LEPL093 - Petilou 4 Piece Sensory Tray Set(1)

A beautifully illustrated 4-piece wooden sensory tray set

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Woody Woodland Book(1)

LEPL006 - Petilou Woodland Book(1)

An eight page wooden book with fabric leaves on spine

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Skwish Mobile(1)

MH210920 - Skwish Baby Mobile(1)

A bright and colourful mobile with interesting shapes

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DJ1680 - Wooden Game Cuddly Lacing(1)

Four bright wooden animals with coloured thread for lacing

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Blue Roll'it!(1)

DJ0204 - Blue Roll'It! Ride On(1)

This 'Blue Roll'It!' ride on is a stylish and fun way for a young child to get around

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Tap tap Space(1)

DJ6642 - Space Tap Tap(1)

Create spaceships by nailing the pieces to the cork board

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Sugar Plum Kitchen(1)

LEME052 - Sugar Plum Kitchen(1)

A modern kitchen dolls will enjoy cooking up a storm in

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Sugar Plum Dining Room(1)

LEME049 - Sugar Plum Dining Room(1)

A gorgeous pink dining set with furniture and tableware

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Play Table(1)

LEMK4100 - Wooden Play Table(1)

A perfect place to place a doll or wooden playset

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DJ6201 - Bigabasic Wooden Puzzle(1)

A sweet wooden puzzle featuring three different coloured shapes

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Whoozit Cosmic Bead Maze(1)

MH212550 - Whoozit Cosmic Bead Maze(1)

An interactive Whoozit cosmic bead maze with mini Whoozit

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Wagon With Blocks(1)

MAM2032 - Wagon With Blocks (partly assembled)(1)

Beautifully painted wooden wagon with coloured blocks.

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Creaferme - 24 pcs(1)

DJ6314 - Creaferme 24pc Blocks(1)

Adorable pull-along train with 24 colourful blocks to stack

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DJ6107 - Babypuzzi Wooden Puzzle(1)

A gorgeous wooden animal baby puzzle

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My Family(1)

LEP053 - My Doll Family(1)

Mum, Dad and two kids wooden family set

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Crearoule my little train(1)

DJ6315 - My Little Train 34pc(1)

Fun pull-along train with 34 colourful blocks to stack

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Mike's Autos Garage(1)

LETV420 - Mikes Auto Garage(1)

A retro 50s styled wooden garage with cars and accessories

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DJ6109 - Babymaraki Shaker CDU(1)

A CDU of 9 pieces featuring a gorgeous Babymaraki handled shaker

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LETV273 - Honeybake Vanilla Birthday Cake(1)

This wooden vanilla birthday cake looks delicious

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Owly Woo 3 Piece Puzzle(1)

LEPL005 - Petilou Owly Woo 3pc Puzzle(1)

A three piece wooden puzzle with owl and acorn shapes

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Honeybee Market(1)

LETV181 - Honeybake Honeybee Market(1)

A role play market stall with canopy and shopping bag

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The London Car Set(1)

LETV267 - London Car Set(1)

A set of seven iconic London wooden vehicles

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Blink Owl Clock(1)

LEPL010 - Petilou Blink Owl Clock(1)

A classic simple first wooden clock that blinks

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Petits Fours(1)

LETV278 - Honeybake Petits Fours(1)

A role play set of dainty painted wooden cakes

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Honey HomeKitchenSink(1)

LETV304 - Honeybake Home Kitchen Sink(1)

A classic 'butler-style' kitchen sink unit

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My Handy Toolbelt(1)

LETV446 - My Handy Toolbelt(1)

A roll-play tool belt with tools for an adorable mini handyman or girl

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All Seasons Cube Puzzle(1)

LEPL086 - Petilou All Seasons Cube Puzzle(1)

Six puzzles in one with this beautiful cube puzzle

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My First Dreamhouse(1)

LEH136 - My First Dream House (With Furniture)(1)

A gorgeous furnished pink dream doll house

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Grandparent Set(1)

LEP056 - Grandparent Set(1)

Adorable wooden and sweet looking Grandparent set

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Red Trott'it!(1)

DJ0205 - Red Trott'It! Baby Walker(1)

This 'Red Trott'It!' baby walker is a great place to store and transport toys

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DJ3275 - Cat Wooden Coat Hook(1)

A decorative wooden coat rack with beautiful cat design

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38 numbers(1)

DJ3103 - Magnetic Wood 38 Numbers(1)

38 bright, patterned magnetic numbers and basic math symbols

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Car   Petrol Pump Set - NE(1)

LETV467 - Car and Petrol Pump Set(1)

An adorable wooden 5 piece Car and Petrol Pump Set

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Vissa doudou FSC 100%(1)

DJ1682 - Wooden Game Screw Vehicles(1)

Wooden screw-in puzzle with car, plane and tractor and fire engine

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Aki et Maki(1)

DJ6537 - Aki Et Maki Sushi Set(1)

Create some delicious fresh sushi with this set

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DJ1039 - Wooden and Felt Puzzle Oski(1)

Five piece animal puzzle with tactile felt tree

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Dinner Set - Place Setting(1)

LETV300 - Honeybake Dinner Set(1)

Dinner time! See this bright and adorable set with cutlery and crockery

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DJ3274 - Castle Wooden Coat Hook(1)

Decorative wooden coat rack in medieval castle shape

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Junzo train(1)

DJ6442 - Junzo Train(1)

An adorable wooden pull-along toy with blocks and sweet characters

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Fairy Castle(1)

LETV643 - Fairybelle Fairy Castle(1)

A wooden fairy castle with pink tiles and gorgeous garden

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The pirate's treasure(1)

DJ3203 - Pirates Wooden Shelf(1)

Easy to assemble, stylish, pirate ship themed shelving

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DJ1480 - Wooden Puzzle Rabbit 3 Layer(1)

Colourful and playful three-layer puzzle of rabbits in their house

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Oven & Hob Set Pink(1)

LETV303 - Honeybake Home Oven/Hobpink(1)

A stylish painted wooden oven and hob set

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Gaëlle et Titouan(1)

DJ6530 - Galle Et Titouan Omelette Set(1)

Orders up! adorable omelette role play set

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DJ3111 - Magnetic Crazy Animals(1)

Mix and match three-piece animal magnets with eight animals

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DJ6254 - Hugo Pull-Along(1)

Pull this adorable little Hugo along, his shell spins and makes a sound

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6 Assorted 3-pce Puzzle (1)

LEPLSELECT - 6 Assorted 3pc Petilou Puzzles(1)

Six Assorted Petilou three-piece puzzles

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Roulapic (1)

DJ6225 - Roulapic Pull-Along(1)

A fun speedy wooden rat pull-along

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Pelmel RoundTheBlockCDU(1)

LETV807 - Pelmel 6 Round The Block CDU(1)

Assorted six wooden block packs in three cityscape designs

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DJ3206 - Little Dots Wooden Shelf(1)

Sturdy wooden wall shelves in blue and red spotted design

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DJ6304 - Vis-Animo Wooden Screws(1)

Screw together four adorable mix and match coloured animals

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DJ6005 - Animambo Tambourine(1)

Beautifully designed Tambourine with colourful toucan theme

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Wooden beads - Filanature(1)

DJ6167 - Garden Wooden Beads(1)

Colourful beads for hand-eye coordination and counting

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Birdy-Birdy 3 Piece Puzzle(1)

LEPL004 - Petilou Birdy 3pc Puzzle(1)

A three piece wooden puzzle with cut-out bird shapes

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