DJ6013 - Animambo Guitar(1)

Colourful guitar with beautiful horse themed design

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DJ9000 - 6 Finger Paint's Tubes - Sweet(1)

Six sweetly coloured finger paint tubes

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DJ3140 - Tablo Magnetic White Board (1)

A fun magnetic whiteboard with markers and whiteboard easer

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DJ6254 - Hugo Pull-Along(1)

Pull this adorable little Hugo along, his shell spins and makes a sound

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Display of mini craft pack(1)

DJ5935 - Mini Craft Stand(1)

Spinnable display stand for Djeco Mini Craft packs

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Super cosmos in the city(1)

DJ6073 - Super Cosmos In The City Musical Box(1)

A fun hand crank music box featuring Super Cosmos in the city

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DJ9203 - Tiger Body Art(1)

Face painting set with tiger designs

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Skull boys(1)

DJ9644 - Skull Boys Colouring Surprises(1)

Colour in the pixels one square at a time

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Mémo Tropico(1)

DJ8444 - Memo Tropico Game(1)

A 15-min, 3-5 player memory game to find the right animal card

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Chichi notebook(1)

DJ3556 - Chichi Notebook(1)

Mystical 48 page lined Chichi notebook withbird riding girl

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Eduludo - Tocto Loto(1)

DJ8311 - Eduludo Tocto Loto(1)

A great eduludo game to build language skills

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123 Frogy(1)

DJ1047 - Wooden 3D Puzzle 123 Froggy(1)

A brightly coloured 3D wooden animal puzzle with stacking pieces

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Jumping jack Skates on(1)

DJ9860 - Skates On Paper Puppets(1)

Create your own colourful cardboard puppets

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Gaby's tea party(1)

DJ6518 - Gaby's Tea Party Set(1)

Time for iced tea. Adorable retro tea set

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The terrace(1)

DJ7828 - The Terrace(1)

Outdoor furniture for Djeco doll houses

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Palette 6 colours - Nature(1)

DJ9230 - Nature Body Art Palette 6 Colours (1)

Face painting palette featuring 6 natural colours

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Fantasy Melody(1)
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DJ6107 - Babypuzzi Wooden Puzzle(1)

A gorgeous wooden animal baby puzzle

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Colour Surprise^Mademoisell(1)

DJ9635 - Mademoiselle Plus Colouring Surprises(1)

Mademoiselle Plus themed colouring in kit

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DJ8924 - Dinosaurs Stamps(1)

Dinosaur themed stamp set

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Breakfast time(1)

DJ6619 - Breakfast Time Roleplay Set(1)

Mini delicious breakfast time role play set

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DJ1040 - Wooden and Felt Puzzle Farm(1)

Toddler-friendly five piece animal puzzle with tactile felt farm

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DJ1680 - Wooden Game Cuddly Lacing(1)

Four bright wooden animals with coloured thread for lacing

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Mini family(1)

DJ5101 - Mini Family Card Game(1)

A 10 min, 2-4 player game competing to collect the largest number of families

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12 gel pastels - Sweet(1)

DJ8806 - Bright Gel Pastels in Red Box(1)

Lovely set of gel pastels in 12 passionate colours

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DJ8905 - Beneath The Sea Stamps(1)

Beneath the sea stamp set

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12 color cakes - neon(1)

DJ9759 - 12 Neon Colour Cakes(1)

Beautiful french gouache paints with 12 different neon colours

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DJ9112 - Leomeow Blocks CDU(1)

Nine Sweet cat block that makes a sound counter display unit

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Indian designs(1)

DJ9761 - Indian Mini-Stickers(1)

A pack of mini stickers with stunning Indian designs

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DJ9100 - Catibloc Blocks (1)

Five adorable numbered cat themed stacking blocks and cat figurine

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Hit the road !(1)

DJ7710 - Hit The Road! Pop To Play(1)

A fun cardboard pop-up race track set

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DJ7672 - Elvira 60pc Mini Puzzle(1)

A gorgeous mini 60 piece puzzle to pack on the go

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Tea Time(1)

