FM3083 - Nautilus Puppet

Watch this amazing nautilus dash around the ocean

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Zombie pirate(1)

P39455 - Zombie Pirate

Zombie pirate figurine- Green Dot

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The Evil Queen(1)

P39085 - The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen figurine- Purple Dot

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Princess Alicia(1)

P39063 - Princess With Flowers

Princess figurine with flowers- Red Dot

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P50179 - #Aligator Snapping Turtle

A prehistoric looking Alligator snapping turtle fi

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Great kudu(1)

P50104 - Great Kudu Antelope

Great antelope figurine- Purple Dot

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P54018 - #Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland dog figurine- Red Dot

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Hammerhead shark(1)

P56010 - Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead shark figurine

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Monkey Classic

FM3092 - Classic Monkey Puppet

This classic monkey hits the right notes on the bongos

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Blue bowman(1)

P39385 - bowman Blue

Bowman figurine in blue- Red Dot

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Dragon of brightness(1)

P38982 - Dragon Of Brightness

A stunningly bright dragon that will help save you

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P55038 - Tupuxuara

A prehistoric Tupuxuara dinosaur figurine

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P39149 - Witch

Witch on a broomstick

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Brown bear(1)

P50240 - Brown bear

Brown Bear on the prowl.

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Young mammoth(1)

P55025 - Young Mammoth

Young Mammoth figurine- Green Dot

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P33017 - Pirates 12pc Mini-Tub

12 pirate themed figurines for bathtub play

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Eagle, Small

FM3114 - Small Eagle Puppet

Small eagle - ready to take flight.

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P39148 - Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin

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Wild Life Set Giftbox

P80007 - Wild Animal Gift Set

Create a wild savannah landscape.

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Dragon mutant(1)

P38975 - #Dragon Mutant

Dragon mutant figurine

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P39792 - White Prince Philip Horse

Prince Philip's Horse shows he is ready for battle

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White lion(1)

P50074 - White Lion

Rare white lion figurine- Green Dot

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P55060 - Polacanthus

This spiked Polacanthus enjoys eating plants from the early Cretaceous period

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FM3034 - Groundhog Hand Puppet

Groundhog puppet likes to pop its head up for sunshine

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P55073 - Quetzalcoaltus

Quetzalcoaltus dinosaur

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Orc with axe(1)

P38905 - Ork Waghar

Ork figurine- Green Dot

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P39025 - Winged Green Dragon

Winged Green Dragon figurine- Green Dot

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FM2123 - Monkey Puppet

Watch the bananas with this cheeky brown Monkey puppet

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P55069 - Therizinosaurus

Therizinosaurus stood at 10 metres.

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Kangaroo with joey(1)

P50188 - Kangaroo With Joey

A glowing mother Kangaroo with her sweet Joey

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King Ivan(1)

P39047 - King

Medieval king figurine- Green Dot

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Owl, Screech

FM2961 - Screech Owl Puppet

The Screech Owl puppet is a clever, camouflaged creature

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Sea lion(1)

P56025 - Sea Lion

A playful and cute Sea Lion figurine- Green Dot

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Bird Owl, Burrowing(1)

FM2578 - Burrowing Owl Puppet(1)

Who's that? It's Burrowing Owl puppet with its big eyes

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P51541 - Alezan Islandic Horse

Papo Alezan piebald Islandic horse figurine- Yellow Dot

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FM2181 - Tortoise Puppet

Is this Tortoise puppet looking for a hare to race

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Rainbow dragon standing(1)

P38999 - Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow dragon figurine

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Captain Pirate(1)

P39420 - Captain Corsair

Pirate captain figurine- Red Dot

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Bay shire horse mare(1)

P51552 - Bay Shire Horse Mare

This draft horse is strong and noble

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Young African elephant(1)

P50169 - Young African Elephant

Young African Elephant figurine- Red Dot

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Galapagos tortoise(1)

P50161 - Galapagos Tortoise

Galapagos tortoise figurine- Green Dot

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Rabbit, Jack

FM2429 - Jack Rabbit Puppet

Hop to it! It's bouncy and fast Jack Rabbit puppet

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Donkey foal(1)

P51141 - Donkey Foal

Baby donkey foal figurine- Red Dot

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African penguin(1)

P56017 - African Penguin

A fancy looking penguin out for a stroll

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Blue fairy(1)

P39013 - Blue Fairy(1)

The blue fairy watches over the kingdom of the elves

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20 Assorted Fairy/Royal (1)

P0FAIRIES - 20 Assorted Fairy/Royal (1)

An assortment of 20 Fairy/Royal Papo figurines

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zzzGhost rider(1)

P38991 - Ghost Rider

Ghost knight figurine- Red Dot

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P38993 - Skeleton Horse

Skeletal horse figurine

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DJ6769 - Nymphea Arty Toy

Ze Princesses Castle *(1)

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Sheep, Longwool

FM2982 - Longwool Sheep Puppet

Longwool Sheep puppet is undeniably cuddly

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P50102 - Hyena

Hyena figurine- Green Dot

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White phoenix(1)

P36015 - White Phoenix

A white strong Phoenix taking flight on an adventure

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Running cheetah(1)

P50238 - Running cheetah

Running Cheetah is the fastest land animal.

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Dog, Sheepdog

FM2029 - Sheepdog Puppet

A smart Sheepdog puppet that wags its tail and tilts its head

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Poitou donkey(1)

P51168 - Poitou donkey

Poitou Donkey is one of the largest of the donkey breeds

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Blue King Richard horse(1)

P39339 - King Richard's Horse Blue

King Richard's horse figurine in blue- Red Dot

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20 Assorted Fantasy (1)

P0FANTASY - 20 Assorted Fantasy (1)

Assorted mixed pack of fantasy figurines

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Baby crocodile(1)

P50137 - Baby Crocodile

Papo baby crocodile figurine- Green Dot

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P50186 - Impala

An African Antelope keeping an eye out for predators

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War Dragon Silver(1)

P38937 - War Dragon

War dragon figurine

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P50197 - Badger

A badger out hunting for some insects

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Weapon master eagle(1)

P39936 - Knight Eagle

Eagle knight figurine- Purple Dot

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Ruffed lemur(1)

P50234 - Ruffed lemur

Black and White Ruffed Lemur

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Fairy pony(1)

P38817 - The Fairy Pony

Fairy pony figurine- Green Dot

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