P36001 - Dragon Black Prince And Horse Figurines

Dragon Black prince and horse figurine

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EnchantIce queen

P39103 - Ice Queen Figurine- Grey Dot

A royal beauty with icy powers and a magical touch

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EnchantIce unicorn

P39104 - Ice Unicorn Figurine- Grey Dot

Beautiful and magical white ice unicorn

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EnchantMerlin the magician

P39005 - Merlin the Magician Figurine- Red Dot

Watch out for Merlin, he knows some powerful magic

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FantasyDragon mutant

P38975 - Dragon Mutant Figurine

A strong and brave warrior ready to battle

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FantasyLion mutant

P38945 - Lion Man Figurine

A strong and brave Lion man figurine

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WildCommon kingfisher

P50246 - Common Kingfisher Figurine- Red Dot

This colourful kingfisher has just caught his meal

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##EnchantBaby pegasus

P38825 - Baby Pegasus Figurine- Red Dot

Adorable baby Pegasus out for adventure

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##EnchantGold dragon with flame

P39095 - Gold Dragon with Flame Figurine- Green Dot

A strong gold dragon with fire-breathing powers

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#FantasyRuby dragon

P36002 - Ruby Dragon

Ruby Dragon figurine

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P39159 - Bella Figurine- Green Dot

A stunning princess dressed in yellow and ready for a dance

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P39025 - Winged Green Dragon Figurine- Green Dot

Careful! This fast flying dragon is strong

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EnchantMagic unicorn

P38824 - Magic Unicorn Figurine

A magical and pretty unicorn figurine

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EnchantRed dragon with flame

P39016 - Red Dragon with Flame Figurine- Green Dot

Ahhh watch this dragon's flaming breath

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EnchantThe enchanted princess

P39115 - The Enchanted Princess Figurine- Grey Dot

A beautiful and kind Princess enchanted with magic

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EnchantThe Evil Queen

P39085 - Evil Queen Figurine- Purple Dot

Be careful no one knows what this evil queen is up to

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P38977 - Chimera Figurine

A freaky beast like creature with a dragon head tail

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FantasyGorilla mutant

P38974 - Gorilla Mutant Figurine

Step out the way when this strong warrior starts to battle

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P38931 - Minotaur Figurine- Green Dot

Fierce armoured gladiator Minotaur figurine

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FantasyRhino mutant

P38946 - Rhino Man Figurine

A strong and smart Rhino man figurine

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FantasyWhite cerberus

P36012 - White Cerberus Figurine- Green Dot

A ferocious three headed beast

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P39796 - Prince With Bow And Arrow- Green Dot

This handsome prince is ready to aim and shoot his arrow

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P39792 - White Prince Philip's Horse Figurine-Red Dot

Prince Philip's Horse shows he is ready for battle (rider sold separately)

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P50103 - Komodo Dragon Figurine- Green Dot

Largest living species of lizard from Indonesia

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zzFantasyDragon of brightness

P38982 - Dragon Of Brightness Figurine

A stunningly bright dragon that will help save you

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EnchantBlue princess with cat

P39125 - Blue Princess with Cat Figurine- Red Dot

A princess dressed in blue snuggling with her prized cat

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P33013 - Fantasy 12pc Mini-Tub of Figurines

12 fantasy themed figurines for bathtub or on the go play

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EnchantGolden unicorn

P39018 - Golden Unicorn Figurine- Green Dot

This brave unicorn gets it's magic from the sun

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P36021 - Wizard Figurine- Green Dot

A well trained Wizard with dragon head staff

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P33012 - Tales And Legends 12pc Mini-Tub of Figurines

12 fairy tale inspired figurines for bathtub or on the go play

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zzDinosaursRunning T-Rex

P55057 - Running T-Rex Figurine

Watch out this R-Rex is on the run

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P55074 - Gorgosaurus

A dinosaur that is considered to be one of the most dreaded carnivores that ever walked the planet

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P55024 - Tylosaurus Figurine

A large, predatory marine lizard dinosaur

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##EnchantSilver unicorn

P39038 - Silver Unicorn Figurine- Green Dot

A magical and pretty unicorn

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##FarmMerino sheep

P51174 - Merino Sheep Figurine- Green Dot

The most economically influential breed of sheep known for its wool

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P56009 - Pelican Figurine- Green Dot

Pelican figurine- Green Dot

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##MedievalRed dragon king

P39386 - Red Dragon King Figurine- Green Dot

The dragon king figurine in red (horse sold separately)

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P50101 - Gnu (Wildebeest) Figurine- Green Dot

A wild beast that can be found in Africa

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P50245 - Hedgehog Figurine- Red Dot

An adorable little hedgehog with a sweet face

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P50252 - Hyena Figurine- Green Dot

This hyena is hunting for food away from it's pack

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P50111 - Koala Figurine- Blue Dot

This koala loves to chew on gum leaves and sleep a lot

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##WildPraying mantis

P50244 - Praying Mantis Figurine- Green Dot

A praying mantis out hunting for some insects to eat

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P50209 - Scorpion

A wild scopion on alert to protect itself

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P50169 - Young African Elephant Figurine- Red Dot

The whole heard helps raising this young elephant

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#CompanionBlack and white cat

P54041 - Black and White Cat Figurine- Red Dot

This black and white Cat hears something in the distance

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P54040 - Chartreux Cat Figurine- Red Dot

A beautiful grey cat out looking for adventure

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P54029 - Labrador Dog Figurine- Red Dot

A loyal and playful dog

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#FarmAngora goat

P51170 - Angora Goat Figurine- Red Dot

Angora Goat fleece is long and soft

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#FarmBlack sheep

P51167 - Black Sheep Figurine- Red Dot

A quiet black Sheep ready to head out to the paddock to graze

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#FarmPoitou donkey

P51168 - Poitou Donkey Figurine- Green Dot

Poitou Donkey is one of the largest of the donkey breeds

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#FarmSpanish Bull

P51164 - Spanish Bull Figurine- Yellow Dot

A beautiful Spanish bull with curved horns

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#HistoricalsGentle Woman

P39119 - Gentle Woman Figurine- Purple Dot

A lovely gentle woman who is kind and welcoming

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#HistoricalsNapoleon I
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#HorseGray Percheron

P51551 - Gray Percheron Figurine- Grey Dot

This Grey Horse is dressed to impress

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#HorsePony Club

P60110 - Pony Club Environment

A strong cardboard Pony Club playset perfect as a backdrop for Papo horses

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#HorseReared up cob

P51549 - Reared Up Cob Figurine- Yellow Dot

This small stout horse reared up in fear

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#MarineBeluga whale

P56012 - Beluga Whale Figurine

A large marine animal that lives in the Arctic ocean

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#MarineHumpback whale

P56001 - Humpback Whale Figurine

Humpback whale figurine with moving mouth

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#MarineMoorish idol

P56026 - Moorish Idol Figurine

This sweet fish is yellow, black and white

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P56024 - Surgeonfish Figurine- Green Dot

A stunning blue Surgeonfish figurine

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#MedievalHorse in armour

P39799 - Horse in Armour Figurine-Purple Dot

White horse in armour (rider sold separately)

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#MedievalWhite Prince Philip

P39791 - White Prince Philip Figurine- Red Dot

Prince Philip is dressed in white ready to battle (horse sold separately)

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P39944 - William Wallace Figurine- Purple Dot

William Wallace in kilt and sporran

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#PirateShark mutant pirate

P39460 - Shark Mutant Pirate- Green Dot

This shark pirate has inherited all of the sharks abilities

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