Jungle car and driver(1)

P39238 - Jungle Car And Driver

A cool jungle print car with a driver

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Hippopotamus calf(1)

P50052 - Hippopotamus Calf

Baby hippopotamus calf figurine- Red Dot

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Squirrel, Grey

FM2553 - Grey Squirrel Puppet

Squirrel hand puppet is cute, nutty and fun

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Alpaca Stage Puppet

FM2885 - Alpaca Stage Puppet

Adorable fluffy and fun Alpaca stage puppet

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Horned frog(1)

P50220 - Horned Frog

The interesting and colourful Horned Frog

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DJ6599 - Princess'

A pretty Princess Music Box

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Arctic hare(1)

P50226 - Arctic Hare

An alert Arctic Hare braving the winter weather

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Blacktip reef shark(1)

P56034 - Blacktip reef shark

Blacktip Reef Shark lives in shallow reef areas.

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#Dragon man horse(1)

P38990 - Dragon Man Horse

Dragon warrior's horse figurine- Purple Dot

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Great kudu(1)

P50104 - Great Kudu Antelope

Great antelope figurine- Purple Dot

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P55006 - #Pteranodon

Flying reptiles, with wingspans over 6 metres

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LifeCycle, Monarch

FM3073 - Monarch Life Cycle Puppet

This Butterfly will teach you all about life cycles

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Rabbit Sniffing

FM3074 - Sniffing Rabbit Puppet

Sniff out this sweet new friend, a cream and tan Rabbit

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Weapon master bull(1)

P39917 - Knight Bull Black And Gold

Bull knight figurine in black- Purple Dot

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FM3075 - Raccoon Puppet

Opportunistic and curious Raccon puppet

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P39790 - White Knight Fleur De Lys

This royal knight is dressed for a formal joust

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Bat, Finger (6)

FM2612 - Mini Bat Finger Puppet (6)

Mini Bat puppet is ready to take to the sky

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P50209 - Scorpion

A wild scopion on alert to protect itself

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White Prince Philip(1)

P39791 - White Prince Philip

Prince Philip is dressed in white and ready to battle

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P39792 - White Prince Philip Horse

Prince Philip's Horse shows he is ready for battle

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Corsair with axe(1)

P39470 - Corsair with Axe

Pirate figurine with axe in blue- Green Dot

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FM2192 - Hedgehog Puppet

Hedgehog puppet is fun with its spiky-looking, yet soft fur

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Red dragon king(1)

P39386 - Dragon King Red

The dragon king figurine in red- Green Dot

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White King Richard horse(1)

P39784 - White King Richard Horse

Kind Richard's horse figurine in white- Green Dot

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Trendy horse(1)

P51546 - Trendy Rider's Horse

Beautiful white horse with plaited brown hair and - Purple Dot

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Young unicorn(1)

P39078 - Young Unicorn

Young unicorn figurine- Green Dot

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#Black leopard(1)

P50026 - Black Panther

Black panther figurine- Green Dot

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Basset hound(1)

P54012 - Basset Hound Dog

It has a long body, short legs and long, flappy ye- Red Dot

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Blue King Richard(1)

P39329 - King Richard Blue

King Richard the Lionheart figurine in blue- Red Dot

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Dinos Green Velociraptor(1)

P55058 - Green Velociraptor(1)

This Green Velociraptor has a moving jaw

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P50051 - Hippopotamus Adult

Hippopotamus figurine

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Macaw, Scarlet Finger(3)

FM2723 - Mini Scarlet Macaw Finger Puppet (3)

Bold colourful Scarlet Macaw finger puppet

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Large tigress(1)

P50178 - Large Tigress

Large gorgeous and protective tigress

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Turtle, Little

FM2968 - Little Turtle Puppet

Little Turtle puppet is a sure bet to win any race

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Owl, Little

FM3087 - Little Owl Puppet

The little Owl puppet wonders, "Whoo's ready to play?"

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FM2979 - Camel Puppet

The Camel hand puppet is straight from the deserts of Arabia

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Chinchilla, Finger(3)

FM2759 - Mini Chinchilla Finger Puppet (3)

Adorable Chinchilla finger puppet

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FM2893 - Rattlesnake Puppet

Snake, rattle and roll! It's Rattlesnake Puppet

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Rabbit, Cottontail

FM2891 - Cottontail Rabbit Puppet

Rabbit Cottontail puppet is hopping down the trail

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Running T-Rex(1)

P55057 - Running T-Rex

Watch out this R-Rex is on the run

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P50215 - Elephant

Majestic Elephant out for a stroll

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Cat, Black

FM2987 - Black Cat Puppet

The Black Cat puppet is sleek, cuddly and not superstitious

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Large white tigress(1)

P50212 - Large White Tigress

A gorgeous and protective white tigress

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Macaw, Blue

FM3060 - Blue Macaw Puppet

This vibrant blue Macaw puppet is a beauty of the tropics

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#Grizzly bear(1)

P50153 - #Grizzly Bear

Standing upright on its two back legs, the grizzly- Purple Dot

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P39804 - #Caesar

A skilful strategist and commander, General Julius- Green Dot

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DJ6585 - Cerisette fan

A pretty illustrative fan featuring a sweet girl and decorative box

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Fox, Finger (4)

FM2644 - Mini Fox Finger Puppet (4)

A sly and cheeky miniature fox puppet for your fingers

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Baby pachycephalosaurus(1)

P55005 - Baby Pachycephalosaurus

Baby pachycephalosaurus dinosaur figurine

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Fox, Red Small(1)

FM2576 - Small Red Fox Puppet

Small Red Fox puppet is a sly and fun little trickster

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20 Assorted Wild Animals(1)

P0WILD - 20 Assorted Wild Animals(1)

An assorted pack of 20 Papo Wild Animal figurines

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P55011 - Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus dinosaur figurine

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#Elves children and pony(1)

P39011 - Elves Children And Pony

Elf children riding a hand pony figurine

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P50201 - Falconer

This man flies his falcon out in the wild

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P50040 - Lion

Lion figurine- Green Dot

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Reared up cob(1)

P51549 - Reared Up Cob

This small stout horse reared up in fear

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Prehistoric man(1)

P39910 - Prehistoric man

Prehistoric Man with club and spear.

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Fairy pegasus(1)

P38821 - Fairy Pegasus

Lovely winged horse figurine

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Monkey, Finger(3)

FM2738 - Mini Monkey Puppets Finger Puppet(3)

Go Bananas for this sweet mini Monkey finger puppet

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Princess Amelie(1)

P39061 - Dancing Princess

Dancing princess figurine- Red Dot

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Black and white cat(1)

P54041 - Black And White Cat

This black and white Cat hears something in the distance

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#Ruby dragon(1)

P36002 - Ruby Dragon

Ruby Dragon figurine

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White knight with sword(1)

P39946 - White knight with sword

White knight with sword and shield.

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FM3034 - Groundhog Hand Puppet

Groundhog puppet likes to pop its head up for sunshine

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