Djeco and Little Big Room May 2017 Arrivals

Date Posted:30 May 2017 

The week started with some excitement as we had a delivery from Djeco and Little Big Room today. While our amazing staff unpack it and get it ready to send we thought we would have a look inside. Here are some of the adorable items that are now available. 

Kaleidoscope Little Big Room Arrivals DJ3400 DJ3401 DJ3405 DJ3407 DJ3431 DJ3432  DJ3452

1. DJ3400: Ballerina Night Light. A lovely and relaxing snow globe night light featuring a dancing ballerina. 

2. DJ3401: Fawn Night Light. A whimsical and relaxing snow globe night light featuring a gorgeous fawn. 

3. DJ3405: Lila And Pupi Night Light. A calming snow globe night light featuring wolf and little girl. 

4. DJ3407: Aeroplane Night Light. A fun and relaxing snow globe night light featuring a pilot on an adventure. 

5. DJ3431: Mini Night Light Forest. A pretty forest scene night light.  

6. DJ3432: Mini Night Light Nature. A lovely and sweet soft green night light.

7. DJ3452: Arty Rose Night Light. A unique and artistic paper cut out night light. 

Kaleidoscope Djeco Arts and Craft DJ9230 DJ9231  DJ9232 DJ9748 DJ9749DJ9826 DJ9403

1. DJ9230: Palette 6 Colours - Nature Body Art. A face painting set with 6 bright colours, brush and sponge. 

2. DJ9231: Palette 6 Colours - Sweet Body Art. A face painting set with 6 pretty colours, brush and sponge. 

3. DJ9232: Palette 6 Colours - Metallic Body Art. A face painting set with 6 metallic colours, brush and sponge. 

4. DJ9748: Classic Colours (12 Oil Pastels)Twelve oil pastels of classic colours for the budding artist to create their masterpieces with

5. DJ9749: Pop Colours (8 Oil Pastels)Eight oil pastels of pop colours, features four metal colours and four neon colours.

6. DJ9826: My Sewing Box NeedleworkA very complete, first sewing set. Features needles, pins, colourful spools of thread, a thimble, tape measure and more essentials. 

7. DJ9403: Flowers to CreateCreate beautiful and pretty paper flowers. Features luxurious patterns and colours. 

Kaleidoscope Djeco Puzzles DJ7205  DJ7207  DJ7223  DJ7259

1. DJ7205: The Cows on the Farm 24 piece Silhouette PuzzleAdorable farm cow 24 piece silhouette puzzle.

2. DJ7207: Pachat And His Friends 24 piece Silhouette PuzzleSweet cat and friends 24 piece puzzle in a silhouette box.

3. DJ7223: The Knight and the Dragon 36 piece Silhouette Puzzle. A magnificent Knight vs dragon battle 36 piece silhouette puzzle.

4. DJ7259: Snow White 50 piece Silhouette PuzzleGo on a wonderful tale with this 50 piece Snow White puzzle.