P39159 - Bella Figurine- Green Dot

A stunning princess dressed in yellow and ready for a dance

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P50245 - Hedgehog Figurine- Red Dot

An adorable little hedgehog with a sweet face

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#MarineLeopard seal

P56042 - Leopard Seal Figurine

A leopard seal with it's mouth open

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P39161 - Clown Figurine- Green Dot

A silly and jolly clown waiting for a laugh

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EnchantThe beast

P39152 - The Beast Figurine- Green Dot

The beast is dressed ready for the ball

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FarmGallic rooster

P51046 - Gallic Rooster Figurine- Blue Dot

Gallic Rooster is one of the national symbols of France

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MarineBlue whale calf

P56041 - Blue Whale Calf Figurine- Green Dot

A beautiful blue whale calf

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WildCommon kingfisher

P50246 - Common Kingfisher Figurine- Red Dot

This colourful kingfisher has just caught his meal

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P50248 - Dove Figurine- Blue Dot

A white dove with olive branch which means peace

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P39950 - King Arthur Figurine- Purple Dot

King Arthur with sword drawn ready for battle (horse sold separately)

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P55078 - Allosaurus

This dinosaur was a large carnivorous predator that preyed on herbivores

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