78153 AlvinFlatToyNewCard

DSL2426 - Alvin Flat Toy in Shorts- Backer Card

Chewable eco-friendly Alvin the elephant with plush pants

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DSL2400 - Meiya Rattle with Pink Top- Backer Card

Sweet easy to hold Meiya rattle with chewable rubber head

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77153 MeiyaFlatToyNewCard

DSL2425 - Meiya Flat Toy with Plush Dress- Backer Card

Gorgeous eco-friendly rubber headed mouse in a soft coral dress with rattle

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DSL2552 - Mini Alvin Deluxe Toy With Book- Deluxe Window Box

A gorgeous baby gift set featuring a small elephant toy and board book

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DSL2604 - Havah all Rubber Rattle- Window Box

An all rubber bunny companion named Havah to help entertain and soothe a teething baby

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