Dog, Poodle

FM3095 - Black Poodle Puppet

A well groomed and beautiful black poodle puppet with movable mouth

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Octopus, Red Finger(3)

FM2767 - Mini Red Octopus Finger Puppet (3)

Mini Red Octopus (3 Pack)(1)

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Blue oviraptor(1)

P55059 - Blue Oviraptor

This Oviraptor just stole an egg for it's meal

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Enchant Pinkie(1)

P39099 - Pinkie(1)

Pinkie is a baby dragon with pink wings and body- Green Dot

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DJ6678 - Embroidered bird bag and purse

Beautiful matching embroidered bird purse and cloth bag

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P50241 - Lynx

Lynx with his tufted ears.

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Charolais calf(1)

P51157 - Charolais Calf

A white Charolais calf taking his first baby steps- Red Dot

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FM2953 - Alpaca Puppet

An Alpaca hand puppet with long, soft fleece and big smile.

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#Walrus mutant pirate(1)

P39462 - #Walrus Mutant Pirate

Wulrus-head mutant pirate figurine- Green Dot

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P56023 - #Clownfish

A bright fish that lives amongst the sea anemones - Green Dot

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20 Assorted Wild Animals(1)

P0WILD - 20 Assorted Wild Animals(1)

An assorted pack of 20 Papo Wild Animal figurines

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Fawn, Finger(3)

FM2760 - Mini Fawn Pack Finger Puppet (3)

Sweet mini Baby Deer finger puppet

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P56030 - Walrus

This Walrus stands out because of it's large tucks

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LifeCycle, Monarch

FM3073 - Monarch Life Cycle Puppet

This Butterfly will teach you all about life cycles

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P50216 - Toucan

A fantastic Toucan looking for food

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Frog, Jumping

FM3082 - Jumping Frog Puppet

Croak! Went the little green frog

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Greater flamingo(1)

P50187 - Greater Flamingo

A beautiful pink Flamingo

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P53020 - Fox

A sneaky little fox looking to hunt down his prey- Red Dot

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P50177 - #Chameleon

A camouflaged Chameleon figurine- Purple Dot

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Dromedary calf(1)

P50166 - Dromedary Calf

A dromedary camel calf figurine- Red Dot

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P38977 - Chimera

Chimera figurine

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Horse BlackAnglo-ArabF#Red(1)

P51530 - Black Anglo Arab Foal(1)

Papo black anglo Arab foal- Red Dot

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FM2021 - Large Turtle Puppet

A gorgeous green turtle with a soft shell and movable feet

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Black horseman with axe(1)

P39775 - Black Horseman With Axe

Black horseman figurine with axe- Purple Dot

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P55070 - Amargasaurus

Amargasaurus has distinctive spines along it's neck.

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Dog, CavalierKingCharlesSpani

FM3096 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppet

A sweet and cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppet

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Running T-Rex(1)

P55057 - Running T-Rex

Watch out this R-Rex is on the run

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Silver unicorn(1)

P39038 - Silver Unicorn

Silver unicorn figurine- Green Dot

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Bear, Brown Cub

FM3065 - Brown Bear Cub Puppet

Beary sweet Brown Bear Cub puppet

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Blue knight fleur de lys(1)

P39788 - Blue Knight Fleur De Lys

This royal blue knight is dressed for a formal joust

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#Pirate with sabres(1)

P39454 - #Corsair With Sabres

Equipped with two terrifying weapons, the pirate w- Green Dot

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Black and white calf(1)

P51149 - Piebald Calf

Piebald Calf figurine- Red Dot

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Mountain gorilla(1)

P50243 - Mountain gorilla

The mighty muscled mountain Gorilla

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P38822 - Elf Ballerina With Unicorn

Elf ballerina figurine with her unicorn

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Kangaroo with joey(1)

P50188 - Kangaroo With Joey

A glowing mother Kangaroo with her sweet Joey

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African penguin(1)

P56017 - African Penguin

A fancy looking penguin out for a stroll

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Weapon master eagle(1)

P39936 - Knight Eagle

Eagle knight figurine- Purple Dot

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Roman centurion(1)

P39801 - #Centurion

The centurion is ready to attack. Positioned in fr- Green Dot

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White shark(1)

P56002 - Great White Shark

Great white shark figurine

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Basset hound(1)

P54012 - Basset Hound Dog

It has a long body, short legs and long, flappy ye- Red Dot

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P39057 - Princess With Lyre On Her Horse

Princess on a unicorn figurine

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Swan, Baby

FM3110 - Baby Swan Puppet

This adorable and fluffy baby Swan will have everyone swooning

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Squirrel, Grey Finger (4)

FM2648 - Mini Gray Squirrel Finger Puppet

Watch this sweet mini gray Squirrel prepare for winter

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Polar wolf(1)

P50195 - Polar Wolf

A magnificent and wise Polar wolf rarely comes into contact with humans

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FM3099 - Green Toad Puppet

A wide eyed green toad puppet with movable mouth, tongue and forelegs

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Princess Elisa(1)

P39092 - Princess Elisa

Princess Elisa figurine- Red Dot

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Bison, Small

FM3108 - Small Bison Puppet

A strong and brave small bison

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P50224 - Ocelot

A prowling Ocelot out on the hunt

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Abert's Squirrel

FM3101 - Abert's Squirrel Puppet

The adorable and unique Abert's Squirrel Puppet

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Zebra Stage Puppet

FM2565 - Zebra Stage Puppet

A striped and curious Zebra stage puppet

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Sea lion(1)

P56025 - Sea Lion

A playful and cute Sea Lion figurine- Green Dot

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#Winter riding girl horse(1)

P51553 - Competition Set

Winter Riding Girl Horse(1)

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P39148 - Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin

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Standing polar bear(1)

P50172 - Standing Polar Bear

A white standing polar bear figurine- Purple Dot

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Large white lion(1)

P50185 - Large White Lion

A gorgeous and magestic white lion

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RolePlayembroid jewelFlowers

DJ6673 - Embroidered Jewels Flowers Set

A gorgeous flower 3 piece jewellery set

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Frilled lizard(1)

P50223 - Frilled Lizard

A very cool and calm Frilled Lizard is looking for some insects for lunch

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20 Assorted Knights/Horses(1)

P0KNIGHTS - 20 Assorted Knights/Horses(1)

Assorted Papo knights/horses (20)

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Large tigress(1)

P50178 - Large Tigress

Large gorgeous and protective tigress

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Blue dragon king horse(1)

P39389 - Dragon Kings Horse Blue

Dragon king's horse figurine in blue- Green Dot

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Young polar wolf(1)

P50228 - Young polar wolf

Young Polar Wolf with golden eyes

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P54043 - Dachshund

A curious and sweet Dachshund out on an adventure

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20 Assorted Farm (1)

P0FARM - 20 Assorted Farm (1)

Assorted Papo farm/domestic animal figurines (20)

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Pyrenees bear(1)

P50032 - Pyrenees Bear

Beautiful Bear out for a stroll- Green Dot

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9-12 Years - Imagination and Creative Play