DJ6625 - Role Play Wallet Set(1)

Adorable child's wallet for role play with toy money & cards

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Jewels pompoms and stars(1)

DJ6653 - Jewels Pompoms And Stars(1)

A sweet and pretty 6 piece jewellery set

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Baby Melody(1)

DJ6050 - Baby Melody Magnetics Music Toy(1)

Round melody box where two beautiful figurines dance

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Muriel masking tape(1)

DJ3634 - Muriel Masking Tape(1)

Muriel gorgeous printed 2.5cm wide paper 10m masking tape

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DJ8985 - My Beautiful Dresses Stamps(1)

Lovely colouring in kit using rubbing paper

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DJ9562 - Sea Mountains Countryside Decals(1)

A holiday themed decal kit, featuring 90 rub-on transfers

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DJ9773 - Birthday Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of approximately 25 birthday themed stickers

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Electronic Piano 18 keys(1)

DJ6006 - Animambo Electronic 18Key Piano(1)

Mini 18 key electronic piano that is perfect for table tops

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Ludi & co(1)

DJ1806 - Ludi & Co Puzzle(1)

Wooden puzzle featuring circle shaped animal pieces

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DJ8321 - Arthur & Co Eduludo(1)

Easy-to-learn drawing instruction cards, whiteboard & pen

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Ze Geoanimo(1)

DJ6432 - Ze Geoanimo Shapes Activity(1)

Create the sweet animals on the cards with these bright wooden shapes

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DJ5103 - Familou Card Game(1)

A 15-min, 2-4 player cooperative game to reunite the family

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Elodie pencil case(1)

DJ3511 - Elodie Pencil Case(1)

A beautiful cotton pencil case featuring Elodie and vibrant birds

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Mini Games Display(1)

DJ5982 - Djeco Mini Games Stand(1)

Free when purchasing DJMini Games - holds approx 45 games

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DJ7818 - Doll House Dogs(1)

Trio of dogs figurines to suit Djeco doll houses

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Casachou   1 Artychou(1)

DJ9131 - Casachou Hut and Figurine(1)

Adorable little acorn hut with cute Artychou figurine

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DJ9627 - Colorado Velvet Colouring (1)

A fun velvet colouring sheet that features a Colorado landscape

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Flowers maidens(1)

DJ8783 - Flower Maidens Stamps(1)

Use fun stamps to add detail to these beautiful characters

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So pop (1)

DJ8666 - So Pop Collages(1)

Pretty animal and insect collage kit

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Apple pie(1)

DJ6525 - Apple Pie Role Play Set(1)

Wooden apple pie with strawberry topping. Delicious!

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DJ8352 - Abacus Numbers Eduludo(1)

A hands on way to learn colours, shapes and numbers.

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zzzMinilogix^Back In Order(1)

DJ5354 - Back In Order Game(1)

Thirty puzzle game cards: put the images in order

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The orange living room(1)

DJ7822 - The Orange Living Room(1)

Living room furniture for Djeco doll houses

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Pop and rock(1)

DJ9767 - Pop N Rock Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of stickers with Rock n Roll theme

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Junzo taptap(1)

DJ6441 - Junzo Tap Tap(1)

A bright and colouful wooden peg and mallet activity

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DJ4339 - Sailboats Mobile (1)

Float away on relaxation with this lovely sailboat mobile

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Little Shop(1)

DJ6520 - Little Shop Set(1)

An adorable wooden market place set with groceries

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8 twins washable markers(1)

DJ8875 - 8 Twin Washable Markers(1)

Because creating with good tools makes activities easier and more beau

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DJ8988 - Patterns To Rub Magali's Friends(1)

A beautiful pattern running activity featuring animals

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123 Moby(1)

DJ1046 - Wooden 3D Puzzle 123 Moby(1)

Join Moby Dick for a three-dimensional wooden puzzle adventure

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Lovely Paper Stationery&Stand

DJSPAPER - Lovely Paper Stand and Stationery(1)

A wooden display stand and assortment from Lovely Paper

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Glitter birds(1)

DJ9501 - Birds Glitter Boards(1)

Bird themed glitter board craft kit

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8 metallic pencils(1)

DJ9753 - 8 Metallic Pencils(1)

Set of eight metallic pencils

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Fedora little notebooks(1)

DJ3585 - Fedora 2 Set Little Notebooks(1)

One lined notebook and one blank notebook featuring beautiful girls

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DJ9203 - Tiger Body Art(1)

Face painting set with tiger designs

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DJ8761 - Animals Origami(1)

Cute animals origami kit with colourful illustrated paper

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Caravane House(1)

DJ7800 - Caravan House(1)

A colourful, retro-inspired caravan doll's house

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The terrace(1)

DJ7828 - The Terrace(1)

Outdoor furniture for Djeco doll houses

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Cubic House(1)

DJ7801 - Cubic House(1)

Modern architecture 1:16 scale doll's house. Design allows for collaborative play.

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DJ8817 - Stencils Princesses (1)

Lovely set of 5 princess themed stencils for drawing

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Lucille little notebooks(1)

DJ3580 - Lucille 2 Set Little Notebooks(1)

One lined notebook and one blank notebook featuring beautiful designs

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LudoPark - 4 games(1)

DJ1698 - Ludopark - 4 Games(1)

A playful box filled with four interactive fun games

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DJ8858 - Dance Stencils(1)

Beautiful set of 5 dancing themed stencils for drawing

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DJ2153 - Whimsical Bird Kite(1)

Let this bird themed kite fly high in the sky

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Chichi masking tape(1)

DJ3636 - Chichi Masking Tape(1)

Chichi pretty printed paper 1.5cm wide by 10m long masking tape

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DJ8400 - Tikal Pyramid Game(1)

A 15-min, 2-4 player tactical game to build pyramids

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Birds of paradise(1)

DJ8639 - Bird Of Paradise Coloured Sand(1)

Wonderful birds coloured sand picture making kit

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Ville - 123pcs(1)

DJ5610 - Crazy City Kinoptik Construction Set(1)

Create different city designs and watch it move

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Mémo Tropico(1)

DJ8444 - Memo Tropico Game(1)

A 15-min, 3-5 player memory game to find the right animal card

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DJ6200 - Formabasic Wooden Puzzle(1)

A sweet wooden puzzle featuring three sized circles

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DJ9770 - Weather Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of weather themed stickers

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DJ2152 - Panda Kite(1)

Beautiful patterns will paint the sky with this panda themed kite

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DJ7808 - Doll House Victor Doll(1)

Vitctor the skateboarding boy with his ball ready for play

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12Assorted Mini Logix Games(1)

DJMINILOGIX - 12 Assorted Mini Logix Games(1)

Assortment of 12 small logical games for children, great for travel

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