HorseBrown appaloosa foal

P51510 - Apoloosan Foal Figurine- Red Dot

An adorable and sweet brown appaloosa foal

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HorseAlezan Hanovrian horse

P51556 - Alezan Hanoverian Horse Figurine

Alezan Hanoverian horse ready for show- Yellow Dot

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HorseWhite reared up horse

P51521 - Reared Up Horse Figurine- Yellow Dot

A white horse that is reared up and on edge

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#HorseGray Percheron

P51551 - Gray Percheron Figurine- Grey Dot

This Grey Horse is dressed to impress

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#HorsePony Club

P60110 - Pony Club Environment

A strong cardboard Pony Club playset perfect as a backdrop for Papo horses

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#HorseReared up cob

P51549 - Reared Up Cob Figurine- Yellow Dot

This small stout horse reared up in fear

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P51534 - Alezan English Thoroughbred Foal Figurine

Papo Alezan English thoroughbred foal figurine- Red Dot

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HorseAnglo-Arab mare

P51075 - Anglo-Arab Horse Figurine- Yellow Dot

The third oldest horse breed in the world

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HorseBrown appaloosa mare

P51509 - Apoloosan Mare Figurine- Yellow Dot

An American breed that is known for its spotted coat pattern

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P51561 - Competition Horse with Rider Figurine

A competitive Competition Horse With Rider

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HorseHorse washing box

P60116 - Horse Washing Box

Get the Papo horses clean with this set. Horse figurine is not included

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HorseRiding child

P52014 - Riding Child Figurine- Red Dot

Riding Child with helmet

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P51559 - Shetland Pony with Saddle Figurine

Shetland Pony with saddle and bridle

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P51545 - Trendy Woman's Horse- Purple Dot

A pretty white horse with plaited blonde hair

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HorseWalking pony

P51526 - Walking Pony Figurine- Purple Dot

A beautiful dressed up horse- Purple Dot

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HorseWinter riding girl

P52011 - Winter Riding Girl- Green Dot

Dressed in pink and rugged up for winter, this riding girl is ready for a ride

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HorseWinter riding girl horse

P51553 - Winter Horse Figurine- Purple Dot

A beautiful horse dressed ready for a ride

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HorseYoung rider's horse

P51544 - Young Rider's Horse- Purple Dot

A perfect horse for the young rider figurine

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P51541 - Alezan Islandic Horse Figurine- Yellow Dot

Papo Alezan piebald Islandic horse

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P51548 - Parade Dress Arabian Foal Figurine

A young foal featuring decorative detail- Yellow Dot

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P51542 - Falabella Horse Figurine- Red Dot

A beautiful horse of white, black and brown colour

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zzHanoverian horse

P51554 - Hanoverian Horse Figurine

A beautiful and gorgeous Hanoverian Horse

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zzHorse AmericanQuarterYello

P51531 - American Quarter Horse Figurine

Papo American quarter horse figurine- Yellow Dot

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zzHorse White Arab FoalRed

P51538 - White Arab Foal Figurine- Red Dot

An adorable white Arab foal

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zzTrendy horse

P51546 - Trendy Rider's Horse Figurine

Beautiful white horse with plaited brown hair

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P51533 - Alezan English Thoroughbred Mare

Alezan English thoroughbred mare - Yellow Dot

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