FM2793 - Pack of 3 Mini Horse Finger Puppets

Giddy up partner. Bring storytime to life with this wild horse

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Woolly Sheep Puppet

FM3166 - Woolly Sheep Puppet

A lovely woolly sheep with beautiful eyelashes

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MiniBeeFingerPuppet (3)

FM2790 - Pack of 3 Mini Bee Finger Puppets

A pack of 3 realistic unBEElievable bee finger puppets

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FM2792 - Pack of 3 Mini Dog Finger Puppets

A sweet puppy dog to fit in your hand

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Leopard Cub

FM3176 - Leopard Cub Puppet

A beautiful leopardĀ puppet with luxurious spotted fur

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FM2791 - Pack of 3 Mini Tabby Cat Finger Puppets

An adorable tabby cat to fit in your hand

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Baby Hippo Puppet

FM3165 - Baby Hippo Puppet

A baby hippo puppet that stands out with a big beautiful face

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Bird Funny

FM3172 - Funny Bird Puppet

A funny and colourful goofy bird to bring life into storytime

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Dragon, Beaked

FM3174 - Beaked Dragon Puppet

A bewitching dragon puppet has expressive eyes with long lashes

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Coyote Small

FM3173 - Small Coyote Puppet

A small grey coyote puppet with a movable mouth and forelegs

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Dragon, Pearl Wristlet

FM3175 - Pearl Wrist Dragon Puppet

A bright and shiny dragon puppet that wraps around your wrist

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FM3177 - Manatee Puppet

Fall in love with the big beautiful face of this manatee

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