DJ6512 - Tea Time Role Play Set(1)

A sweet stylish wooden tea set for your next afternoon party

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Miss Blossom(1)

DJ9666 - Miss Blossom Arty Paper(1)

Fold this character and decorate with glitter

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Twins Melody(1)

DJ6055 - Twins Melody Magnetics Music Toy(1)

Round melody box where two animals dance

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DJ1253 - Wooden Puzzle Foxymatch(1)

Eight piece wooden puzzle with fun playful red fox characters

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My little decorators(1)

DJ9402 - My Little Decorators Paper Creations(1)

Everything you need to decorate gifts in a lovely storage box

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DJ4339 - Sailboats Mobile (1)

Float away on relaxation with this lovely sailboat mobile

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DJ3083 - Magnetic Wooden Aventuro(1)

Create your own adventure, with this 27 pce magnetic character set

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Volubo - Dragon(1)

DJ5632 - Dragon Volubo (1)

Build strange and magical dragons

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4 tubs of play dough(1)

DJ9756 - 4 Tubs of Bright Modelling Dough (1)

Four tubs of coloured modelling dough

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Aiko eraser(1)

DJ3531 - Aiko eraser (1)

Adorable Aiko rubber eraser featuring a sweet cat

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Color Yeti(1)

DJ2150 - Colour Yeti Kite(1)

A bright and colourful yeti themed kite

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Little Shop(1)

DJ6520 - Little Shop Set(1)

An adorable wooden market place set with groceries

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Stand light(1)

DJ7831 - Stand Light(1)

A stylish and funky lamp to suit Djeco doll houses

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10Assorted Giant Paper Toys(1)

DJSPGIA - 10 Assorted Giant Paper Toys(1)

Mixed assortment of giant paper toys

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DJ7808 - Doll House Victor Doll(1)

Vitctor the skateboarding boy with his ball ready for play

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DJ6342 - Moussa Activity Toy(1)

Moussa is a wooden book to discover animals and their patterns

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DJ7670 - Captain Bones 60pc Mini Puzzle(1)

Avast ye when doing this 60 piece mini pirate puzzle

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Lucille pencil case(1)

DJ3510 - Lucille Pencil Case(1)

A beautiful cotton pencil case featuring a bunny

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Edu stick 1.2.3(1)

DJ8375 - Numbers Eduludo(1)

Colourful counting game with fun pictures and stickers

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Graphism animals(1)

DJ8939 - Graphism Animals Stickers(1)

Geometric animal themed sticker set

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Chop Chop(1)

DJ8401 - Chop Chop Game(1)

A 15-min, 2-5 player tactical game between a cat and a mouse

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10 Assorted Paper Puppets(1)

DJSPUPP - 10 Assorted Paper Puppets(1)

10 random paper puppets products

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Masking Tape Selection Pack(1)

DJSMASK - 16 Assorted Masking Tapes(1)

Beautiful assortment of 16 artistic masking tapes

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Saloon letters(1)

DJ9768 - Saloon Letters Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of stickers with ornate letter stickers

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Dream - 350pcs(1)

DJ7615 - Dream 350pc Gallery Puzzle(1)

Beautiful 350 piece puzzle featuring gorgeous girls

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Games Catalogue

DJ5956 - Djeco Games Catalogue (1)

Djeco leaflet to explain the Djeco range of games

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DJ9785 - Flowers Mini-Stamps(1)

A stunning box of flower shaped stamps with stamp pad

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8 Assorted Eduludo(1)

DJSEDUL - 8 Assorted Eduludo(1)

Assorted mixed pack of 8 Edulodo titles

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Edu stick animals(1)

DJ8379 - Animals Eduludo(1)

Educational sticker game about animals and their homes

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38 big letters(1)

DJ3100 - 38 Big Letters Uppercase(1)

Develop early literacy skills with these magnetic letters

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Guess my name Jules(1)

DJ5356 - Guess My Name Jules Game(1)

Thirty unique cards with fun boys for this guess who game

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DJ7806 - Doll House Sophie Doll(1)

Beautiful doll named Sophie for play in Djeco doll's houses

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