About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Story

In 1989 Jos Benner founded Kaleidoscope with the goal of providing high-quality toys and children’s products to the Australian market. Since that date, we have grown into a market leader in the Australian toy industry by upholding that goal and continuing to deliver high-quality products paired with great customer service.

Our range focuses on interactive and educational toys that encourage children to think, learn and develop their creativity in fun and engaging ways.

We go out of our way to ensure that our products are designed and built to the highest standards in safety, quality, and environmental sustainability, and this is reflected in the wealth of awards that our products have won over the years. The most recent awards for our products include:

Le Toy Van Gold Eco Friendly Junior Design Award 2019 Tender Leaf Toys Junior Design Award 2019 Folkmanis Puppets Parents Choice Award 2019 Le Toy Van Right Start Award 2019 Djeco Award winner 2019 Ditty Bird Award 2019


Our brands include:


Bonikka presents an extensive range of handcrafted cloth dolls. Crafted with care using fabrics produced utilizing best practices in production. Bonikka donates from the sale of every doll to Mending Hearts charity in Sri Lanka.


Ditty Bird Logo

Ditty Bird musical board books are the perfect instrument for playful learning through music and sounds. Every title features gentle touch contact points for inquisitive little fingers to activate the “ditties” on each page. Along with vibrant illustrations and engaging content.

     Lovely Paper by Djeco    Little Big Room

More than just toys, Djeco presents four different ranges that encourage children to learn and create. Djeco main range focuses on toys, games and puzzles for newborn through to adult that teach, develop and entertain. The extensive variety including role play, jigsaw puzzles, card and board games as well as baby and toddler toys that aid development and encourages social interaction. Djeco Art and Crafts encourage children to develop their fine motor skills and imagination through elegant designs and gradual skill progressions.

Lovely Paper range of stationery has recurring artistic themes that promote a return to the art of written communication with beautiful cards, books and stationery items.

Little Big Room understands how a creative environment can influence a child’s development. Djeco presents beautiful themed items for bedrooms and living.


 Folkmanis Puppets 

The Folkmanis range of every-day, exotic and fantasy puppets have an international reputation for excellence in craftsmanship and detail. More than a toy, Folkmanis puppets allow the child the opportunity for open-ended play while encouraging language skills, fine and gross motor skills and the child’s interest in the natural world.


Kiddie Connect Puzzles and Dress ups 

Kiddie Connect has designed a range of attractive, wooden, quality educational toys that teach the introductory concepts of maths, language and environment through puzzles and role play. Kiddie Connect has a new line of occupational dress-ups for role play suitable for children aged three to five years.


Le Toy Van Wooden Toys

Children learn by imitation and the Le Toy Van range of role-play toys cover all aspects of a child’s day to day life and the familiar scenarios around them. Castles, fairies and pirates allow children to create their own worlds and develop their imagination. The Petilou range has simple characters and bright colours perfect for the very young. Made with sustainably produced rubberwood with hand-finished detailing, these toys are designed to be passed down through families.



Best known for the development of the Original Lock Activity Box, Mamagenius takes pride in producing traditional wooden toys and puzzles designed to stimulate the development of hand-eye coordination, fine motor and gross motor skills. Quality toys, beautifully painted and designed to be passed on to the next generation.


Manhattan 2018 Logo

Manhattan Toy recognises that children are profoundly influenced by toys. Understanding the importance of colour and texture to the intellectual development of babies, Manhattan have included Wimmer Ferguson toys and accessories in their range as well as developing the Skwish and other rattles and teethers.  


Meiya and Alvin

Designed in Sri Lanka, the Meiya & Alvin range of baby teethers, rattles and books perfectly capture the innocence of childhood. Meiya the Mouse and Alvin the Elephant are now being joined by new characters as the range expands.


Papo Figurines

Animal figures so realistic you expect them to move, fantasy creatures and characters from history and legend, Papo presents figurines to inspire and educate. Dinosaurs, pirates, knights, fairies, wild and domesticated animals and all manner of enchanted characters provide children with a diverse world to unleash their imagination.

Papo is a member of the WWF SME Club.

Tender Leaf Toys

Tender Leaf Toys present a range of educational toys that promote learning through play. Tender Leaf Toys have taken traditional toys and given them a makeover to suit the modern playroom or nursery.  Awarded the ICTI seal of approval for the promotion of ethical manufacturing and fair labour treatment.


The Tikiri range of toys for babies and toddlers is an introduction to a world of imagination. Friendly unicorns and delightful dragons join farm and zoo characters to enhance children’s physical and emotional development.  Made from natural rubber and organic fabrics, Tikiri ensures their toys are suitable for all children.



Created by a couple of bicycle loving Dutchmen, Trybike provides children with a way to develop the skills needed to become confident cyclists. Manufactured using high-quality materials including marine birch plywood and spoked inflatable rubber tyres, Trybike is built to last.

Wheely Bug

Designed in Australia to promote the development of gross motor skills in children at the cusp of walking through to toddlers. The Wheely Bug has a large range of familiar characters designed to appeal to any child. They are available in wipe-clean polyurethane leatheroid or in the new range with removeable plush covers. The small Wheely Bug suits children from 12 months to three years, the large for three to five years.

Kaleidoscope Organisational Chart

Kaleidoscope is an Australian owned company based in Brisbane. Our toys and products are sold at stores throughout Australia. Please contact us if you need assistance in finding a retailer near you.