DJ7208 - Haathee Asian Elephant 24pc Silhouette Puzzle

Folky Asian elephant 24 piece puzzle in a silhouette box

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DJ7645 - Leopard 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A sleek stunning leopard is on the hunt in this 1000 piece puzzle

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BlockSpinPuzzleTouranimo MOQ2

DJ1953 - Touranimo Wooden Puzzle Game

Flip the wooden blocks to create wild animal faces

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PuzzleProgressInTheSea MOQ3

DJ7144 - In The Sea 4, 6,9pc Progressive Puzzle

Adorable sea animals puzzle set. 4 piece, 6 piece, 9 piece puzzles

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PuzzleWoodBoat MOQ2

DJ1816 - Boat Wooden Puzzle

A playful 25 pieces wooden puzzle of animal friends on a boat

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PuzzleDuoArticuloVehicles MOQ3

DJ8170 - Duo Vehicles 12pc Puzzle

Piece together these 6, 2 piece puzzle vehicles with moving parts

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PuzzleArtWhale150pcs MOQ2

DJ7658 - Whale 150pc Art Puzzle

Have a whale of a good time with this 150 piece art puzzle

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PuzzleDuoAnimals MOQ3

DJ8147 - Duo Animals 20pc Puzzle

Piece together the 10, 2 piece animal puzzles

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PuzzleWoodPuzzlo Lily MOQ4

DJ1819 - Lily Puzzlo Wooden Puzzle

A gorgeous wooden puzzle with a cat and pretty pond

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123 Worm Puzzle

KC2001F - 123 Worm Puzzle

A colourful and fun number puzzle with stackable worms

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Large Sun and Rainbow Puzzle

KC2001B - Large Sun and Rainbow Puzzle

How high can you stack this stunning rainbow and birds puzzle

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DJ7117 - Tactile Farm 20pc Giant Puzzle

Colourful 12 piece puzzle with textures for each animal

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DJ7254 - Elise's Carriage 54pc Silhouette Puzzle

Beautiful 54 piece puzzle of a princess, carriage and castle

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PuzzleSilPrincessSpr-36p MOQ2

DJ7238 - The Princess Of Spring 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

A gorgeous 36 piece springtime princess puzzle in an eye-catching silhouette box

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PuzzleObsFarm35 pcs MOQ2

DJ7591 - The Farm 35pc Observation Puzzle

Adorable 35 piece farm animals observational puzzle

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PuzzleObsRioCarnaval MOQ2

DJ7452 - Rio Carnaval 200pc Observation Puzzle

An vibrant 200 piece observational puzzle set at Carnival

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PuzzleObsWorldsAnimal100 MOQ2

DJ7420 - World Animals 100pc Observation Puzzle

100 piece educational puzzle of the world showing animal locations

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PuzzleSilBarbBoat54 pcs MOQ2

DJ7241 - Barbarossa Boat 54pc Silhouette Puzzle

Awesome 54 piece puzzle of Barbarossa's crazy pirate adventures

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DJ7270 - The Hot Air Balloon 16pc Silhouette Puzzle

An adorable 16 piece puzzle with animals friends on an adventure

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PuzzleDuoDinnersReady MOQ3

DJ8166 - Dinner is Ready Set of Duo Puzzles

Adorable duo puzzle to match animals with their dinner

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PuzzleDuoHabitat MOQ3

DJ8164 - Duo Habitat Set 20pc Puzzle

A fun educational puzzle set to match the animal to their home

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DJ7624 - Unicorn Lady 500pc Gallery Puzzle

Elegant 500 piece magical creatures puzzle

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DJ7112 - Honore & Friends 9,12,15pc Giant Puzzle

An adorable giant progressive puzzle with farm animals piled high

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PuzzleWoodCoucouCow MOQ2

DJ1259 - Coucou Cow Wooden Puzzle

Fantastic wooden puzzle to piece together each of the 6 animals

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Rainbow Fish Wooden Puzzle

KC5214E - Rainbow Fish Puzzle

A colourful fish and rainbow puzzle

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PuzzleArtChameleon150pc MOQ2

DJ7655 - Chameleon 150pc Art Puzzle

Beautiful 150 piece chameleon shaped artistic puzzle

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PuzzleArtDodo350pc MOQ2

DJ7656 - Dodo 350pc Art Puzzle

A gorgeous dodo shaped 350 piece artistic puzzle

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PuzzleArtLion150pcs MOQ2

DJ7654 - Lion 150pc Art Puzzle

Majestic lion shaped 150 piece artistic puzzle

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PuzzleArtMonkey350pcs MOQ2

DJ7657 - Monkey 350pc Art Puzzle

With no corners and no straight edges, this 350 puzzle is wild

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PuzzleArtOctopus350pcs MOQ2

DJ7651 - Octopus 350pc Art Puzzle

350 piece octopus shaped, ocean creatures puzzle

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DJ7643 - Nathalie Novi 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A magical and dream-like puzzle featuring 1000 pieces

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DJ7644 - Owls & Birds 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A stunning artistic bird-themed 1000 piece gallery puzzle

