##WildPraying mantis

P50244 - Praying Mantis Figurine- Green Dot

A praying mantis out hunting for some insects to eat

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P50209 - Scorpion

A wild scopion on alert to protect itself

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#CompanionBlack and white cat

P54041 - Black and White Cat Figurine- Red Dot

This black and white Cat hears something in the distance

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P54040 - Chartreux Cat Figurine- Red Dot

A beautiful grey cat out looking for adventure

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P54029 - Labrador Dog Figurine- Red Dot

A loyal and playful dog

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#EnchantElf child

P38812 - Child Elf Figurine- Purple Dot

An adorable and sweet child elf

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#FantasyRuby dragon

P36002 - Ruby Dragon

Ruby Dragon figurine

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#FantasyTwoHeaded dragon gold

P38938 - Two Headed Gold Dragon

Two headed gold dragon figurine

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#FarmAngora goat

P51170 - Angora Goat Figurine- Red Dot

Angora Goat fleece is long and soft

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#FarmBlack sheep

P51167 - Black Sheep Figurine- Red Dot

A quiet black Sheep ready to head out to the paddock to graze

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#FarmPoitou donkey

P51168 - Poitou Donkey Figurine- Green Dot

Poitou Donkey is one of the largest of the donkey breeds

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#HistoricalsNapoleon I
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#HorseGray Percheron

P51551 - Gray Percheron Figurine- Grey Dot

This Grey Horse is dressed to impress

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#HorsePony Club

P60110 - Pony Club Environment

A strong cardboard Pony Club playset perfect as a backdrop for Papo horses

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#HorseReared up cob

P51549 - Reared Up Cob Figurine- Yellow Dot

This small stout horse reared up in fear

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#MarineBeluga whale

P56012 - Beluga Whale Figurine

A large marine animal that lives in the Arctic ocean

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#MarineLeopard seal

P56042 - Leopard Seal Figurine

A leopard seal with it's mouth open

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#MedievalTorunament Horse

P39945 - Tournament Horse Figurine- Purple Dot

This horse is ready for a Tournament with a helmet

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#MedievalWhite Prince Philip

P39791 - White Prince Philip Figurine- Red Dot

Prince Philip is dressed in white ready to battle (horse sold separately)

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P33018 - Dinosaurs 'A' 6pc Mini-Tub

6 dinosaur themed figurines for bathtub play

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#PirateShark mutant pirate

P39460 - Shark Mutant Pirate- Green Dot

This shark pirate has inherited all of the sharks abilities

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P50179 - Alligator Snapping Turtle Figurine

A prehistoric looking Alligator snapping turtle

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#WildBlue Ara Parrot
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#WildCamel calf

P50221 - Camel Calf

A very sweet and cute Camel Calf

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P53017 - Chamois Figurine- Green Dot

A goat-antelope species native to mountains in Europe

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P50201 - Falconer Figurine- Green Dot

This man flies his falcon out in the wild

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#WildFennec fox

P50229 - Fennec Fox Figurine- Blue Dot

The adorable large eared Fennec Fox

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#WildGiraffe head raised

P50236 - Head Raised Giraffe Figurine

A tall stretching giraffe

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#WildLarge Appaloosa horse

P50199 - Large Appaloosa Horse Figurine

A gorgeous appaloosa horse enjoying an afternoon in the fields

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#WildLarge white lion

P50185 - Large White Lion Figurine

A gorgeous and majestic white lion

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P50241 - Lynx Figurine- Green Dot

Lynx with his tufted ears

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P50233 - Otter Figurine- Red Dot

A playful and sleek otter

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P50237 - Rattlesnake Figurine- Green Dot

Rattlesnake in strike pose

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#WildRed panda

P50217 - Red Panda Figurine- Green Dot

Active and sweet Red Panda

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P50182 - Roaring Tiger Figurine- Yellow Dot

Do you hear that? It’s a roaring tiger

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P50242 - Tamer Figurine- Green Dot

A trained and calm animal tamer

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P50004 - Tiger Figurine- Purple Dot

A strong and beautiful Sumatran tiger

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#WildWhite lioness with cub

P50203 - White Lioness with Cub Figurine- Purple Dot

Mother knows best, this lioness keeps her cub out of trouble

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#WildWhite mouse

P50222 - White Mouse Figurine- Blue Dot

An adorable white Mouse out looking for some food

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#WildYoung elephant

P50225 - Young Elephant Figurine- Red Dot

An adorable and young Elephant following mum on a stroll

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20 Assorted Fairy/Royal (1)

P0FAIRIES - Selection Pack of 20 Fairy & Royal Figurines

A random assortment of 20 Fairy and Royal Papo figurines

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20 Assorted Fantasy (1)

P0FANTASY - Selection Pack of 20 Fantasy Figurines

A random assortment of 20 fantasy Papo figurines

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20 Assorted Farm (1)

P0FARM - Selection Pack of 20 Farm Figurines

A random assortment of 20 farm Papo figurines

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20 Assorted Wild Animals(1)

P0WILD - Selection Pack of 20 Wild Animal Figurines

A random assortment of 20 wild animal Papo figurines

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9 Assorted Dinosaurs(1)

P0DINOMIX - Selection Pack of 9 Dinosaur Figurines

A random assortment of 9 Papo Dinosaur figurines

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P55062 - Acrocanthosaurus Figurine

A large and strong Acrocanthosaurus ready to attack it's prey

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P55078 - Allosaurus

This dinosaur was a large carnivorous predator that preyed on herbivores

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P55070 - Amargasaurus Figurine

Amargasaurus has distinctive spines along it's neck

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P55015 - Ankylosaurus Figurine

The Ankylosaurus, which means "fused lizard"

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P55039 - Apatosaurus Figurine

Apatosaurus dinosaur figurine

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P55032 - Carnotaurus Figurine

Late Cretaceous period Dinosaur figurine

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P55061 - Ceratosaurus Figurine

The Ceratosaurus is out looking for it's next prey

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P55072 - Compsognathus Figurine

Compsognathus was built for speed

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P55068 - Cryolophosaurus Figurine

The Cryolophosaurus is a large meat eating dinosaur from Jurassic Period

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P55055 - Feathered Velociraptor Figurine

This feathered Dino has a moving jaw

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DinosaursGreen running T-Rex

P55027 - Green Running T Rex Figurine

Green running Tyrannosaurus Rex figurine

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P55071 - Iguanodon Figurine

Iguanodon with moveable mouth

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P55056 - Kaprosuchus Figurine

This Kaprosuchus is waiting for it's prey

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P55060 - Polacanthus Figurine

This spiked Polacanthus enjoys eating plants from the early Cretaceous period

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P39910 - Prehistoric Man Figurine- Green Dot

Prehistoric Man with club and spear

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P55073 - Quetzalcoaltus Figurine

Quetzalcoaltus dinosaur

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DinosaursRoaring smilodon

P55067 - Roaring Smilodon Figurine

The Roaring Smilodon is showcasing it's large saber-tooth

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P55079 - Stegosaurus

A small brained and slow moving dinosaur

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P55020 - Styracosaurus Figurine

A herbivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous period

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