DJ9026 - 4 Tubes Of Modelling Dough - Sweet(1)

Four tubs of sweetly coloured modelling dough

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DJ8839 - Pirates Stickers(1)

160 adventurous pirates and pirate ship stickers

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12 gel pastels - Sweet(1)

DJ8806 - Bright Gel Pastels in Red Box(1)

Lovely set of gel pastels in 12 passionate colours

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8 bottles of poster paint(1)

DJ8861 - 8 Bottles Poster Paint(1)

High-quality poster paints in 8 different colours

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Hawaiian designs(1)

DJ9769 - Hawaiian Mini-Stickers(1)

Mini pack of Hawaiian design stickers

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Paper balls(1)

DJ8765 - Paper Balls Kirigami(1)

Fold and cut with this beautiful Kirigami paper kit

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Chichi little notebooks(1)

DJ3584 - Chichi 2 Set Little Notebooks(1)

One lined notebook and one blank notebook featuring a beautiful girl

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DJ9853 - Sparrows Silk Printing(1)

Bird and flower silk scarf painting set

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Watercolour pencil(1)

DJ8611 - WaterColour Pencil Workshop(1)

Be creative with templates, water colour pencils and brush

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So pretty !(1)

DJ9513 - So Pretty Foil Pictures(1)

Pretty dress themed foil paper craft kit

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Feathers and peacocks(1)

DJ9765 - Feathers Peacocks Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of stickers featuring stunning peacocks

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12 Assorted Paper Dolls(1)

DJSPDOL - 12 Assorted Paper Dolls(1)

Selection of 12 assorted Paper Dolls

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DJ9560 - Savanah Desert North Pole Decals(1)

A world adventure themed decal kit, with 90 transfers

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DJ9624 - Creepy Crawlies Velvet Colouring(1)

Colour these beautiful velvet sheets featuring animals

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Pop and rock(1)

DJ9767 - Pop N Rock Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of stickers with Rock n Roll theme

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DJ9691 - Massive Fashion Stickers And Paper Dolls(1)

Dress the paper dolls in impressive fashions

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Origami Papers(1)

DJ8763 - Papers Origami(1)

100 beautifully illustrated paper sheets for origami

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DJ9817 - Hawaii Bracelet Set(1)

Kumihimo Bracelet set to create gorgeous jewellery of your own with a Hawaiian Theme

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Giant dragon(1)

DJ9677 - Giant Dragon Paper Toys(1)

Dragon large 3D paper toy making kit

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DJ9024 - 6 Cookie Cutters And 6 Stamps Wild Animals(1)

12 piece modelling dough cookie cutters and wild animals stamp set

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DJ9786 - Rio Mini-Stamps(1)

A stunning box of Rio inspired stamps and stamp pad.

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My lil%u2019 joys (1)

DJ8676 - My Lil Joys Paper Embroidery(1)

An embroidery activity set where children use thread to stitch the finishing designs

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DJ9682 - India Small Puppets(1)

India themed paper puppet making kit

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DJ8858 - Dance Stencils(1)

Beautiful set of 5 dancing themed stencils for drawing

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10 Assorted Stencils(1)

DJSSTEN - 10 Assorted Stencils(1)

10 assorted Djeco Paper Craft Stencils packs

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DJ9850 - Peacock Silk Printing(1)

Paint your own silk scarf with peacock design

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Japanese designs(1)

DJ9760 - Japanese Mini-Stickers(1)

A pack of mini stickers with Japanese designs

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Filomène and her friends(1)

DJ9885 - Filomene Friends Waxed Threads(1)

Filomene and friends fun wax craft set

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Garland - The big parade(1)

DJ9883 - The Big Parade Lacing(1)

Fun lacing set with animals and coloured ribbons

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Glitter dresses(1)

DJ9500 - Dresses Glitter Boards(1)

Dress themed glitter board craft kit

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DJ9514 - Fireflies Foil Pictures(1)

Firefly themed foil paper craft kit

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Let's go!(1)

DJ8844 - Let's Go Stickers(1)

160 fantastic vehicle stickers with rockets, blimps and more

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Collages for little ones(1)

DJ8664 - Collages For Little Ones(1)

Adorable mini collage kit with fun animal pictures to create

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12 color cakes - pearly(1)

DJ9759 - 12 Pearly Color Cakes (1)

Beautiful french gouache paints with 12 different pearly colours

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10 Assorted Pompom Surprise(1)

DJCOLSELPOM - 10 Assorted Pompom Colour Surprise(1)

A random mix of 10 Colouring Suprises for on the go fun

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Shaman (1)

DJ9662 - Shaman Arty Paper(1)

Fold this pretty figure and decorate

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DJ8801 - 10 Felt Brushes(1)

Double ended felt colouring pens in 10 pastel colours

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Small boxes(1)

DJ8774 - Small Boxes Origami(1)

Create beautiful paper boxes with this kirigami kit

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DJ8950 - 1000 Stickers(1)

1000 art and craft stickers

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DJ8761 - Animals Origami(1)

Cute animals origami kit with colourful illustrated paper

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Medieval tales(1)

DJ9561 - Medieval Tales Decals(1)

A medieval themed decal kit, featuring 90 rub-on transfers

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Art nouveau(1)

DJ8607 - Art Nouveau Felt Tip Workshop(1)

Work sheets, stickers and brush pens to create something fun

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So pop (1)

DJ8666 - So Pop Collages(1)

Pretty animal and insect collage kit

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Drawing a fashion show(1)

DJ8731 - A Fashion Show Felt Drawing(1)

Draw clothes and add stickers to create your own outfit

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DJ9770 - Weather Mini-Stickers(1)

A mini pack of weather themed stickers

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8 metallic pencils(1)

DJ9753 - 8 Metallic Pencils(1)

Set of eight metallic pencils

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DJ9025 - 6 Cookie Cutters And 6 Stamps Vehicles(1)

12 piece modelling dough cookie cutters and transport stamp set

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10 Assorted Paper Toys(1)

DJSPTOY - 10 Assorted Paper Toys(1)

A selection of 10 random paper toys

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DJ9672 - Kokeshis Paper Toys(1)

Kokeshis themed 3D paper toy making kit

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Drops stich Horse(1)

DJ9829 - Drops Stitch Horse(1)

Decorate the beautiful horse with drop stitch in this craft set

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Chichi masking tape(1)

DJ3636 - Chichi Masking Tape(1)

Chichi pretty printed paper 10m masking tape

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Japanese garden(1)

DJ9851 - Japanese Silk Printing(1)

Japanese design silk painting set

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Halcyon nights(1)

DJ9720 - Halcyon Nights Scratch Cards(1)

Halcyon nights themed scratch card picture making kit

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Elodie pencil case(1)

DJ3511 - Elodie pencil case(1)

A beautiful cotton pencil case featuring Elodie and vibrant birds

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Lucille pencil case(1)

DJ3510 - Lucille pencil case(1)

A beautiful cotton pencil case featuring a bunny

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DJ9027 - 4 Tubes Of Modelling Dough - Nature(1)

Four tubs of natured coloured modelling dough

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