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PuzzleGalleryRainbTig1000 MOQ2

DJ7647 - Rainbow Tigers 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

A tricky and beautiful 1000 piece tiger puzzle

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DJ7617 - Summer Lake 350pc Gallery Puzzle

Take in this stunning artwork that is also a 350 piece puzzle

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PuzzleObsAeroClub MOQ2

DJ7451 - Aero Club 200pc Observation Puzzle

An action packed 200 piece observational puzzle set in the sky

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PuzzleObsAquatic54pcs MOQ2

DJ7562 - Aquatic 54pc Observation Puzzle

Beautiful 54 piece ocean reef observational puzzle

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PuzzleObsDinosaurs100pcs MOQ2

DJ7424 - Dinosaurs 100pc Observation Puzzle

Exciting 100 piece educational dinosaur puzzle

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PuzzleObsTales54pcs MOQ2

DJ7561 - Tales 54pc Observation Puzzle

Magical 54 piece fairy-tale lands observational puzzle

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PuzzleSil3littlePigs24pcs MOQ2

DJ7212 - The 3 Little Pigs 24pc Silhouette Puzzle

Adorable 24 piece story puzzle of the three little pigs

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PuzzleSilLeothePanda24pcs MOQ2

DJ7282 - Leo the Panda 24pc Silhouette Puzzle

Piece together this 24 piece puzzle of an adorable baby panda

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DJ7230 - Little Red Riding Hood 36pc Silhouette Puzzle

Colourful 36 piece story puzzle of red riding hood and wolf

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PuzzleSilSnowWhite-50 pcs MOQ2

DJ7259 - Snow White 50pc Silhouette Puzzle

A wonderful tale with this 50 piece Snow White puzzle

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PuzzleSilTigersWalk24pcs MOQ2

DJ7201 - The Tiger's Walk 24pc Silhouette Puzzle

Beautiful tiger 24 piece puzzle in silhouette box

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Fractions with Number

KC2001E - Fractions with Numbers Puzzle

Teach fractions, shapes and colours with this bright puzzle

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DJ7171 - Animal Parade 36pc Giant Puzzle

A colourful, borderless 36 piece puzzle of an animal parade

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PuzzleWood3LayersChez nu

DJ1481 - Tree House 3 Layer Wooden Puzzle

Colourful and playful three-layer puzzle of animals in their tree

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DJ1480 - Rabbit 3 Layer Wooden Puzzle

Colourful and playful three-layer puzzle of rabbits in their house

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PuzzleWoodForest MOQ4

DJ1812 - Forest Wooden Puzzle

Classic timber forest puzzle

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PuzzleWoodWild&Co MOQ3

DJ1904 - Wild & Co Wooden Puzzle

A four-piece wooden cube puzzle with 6 safari animal shape faces

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PuzzleWoodWoodypile MOQ2

DJ1056 - Woodypile Wooden Puzzle

An adorable 2 in 1 puzzle that features 5 chunky wooden stackable animals

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Vehicle Puzzle with Magnets

KC2001A - Vehicle Puzzle with Magnets

A magnetic wooden vehicles puzzle for open-ended play

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DJ1039 - Oski Wooden and Felt Puzzle

Toddler-friendly five-piece animal puzzle with tactile embroidered felt tree

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PuzzleArtElephant150pcs MOQ2

DJ7652 - Elephant 150pc Art Puzzle

Beautiful 150 piece elephant shaped artistic puzzle

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PuzzleArtSeaHorse350pc MOQ2

DJ7653 - Sea Horse 350pc Art Puzzle

A gorgeous sea horse shaped 350 piece artistic puzzle

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PuzzleChildrensWalk200pc MOQ2

DJ7607 - Children's Walk 200pc Gallery Puzzle

A beautiful visual story 200 piece puzzle with a jungle scene

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PuzzleDuoArticuloAnimals MOQ3

DJ8175 - Duo Animals 12pc Puzzle

Piece together these 6, 2 piece puzzle animals with moving parts

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PuzzleDuoHide&Seek MOQ3

DJ8156 - Duo Hide and Seek 24pc Puzzle

Educational hidden object puzzles with cute animals

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PuzzleDuoOpposites MOQ3

DJ8162 - Duo Opposites 24pc Puzzle

Can you match the animals with the opposite situation

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PuzzleDuoRacing cars MOQ3

DJ8148 - Duo Racing Cars 20pc Puzzle

Piece together the 10, 2 piece racing car puzzles

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DJ7602 - Abracadabra 200pc Gallery Puzzle

Gorgeous 200 piece tree of life puzzle with animals

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PuzzleGalleryCinema100pc MOQ2

DJ7608 - Cinematograph 100pc Gallery Puzzle

This 100 piece puzzle is a real work of art

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DJ7626 - Fantasy Orchestra 500pc Gallery Puzzle

Wonderful 500 piece animal orchestra abstract puzzle

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DJ7646 - Land and Sea 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

View gorgeous animals from both land and sea in this 1000 piece puzzle

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DJ7649 - Magic India 1000pc Gallery Puzzle

Take a trip to gorgeous India with this 1000 piece puzzle

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