Baby Doll Blue(1)

BN62022 - Baby Doll in Blue(1)

A traditional baby doll has cuddly soft blue pyjamas and bonnet

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Bonikka Window Box (1)

BNBPWB01 - Bonikka Window Box (1)

A beautiful Window Box for display Bonikka dolls

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Jointed Knit Bear(1)

BN53001 - Jointed Knit Bear(1)

A traditional jointed knit bear with floral ears and paws

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Flowerk DisplayDolSupersize(1)

BN62044 - Flower Kids Supersize Doll(1)

Large traditional ragdoll with blonde hair in pink floral dress

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Dames Peggy-BlondHair/Lil(1)

BN5169 - Dames Peggy Doll(1)

Sweetheart Peggy is dressed ready for high tea

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BN6800 - James with Blue overalls and Grey Hat(1)

Adventure loving sweet boy ragdoll dressed in dark denim overalls

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Baby Doll Pink(1)

BN62021 - Baby Doll in Pink(1)

A traditional baby doll with soft pink fabric pyjamas and bonnet

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BN62093 - Rosemary with Beige Hair and Flower Print Dress(1)

The gorgeous Rosemary features a side ponytail and lovely floral dress

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Mini Dolls 8 pc assort CDU(

BN79702 - Mini Dolls 8 piece Assorted CDU(1)

A CDU of eight precious sweet mini dolls

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Carry Cot, Baby, Blanket(1)

BN6200C - Carry Cot, Baby and Blanket(1)

Adorable small baby doll with carry bassinet, bottle and blanket

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Blue Pinafore with pink te(

BN7002 - Blue Doll's Pinafore With Pink Tee (1)

Dress your doll for her play date with this two piece set

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Ruby Md  -  playsuit(1)

BN79501 - Ruby Rubber Faced Doll (35cm)(1)

Ruby is an adorable nostalgic style rubber faced baby doll

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Dress Blue & Stripe(1)

BN7005 - Doll's Blue & Stripe Dress (1)

A bright and beautiful dress for a fun day out

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Dames Katy-DkBrownHair/P(1)

BN5168 - Dames Katy Doll (1)

Katy is a ready for her tea party in her floral dress

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Pink Party Dress(1)

BN7000 - Pink Doll's Party Dress (1)

Beautiful pink party dress sized for a doll

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BN79601 - Charlie Doll with Rubber Face, Hands & Legs (35cm)(1)

Charlie is an adorable nostalgic style rubber faced baby doll

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Lockettes Supersize Red Dress

BN62107 - Lockettes Supersize with Red Dress(1)

Very large ragdoll in red dress with realistic brown hair

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6 Clothes Assorted Pack(1)

BNSCLOTHES - 6 Assorted Doll's Clothes (1)

Mix pack of 6 assorted Bonikka clothes

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Flowerk Summer-Brunette/(1)

BN62043 - Summer Flower Kid with Brown Hair(1)

Soft, traditional ragdoll with brown hair in floral dress

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BN62102 - Lockettes Malih with Red Dress(1)

Lovely ragdoll dressed in a stylish red dress with black realistic hair and brush

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Red Printed dress(1)

BN7103 - Red Printed Dress 35cm(1)

Adorable polka-dot party dress for a stylish doll

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Flowerk Lilac-BlackHair(1)

BN62041 - Lilac Flower Kid with Black Hair(1)

A traditional, handmade rag doll with stunning floral dress

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BN62092 - Lola with Brown Hair and Maroon Dress(1)

Lola has beautiful hair and a stunning maroon dress

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Pink Jersey A Line dress(1)

BN7003 - Pink Doll's Jersey A Line Dress (1)

A sweet coloured dress perfect for an afternoon of playing

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Mini Knit Bear/ Maroon Vest(1)

BN53042 - Mini Knit Bear with a Maroon Vest(1)

A traditional, knitted teddy bear with a maroon vest

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Pyjama set(1)

BN7001 - Doll's Pyjama Set (1)

Get your doll ready for bed with this adorable pyjama set

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Flowerk Scarlet-BiegeBlea(1)

BN62042 - Scarlet Flower Kid with Blonde Hair(1)

A traditional, handmade rag doll with stunning floral dress

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Linen Maliah(1)

BN5165M - Maliah Black Haired Doll With Linen Dress(1)

Sweet black haired Maliah in her pretty linen dress

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BN5165P - Priscy Blonde Haired Linen Doll With Pink Linen Dress (1)

Stylish blonde haired Priscy dressed in her pink linen dress

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Dames Fran-LtBrownHair/D(1)

BN5170 - Dames Fran Doll (1)

Cheeky ragdoll Fran dressed to meet up with friends

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