MoneyBoxBallerina MOQ2

DJ3332 - Ballerina Money Box

Discover this superb money box that doubles as a treasure chest. A lovely decorative item with pastoral ballerina illustrations: a perfect addition to your child's bedroom. Safely locked, the money box comes with 2 keys so you can get at all the money you

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DJ6089 - Spring melody Music Box

Mélodie du printemps is a pretty, heart-shaped music box for keeping jewellery and secret things in. Turn the handle and open the box for a surprise! A delicately carved dancer turns, reflected in a shaped mirror, to Carl Maria Von Weber's "Invitation to

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Forest Koala Chair

TL8823 - Forest Koala Chair

A sweet koala character chair

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Forest Racoon Chair $

TL8824 - Forest Raccoon Chair

A very sweet raccoon themed plywood chair

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Rosewood Cottage

TL8381 - Merrywood Rosewood Cottage

A small stunning woodland cottage with accessories and a family of 4

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DJ6087 - Secret Garden Music Box

A stunning secret garden themed jewellery box with multiple storage compartments

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Forest Deer Chair

TL8814 - Forest Deer Chair

A sweet deer themed wooden chair

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Forest Fox Chair

TL8813 - Forest Fox Chair

A sweet fox themed wooden chair

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Foxtail House Updated

TL8128 - Redesigned Foxtail Villa

A redesigned version of the Foxtail townhouse with matching starter furniture set

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General Store Cash Register

TL8260 - General Store Till

A colourful wooden cash till with a scanner

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Rainbow Tunnel $

TL8339 - Rainbow Tunnel

A bright beautiful rainbow puzzle

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Sky Dollhouse $

LEH127 - Daisylane Sky Doll House

A stunning and fresh 2 storey doll's house with shutters, windows, roof and door

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Weather Station $

TL8421 - Wooden Weather Station

Learn about the weather with this award-winning wooden weather station

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Forest Wooden Table and 2 Chai

TL8801 - Forest Wooden Table and 2 Chairs

Adorable plywood table with a hidden compartment and 2 animal-themed chairs

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ClockFishes $MOQ8

DJ0401 - Fishes Alarm Clock

A lovely illustrated alarm clock featuring a girl by a koi pond

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DJ7996 - Do It Yourself Paradise Bird Suncatcher

A comprehensive creative kit to make a poetic suncatcher

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Humming Bird House

TL8127 - Humming Bird Doll House

Welcome to Humming Bird House, a colonial-style doll home

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IceCreamScoops&Smiles $

TL8243 - Ice Cream Scoops & Smiles

A gorgeous retro-style wooden ice cream set to celebrate the summertime

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MoneyBoxBirds MOQ2

DJ3330 - Birds Money Box

Learn to save money with this stylish addition to any bedroom

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MoneyBoxPirates MOQ2

DJ3331 - Pirates Money Box

Arrgh hideaway your treasures in this stylish money box

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DJ6064 - Ballerina Melody Magnetic Music Toy

Round melody box where two beautiful ballerina and swan figurines dance

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Palace House Dollshouse

LEH152 - Daisylane Palace House

A stunning award-winning doll's house with 5 floors & grand double doors

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SafariSetShelf-1PCEachAnimal $

TL8475 - 1 Piece Safari Animal Display Shelf Set

An eye-catching wooden stand with 8 safari animals

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Sophie's House Dollshouse

LEH104 - Daisylane Sophie's House Doll House -REVAMP21

Three-storey doll house with a glittery roof and a fresh gorgeous design

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Sweet Swan Pram

TL8105 - Sweet Swan Pram

A graceful and pretty wooden pram with a swan themed design

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Cherry Tree Hall Dollshouse

LEH150 - Daisylane Cherry Tree Hall Doll House -REVAMP21

A grand multi-award-winning best selling 4 storey doll's house

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TL8125 - Dovetail Doll House

A large, spacious and ultra-stylish home with 6 rooms

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Forest Book Case

TL8822 - Forest Bookcase

A sturdy, practical and stylish bookcase and storage unit

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Happy Folk Hotel

TL8370 - Happy Folk Hotel

Welcome to the Happy Folk Hotel with 9 little people

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Lucky Rocking Horse

TL8592 - Lucky Rocking Horse

A premium rocking horse inspired by the classics

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Musical Table

TL8655 - Forest Musical Table

An interactive forest themed musical table with drums

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DJ6090 - Ice Skater Music Box

Patineuse is a pretty, heart-shaped music box for keeping jewellery and secret things in. Turn the handle and open the box for a surprise! A delicately carved ice skater turns, reflected in a shaped mirror, to Leo Friedman's "Let Me Call You Sweetheart."

