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DJ8368 - Eduludo Primo Ludo Shapes Game

Brand: DjecoSKU: DJ8368

A fun and simple game to learn about shapes. It's not easy to tell all those cats apart... Only the shape of their t-shirt stands out.

To win the card, the child has to reproduce the cat using the t-shirt with the right shape. There are 2 game modes: one “learning” mode to discover the shapes alone, or with the help of an adult, and a second “speed game” for 2 players. Contents: 2 cats and 2 sets of 10 t-shirts with shaped holes in laminated cardboard, 20 dressed cat cards. 

Each Eduludo set is highly educational and corresponds to a specific learning process in order to assist in a child's development. 

Suitable for ages: 2.5+ years

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