Bea Ballerina

LEBK708 - Budkin Bea Ballerina(1)

Bea Ballerina ready to perform

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LEME082 - Play Time Doll's House Accessory Pack(1)

Adorable handmade wooden five piece play time set

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DJ7833 - Compact Kitchen

Contemporay kitchen to suit Djeco doll houses

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Dolls House Medium 80x120cm

LETVZ585 - Dolls House Playmat(1)

Doll's house themed medium fabric playmat 120x80cm

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DJ7815 - Baby Sweetie's Room

Orange themed nursery furniture for Djeco doll's houses

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Outdoor Playset

LEME076 - Outdoor Playset with Swing(1)

Let the Budkins play outside!Set features slide, swing and sea saw

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#Fairy Castle

LETV643 - Fairybelle Fairy Castle(1)

A wooden fairy castle with pink tiles and gorgeous garden

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Doll Family

LEP051 - Wooden Doll Family(1)

Lovely family of four wooden dolls ready for a picnic

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MIO Sleeping   2 People(1)

MH213790 - MiO Sleeping Set with 2 People(1)

Adorable MiO 14 Piece Playset with bed and Two Bean Bag People

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Knights Set

LEBK917 - Budkin Knights Triple Set(1)

Three royal Knight Budkins

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LEME072 - Giant Dolls House Play Mat 150x100cm

Dolls House Mat 150 X 100cm(1)

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MH213490 - MiO 41 Pc Set; Playing, Eating & Sleeping + 2 People(1)

Adorable MiO 41 Piece Set; Playing, Eating, Sleeping, & Working with 2 People

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Grandparents Set

LEP056 - Grandparent Set(1)

Adorable wooden and sweet looking Grandparent set

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DJ7830 - Light On The Table

A stylish lamp on small table to suit Djeco doll houses

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Sophie's Car

LEME041 - Sophie's Car(1)

A pretty pink wooden car scaled for Le Toy Van dolls

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BNBPWB01-Bonikka Window Box

DSL1998 - Bonikka Window Box (1)

A beautiful Window Box for display Bonikka dolls

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DJ7823 - The Kitchen

A modern kitchen part of the Mon Petit Home range

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Budkins Family(1)

LEBK914 - Budkin Family Set(1)

Three family Budkin

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Queen Gardenia(1)
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LEBK919 - Helpers(1)

Helpers - New(1)

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DJ7807 - Doll House Xavier Doll

Xavier the boy and his dog dolls for play in doll's houses

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DSL1711 - Currently Untitled(1)

Lockette Kimi with pretty pink dress.

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DJ7829 - Barbeque And Accessories

BBQ and accessories to suit Djeco doll houses

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DJ7822 - The Orange Living Room

Living room furniture for Djeco doll houses

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DSL1982 - Pyjama Set(On Hanger Card)(1)

Get your doll ready for bed with this adorable pyjama set

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Grandma Budkin(1)

LEBK1002 - Budkin Grandma (1)

Sweet Grey haired Grandma Budkin

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DJ7824 - The Bathroom

Bathroom furniture for Djeco doll houses

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Medical Set(1)

LEBK901 - Budkin Medical Workers Triple Set(1)

Set of three medical Budkins

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Four Wooden People

TL8141 - Four Wooden People

An adorable family of four wooden dolls

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LETVZ587 - Farm Playmat(1)

Farm themed medium fabric playmat 120x80cm

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Princess Francesca

LEBK729 - Budkin Princess Francesca(1)

A royal and beautiful Princess Budkin

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DSL1713 - Currently Untitled(1)

Supersize Lockette with red dress.

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Snuggle Pods Sweet Pea

MH205180 - Sweet Pea Snuggle Pod

Adorable Sweet Pea Snuggle Pod cuddly friend

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DSL1933 - Joe - Blue Dungaree / Grey Hat(With Swingtag)(1)

Adventure loving sweet boy ragdoll dressed in dark denim overalls

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DSL1985 - Dress Blue & Stripe(On Hanger Card)(1)

A bright and beautiful dress for a fun day out

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DJ7818 - Doll House Dogs

Trio of dogs figurines to suit Djeco doll houses

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DJ7831 - Stand Light

A stylish and funky lamp to suit Djeco doll houses

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MH112950 - Groovy Girls Princess Seraphina

The royally gorgeous Groovy Girl Princess Seraphina dressed in a pink gown

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Princess Fairybelle

LEBK764 - Budkin Princess Fairybelle(1)

Princess Fairybelle Budkin

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DSL1333 - Priscy Blonde Linen Doll

Priscy, linen doll with vintage charm

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DSL1912 - Cherub Baby - Blue(1)

A traditional baby doll has cuddly soft blue pyjamas and bonnet

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Bunny & Guinea Pig

LEME045 - Bunny With Guinea Pig(1)

A wooden Bunny and Guinea Pig set with house and accessories

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DSL1702 - Rose Doll(With Swingtag)(1)

Rose - Organic doll in a classic style.

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Tooth Fairy Girl(1)

RT201 - Tooth Fairy Girl (19cm) (1)

Gorgeous tooth fairy girl with beautiful box and a touch of magic

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The Wooden Unicorn

LEBK842 - Budkin Unicorn(1)

An enchanted and magical white wooden Unicorn

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DSL1610 - Display Doll(1)

Large traditional ragdoll with blonde hair in pink floral dress

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DJ7828 - The Terrace

Outdoor furniture for Djeco doll houses

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Queen Alice

LEBK731 - Budkin Queen Alice(1)

A beautiful Queen Budkin

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Groovy Girls Reagan (1)

MH152590 - Groovy Girls Reagan (1)

The fun and sweet Reagan with bright red curls

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DJ7808 - Doll House Victor Doll

Vitctor the skateboarding boy with his ball ready for play

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Butterfly Fairy Fleur
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Groovy Girls Lily

MH153660 - Groovy Girls Lily

The gorgeous and happy Lily with long dark hair

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Play Table with Board(1)

TL3481 - Play Table with Building Base(1)

A neat little table ideal for toys

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DJ7826 - The Children's Room

Children's room furniture for Djeco doll houses

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DSL1701 - Lily Doll(With Swingtag)(1)

Lily - Organic doll in a classic style.

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Groovy Girls Indigo Horse(1)

MH154310 - Groovy Girls Shadow Horse(1)

A beautiful jet black Horse ready to take a Groovy Girl on a trail ride

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DSL1983 - Blue Pinafore With Pink Tee(On Hanger Card)(1)

Dress your doll for her play date with this two piece set

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DJ7825 - The Parents' Room

Parent's room furniture for Djeco doll houses

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DSL1999 - Currently Untitled(1)


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DJ7809 - Doll House Alice Doll

Lovely Alice in her little pink dress is ready for anything

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The blue living room(1)

DJ7821 - Fedora Living Room(1)

A lovely blue living room set

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LEBK962 - Budkin King(1)

All hail King Budkin

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Pink Coat Stand(1)

MAM5311 - Pink Coat Stand(1)

Beautiful pink coat stand

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Princess Set

LEBK918 - Budkin Princess Set(1)

Adorable and royally sweet Budkin princess set of three

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