P39159 - Bella Figurine- Green Dot

A stunning princess dressed in yellow and ready for a dance

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EnchantThe beast

P39152 - The Beast Figurine- Green Dot

The beast is dressed ready for the ball

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EnchantSilver unicorn

P39038 - Silver Unicorn Figurine- Green Dot

A magical and pretty unicorn

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P53000 - Owl Figurine- Green Dot

A wise and nocturnal owl figurine

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P54018 - Newfoundland Dog Figurine- Red Dot

A large and adorable Newfoundland dog

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#FarmSilkie Chicken
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#FarmSpanish Bull

P51164 - Spanish Bull Figurine- Yellow Dot

A beautiful Spanish bull with curved horns

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#WildArctic hare

P50226 - Arctic Hare Figurine- Blue Dot

An alert Arctic Hare braving the winter weather

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#WildCamel calf

P50221 - Camel Calf

A very sweet and cute Camel Calf

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P50189 - Puma Figurine- Green Dot

Out looking for it's next meal, this Puma is always alert

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CompanionBorder collie

P54008 - Border Collie Dog- Red Dot

A loyal and hard working farm dog

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P30230 - Companion Collie Figurine- Red Dot

A loyal and adorable collie dog figurine

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CompanionGerman shepherd pup

P54039 - German Shepherd Puppy Figurine

An adorable German shepherd puppy- Red Dot

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P54029 - Labrador Dog Figurine- Red Dot

A loyal and playful dog

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P55005 - Baby Pachycephalosaurus

Baby pachycephalosaurus dinosaur figurine

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P55030 - Brachiosaurus Figurine

Quadrupedal animal with a small skull and long nec

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DinosaursBrown running T-rex

P55075 - Brown Running T-Rex

A brown running t-rex with movable mouth

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P55072 - Compsognathus Figurine

Compsognathus was built for speed

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P55055 - Feathered Velociraptor Figurine

This feathered Dino has a moving jaw

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P55017 - Mammoth Figurine

Prehistoric mammoth figurine

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P55004 - Parasaurolophus Figurine

A herbivorous dinosaur with a large cranial crest

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P55023 - Velociraptor Figurine

Velociraptor dinosaur figurine

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DinosaursYoung mammoth

P55025 - Young Mammoth Figurine- Green Dot

Young Mammoth figurine- Green Dot

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P39158 - Snowman Figurine- Red Dot

Brrr this snowman is dressed for an adventure

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EnchantThe enchanted princess

P39115 - The Enchanted Princess Figurine- Grey Dot

A beautiful and kind Princess enchanted with magic

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P36022 - Hippogriff Figurine

A magical creature featuring the front half of an eagle and the hind of a horse

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FantasyWhite phoenix

P36015 - White Phoenix Figurine

A white strong Phoenix taking flight on an adventure

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P36021 - Wizard Figurine- Green Dot

A well trained Wizard with dragon head staff

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P39216 - Gardener Figurine- Red Dot

A farmer working in the field with a pitchfork

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HorseWinter riding girl horse

P51553 - Winter Horse Figurine- Purple Dot

A beautiful horse dressed ready for a ride

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HorseYoung rider

P52008 - Young Rider Figurine- Green Dot

This girl is dressed and ready to ride

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MarineBlue whale calf

P56041 - Blue Whale Calf Figurine- Green Dot

A beautiful blue whale calf

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MarineElephant seal

P56032 - Elephant Seal Figurine

This large Elephant Seal has a very distinctive nose that aids in their diving

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P56027 - Sawfish Figurine

This majestic sawfish is an endangered species

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P39260 - 10pc Shields and Swords Set (5)

Defend your kingdom against the enemy or face knights in a duel

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MedievalWhite crested knight

P39785 - White Crested Knight- Red Dot

White knight figurine (horse sold separately)

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P33015 - Farm 12pc Mini-Tub of Figurines

12 farmyard themed figurines for bathtub or on the go play

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P50239 - Bat Figurine- Green Dot

A fast flying bat in flight

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WildCommon kingfisher

P50246 - Common Kingfisher Figurine- Red Dot

This colourful kingfisher has just caught his meal

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P50248 - Dove Figurine- Blue Dot

A white dove with olive branch which means peace

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WildFrilled lizard

P50223 - Frilled Lizard Figurine- Green Dot

A very cool and calm Frilled Lizard is looking for some insects for lunch

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P50101 - Gnu (Wildebeest) Figurine- Green Dot

A wild beast that can be found in Africa

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P50245 - Hedgehog Figurine- Red Dot

An adorable little hedgehog with a sweet face

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P50188 - Kangaroo With Joey Figurine- Yellow Dot

A glowing mother Kangaroo with her sweet Joey

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WildLioness with cub

P50043 - Lioness with Cub Figurine- Purple Dot

A beautiful and strong lioness with her cub

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P50156 - Nursing Tigress Figurine

A proud tigress nursing her three baby tiger cubs

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P50120 - Orangutan Figurine- Purple Dot

A cheeky orangutan on the lookout for his next adventure

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WildSitting meerkat

P50207 - Sitting Meerkat Figurine- Blue Dot

This sweet Meerkat is taking a moment to relax

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WildStanding meerkat

P50206 - Standing Meerkat Figurine- Blue Dot

An alert Meerkat is looking out for the rest of it's mob

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P50074 - White Lion Figurine- Green Dot

A beautiful and rare white lion

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P38822 - Elf Ballerina With Unicorn Figurines

Elf ballerina figurine with her unicorn

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P39788 - Blue Knight Fleur De Lys Figurine-Green Dot

A royal blue knight dressed for a joust (horse sold separately)

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P55007 - Stegosaurus Figurine

A herbivorous dinosaur that was slow moving

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EnchantGold dragon with flame

P39095 - Gold Dragon with Flame Figurine- Green Dot

A strong gold dragon with fire-breathing powers

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P39946 - White knight with sword- Purple Dot

White knight with sword and shield ready for a battle

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MiniPLUSWildSet1 Tube, 6 pcs

P33020 - Wild 'A' 6pc Mini-Tub of Figurines

6 wild animal figurines for bathtub or on the go play

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MiniPLUSWildSet2(Tube, 6 pcs)

P33021 - Wild 'B' 6pc Mini-Tub of Figurines

6 alternative wild animal figurines for bathtub play

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zzDinosaursRunning T-Rex

P55057 - Running T-Rex Figurine

Watch out this R-Rex is on the run

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#MedievalTorunament Horse

P39945 - Tournament Horse Figurine- Purple Dot

This horse is ready for a Tournament with a helmet

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#WildFennec fox

P50229 - Fennec Fox Figurine- Blue Dot

The adorable large eared Fennec Fox

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DinosaursYoung triceratops

P55036 - Young Triceratops Figurine

Young triceratops dinosaur figurine

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Papo Baby First age set blue

P35005 - Blue First Rubber Teether Set

Gift set for a teething baby of Leo and his pony who are both natural rubber teethers

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P55016 - Allosaurus Figurine

A 10 meter pack hunter, preying on Sauropods

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##WildChimpanzee and baby

P50194 - Chimpanzee And Baby

A Chimpanzee doesn't fool around when it comes to her baby

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