DJ9026 - 4 Tubes Of Modelling Dough - Sweet(1)

Four tubs of sweetly coloured modelling dough

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Gaby's cooker(1)

DJ6517 - Gaby's Cooker Kitchen Set(1)

A bright and adorable cooking wooden kitchen set

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DJ8839 - Pirates Stickers(1)

160 adventurous pirates and pirate ship stickers

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DJ7806 - Doll House Sophie Doll(1)

Beautiful doll named Sophie for play in Djeco doll's houses

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12 gel pastels - Sweet(1)

DJ8806 - Bright Gel Pastels in Red Box(1)

Lovely set of gel pastels in 12 passionate colours

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Raoul the hen - 24pcs(1)

DJ7206 - Raoul The Hen - 24pc Silhouette Puzzle(1)

Colourful and bright 24 piece hen puzzle in silhouette box

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Casachou   1 Artychou(1)

DJ9131 - Casachou Hut and Figurine(1)

Adorable little acorn hut with cute Artychou figurine

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8 bottles of poster paint(1)

DJ8861 - 8 Bottles Poster Paint(1)

High-quality poster paints in 8 different colours

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Marie's farm pop to play(1)

DJ7711 - Marie's Farm Pop To Play(1)

Live out in the country with this cardboard farm scene

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Hawaiian designs(1)

DJ9769 - Hawaiian Mini-Stickers(1)

Mini pack of Hawaiian design stickers

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Crazy Park - 35pcs(1)

DJ7593 - Crazy Park - 35pc Observation Puzzle(1)

What a crazy scene 35 piece observational puzzle

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Paper balls(1)

DJ8765 - Paper Balls Kirigami(1)

Fold and cut with this beautiful Kirigami paper kit

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Chichi little notebooks(1)

DJ3584 - Chichi 2 Set Little Notebooks(1)

One lined notebook and one blank notebook featuring a beautiful girl

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DJ1680 - Wooden Game Cuddly Lacing(1)

Four bright wooden animals with coloured thread for lacing

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DJ9853 - Sparrows Silk Printing(1)

Bird and flower silk scarf painting set

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Watercolour pencil(1)

DJ8611 - WaterColour Pencil Workshop(1)

Be creative with templates, water colour pencils and brush

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So pretty !(1)

DJ9513 - So Pretty Foil Pictures(1)

Pretty dress themed foil paper craft kit

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Feathers and peacocks(1)

DJ9765 - Feathers Peacocks Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of stickers featuring stunning peacocks

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Blue Roll'it!(1)

DJ0204 - Blue Roll'It! Ride On(1)

This 'Blue Roll'It!' ride on is a stylish and fun way for a young child to get around

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Bingo numbers(1)

DJ8318 - Bingo Numbers Eduludo(1)

Creative bingo game with number matching with fun animals

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DJ9140 - Patachoux Artychou(1)

Set of three sweet lamb themed characters

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Tap tap Space(1)

DJ6642 - Space Tap Tap(1)

Create spaceships by nailing the pieces to the cork board

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DJ8489 - Niwa Game(1)

Make strategic moves to reach your opponent's camp

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12 Assorted Paper Dolls(1)

DJSPDOL - 12 Assorted Paper Dolls(1)

Selection of 12 assorted Paper Dolls

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The market(1)

DJ8125 - The Market Lotto Game(1)

An adorable market themed game with four boards

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DJ9560 - Savanah Desert North Pole Decals(1)

A world adventure themed decal kit, with 90 transfers

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DJ5103 - Familou Card Game(1)

A cooperative game to reunite the family

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Step by step Primo(1)

DJ8323 - Eduludo Step By Step Primo(1)

Easy-to-learn drawing cards, whiteboard & pen

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Arty Rose(1)

DJ3452 - Arty Rose Night Light(1)

Artistic and beautiful blooming Arty Rose paper night light

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DJ9624 - Creepy Crawlies Velvet Colouring(1)

Colour these beautiful velvet sheets featuring animals

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Pop and rock(1)

DJ9767 - Pop N Rock Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of stickers with Rock n Roll theme

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DJ6201 - Bigabasic Wooden Puzzle(1)

A sweet wooden puzzle featuring three different coloured shapes

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Shut the box (1)

DJ5217 - Wooden Game - Shut The Box (1)

A fun dice game where you want to have low points

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The terrace(1)

DJ7828 - The Terrace(1)

Outdoor furniture for Djeco doll houses

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BBQ   accessories(1)

DJ7829 - Barbeque And Accessories(1)

BBQ and accessories to suit Djeco doll houses

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Palette 6 colours - Nature(1)

DJ9230 - Nature Body Art Palette 6 Colours (1)

Face painting palette featuring 6 natural colours

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DJ9691 - Massive Fashion Stickers And Paper Dolls(1)

Dress the paper dolls in impressive fashions

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Fishes in harmony(1)

DJ4374 - Fishes In Harmony Mobile(1)

A glittering and calming fish mobile

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12Assorted Mini Logix Games(1)

DJMINILOGIX - 12 Assorted Mini Logix Games(1)

Assortment of 12 small logical games for children, great for travel

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Handbag and accessories(1)

DJ6663 - Handbag And Accessories Charms(1)

Be just like mum with this handbag and accessories set

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DJ9151 - Chouloop Set Artychou(1)

Take to the skies with this adorable Artychou and little plane

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Creaferme - 24 pcs(1)

DJ6314 - Creaferme 24pc Blocks(1)

Adorable pull-along train with 24 colourful blocks to stack

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DJ6107 - Babypuzzi Wooden Puzzle(1)

A gorgeous wooden animal baby puzzle

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Crearoule my little train(1)

DJ6315 - My Little Train 34pc(1)

Fun pull-along train with 34 colourful blocks to stack

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Origami Papers(1)

DJ8763 - Papers Origami(1)

100 beautifully illustrated paper sheets for origami

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DJ6109 - Babymaraki Shaker CDU(1)

A CDU of 9 pieces featuring a gorgeous Babymaraki handled shaker

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DJ9116 - Troopo-Farm Figurines(1)

Adorable collection of seven farm figurines for little hands

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DJ9817 - Hawaii Bracelet Set(1)

Kumihimo Bracelet set to create gorgeous jewellery of your own with a Hawaiian Theme

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Giant dragon(1)

DJ9677 - Giant Dragon Paper Toys(1)

Dragon large 3D paper toy making kit

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DJ9024 - 6 Cookie Cutters And 6 Stamps Wild Animals(1)

12 piece modelling dough cookie cutters and wild animals stamp set

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Super heroes(1)

DJ9200 - Super Heroes Body Art(1)

Face painting set with superhero designs

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DJ9786 - Rio Mini-Stamps(1)

A stunning box of Rio inspired stamps and stamp pad.

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My lil%u2019 joys (1)

DJ8676 - My Lil Joys Paper Embroidery(1)

An embroidery activity set where children use thread to stitch the finishing designs

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DJ9682 - India Small Puppets(1)

India themed paper puppet making kit

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Colouring mandalas(1)

DJ5383 - Colouring Mandalas Minigrafic(1)

Colour in the beautiful 30 mandala illustrated cards

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Hit the road !(1)

DJ7710 - Hit The Road! Pop To Play(1)

A fun cardboard pop-up race track set

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DJ8468 - Hurluberlus Game(1)

A fun party game involving silly drawing activities

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