

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DJ9759 - 12 Neon Colour Cakes

Beautiful french gouache paints with 12 different neon colours

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DJ5208 - Snakes & Ladders Game

A 10-min, 2-4 player skill game to move the polar-ice animal to the end of the board

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Pink fairy(1)

P39009 - Pink Fairy(1)

The pink fairy watches over the kingdom of the elv- Red Dot

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20 Assorted Pirates (1)

P0PIRATES - 20 Assorted Pirates (1)

An assorted pack of 20 Papo Pirate figurines

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Anti-sand bag(1)

JAJ569J - Jungle Anti-Sand Beach Bag(1)

Jungle themed beach bag with netting bottom for clean beach fun

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Elf child(1)

P38812 - Child Elf

Child elf figurine- Purple Dot

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#Grizzly bear(1)

P50153 - #Grizzly Bear

Standing upright on its two back legs, the grizzly- Purple Dot

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DJ4955 - Perched Cats Mobile Lightweights

Children's mobile with hanging 3D full-colour paper cats

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DJ7833 - Compact Kitchen

Contemporay kitchen to suit Djeco doll houses

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Montbeliarde cow(1)

P51165 - Montbeliarde Cow

This cow is best in show

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Cutlery set(1)

JAF903F - Jungle-Farm Cutlery Set(1)

A three piece bright cutlery set with spoon, fork and knife

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Moorish idol(1)

P56026 - Moorish Idol

This sweet fish is yellow, black and white

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10 Assorted Pencil Cases

DJSCASE - 10 Assorted Pencil Cases(1)

An assortment of 10 charming cotton pencil cases

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DJ9494 - Fawn & Bird Magic Plastic

Fawn and bird themed shrinking plastic necklace craft kit

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Biscuit & Plate Set

LETV298 - Honeybake Biscuit & Plate Set(1)

An assortment of home-baked painted wooden biscuits

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DJ8352 - Abacus Numbers Eduludo(1)

A hands on way to learn colours, shapes and numbers.

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DJ9882 - Magic Felts Elliot N Zoe

Create magical clothes with this felt tip pens set

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DJ9217 - Dragon

Face sticker set with dragon design

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