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Roseheart House

LEH124 - Daisylane Rose Heart Doll House

Step right into the fairy tale world with this enchanting and fresh dolls house

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Spa Retreat

TL8115 - Spa Retreat Set

Get ready for some relaxation at the Tender Leaf Spa Retreat with this lovely wooden set

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Stand Alone Fridge

LETV348 - Honeybake Fridge Freezer

A stunning retro-style freestanding fridge/freezer with accessories

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DJ6975 - Elfe's Song Tinyly Music Box

A stunning cloud shape music box featuring Tinyly's Elfe

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Bunny Storage Unit $

TL8820 - Bunny Storage Unit

The perfect toy storage unit with 4 wicker baskets

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CoastalSetShelf-1pcEach Animal

TL8479 - 1 Piece Coastal Animals Display Shelf Set

An eye-catching wooden stand with 10 coastal animals

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DoItYourselfCuckoo MOQ2

DJ7979 - Do It Yourself Cuckoo Clock

2-in-1 activity combining decals and assembly of a beautiful clock

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DoItYourselfIntheSea MOQ2

DJ7983 - Do It Yourself In the Sea Bowls

A comprehensive creative kit to create two unique and stunning paper bowls

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DoItYourselfIntheStars MOQ2

DJ7916 - Do It Yourself In the Stars Sign

A creative kit with a wipe-clean board in a charming space theme

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DoItYourselfIntheWoods MOQ2

DJ7917 - Do It Yourself In the Wood Sign

A creative kit with a wipe-clean board in a charming forest theme

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DoItYourselfSpringMobile MOQ2

DJ7992 - Do It Yourself Springtime Mobile (Paint & Assemble)

A paint set to create a colourful and pretty flower-themed mobile

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DJ7861 - Doll's Clothing Rack with Hangers

A doll's clothing rack with 3 wooden hangers

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Fantail Hall

TL8126 - Fantail Hall Doll House

A grand and stunning doll home featuring an Edwardian style

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Forest Dressing Table

TL8821 - Forest Dressing Table

A stunning dressing table with 5 drawers and a stool

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Forest Steps

TL8808 - Forest Steps -REVAMP 2021

A lovely white wooden set of stairs with storage compartment

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Forest Table Only

TL8810 - Forest Table Only

An adorable plywood table with a hidden compartment

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Garden Wheelbarrow Set

TL8357 - Garden Wheelbarrow Set

A push along wooden wheelbarrow filled with wooden garden accessories and plants

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DJ3407 - Aeroplane Night Light

A soothing glitter aeroplane snow globe night light

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DJ3400 - Ballerina Night Light

Ballerina night light with snow globe and glitter

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DJ3408 - Unicorn Globe Night Light

Pretty pastel unicorn night light with glitter and timer

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GreenWaterView Set MOQ2

TL8754 - Green Hills View Set

A beautiful open-end toy with green hills, a fox and a sheep

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GrowthChartSpace $MOQ6

DJ4051 - Space Growth Chart

Make memories with this space-themed wall chart with lots of reusable stickers

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Hair Salon Set

TL8112 - Hair Salon Set

Welcome to the Tender Leaf Hair Salon filled wooden styling accessories

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Honeybee Market $

LETV181 - Honeybake Honeybee Market -REVAMPDEC21

A bright and stunning wooden market stall with 1 fruit crate and shopping bag

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Ice Cream Cart

TL8236 - Push Along Ice Cream Cart

Multi-award-winning push along ice cream cart with magnetic ice creams

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La Fiamma Grand Kitchen

TL8207 - La Fiamma Grand Kitchen

A magnificent two-part kitchen packed with accessories

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Large Home Kitchen

TL8206 - Mini Chef Kitchen Range

A gorgeous gender neutral kitchen with playful accessories

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Large Kitchen

LETV347 - Honeybake Large Kitchen

Showstopping kitchen with pretty printed tiles and rattan detailing

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