King with mace in armour(1)

P39779 - King With Mace In Armour

Armoured king figurine with flail- Red Dot

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DJ9232 - Metallic Body Art Palette 6 Colours

Face painting palette featuring 6 metallic colour

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P55002 - Triceratops

Triceratops dinosaur figurine

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P50214 - Sloth

Adorable and slow Sloth taking a rest

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Knights Set

LEBK917 - Budkin Knights Triple Set(1)

Three royal Knight Budkins

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P55011 - Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus dinosaur figurine

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FM4013 - Puppet Counter Display For Littles Range

Folkmanis counter-top display rack for little puppets range

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Tiger mutant(1)

P38954 - Tiger Man

Tiger man figurine

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Turtle, Baby

FM2521 - Baby Turtle Puppet

Adorable Baby Turtle Puppet has a soft shell and movable feet

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Fox, Red Small(1)

FM2576 - Small Red Fox Puppet

Small Red Fox puppet is a sly and fun little trickster

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Mouse, Field, Finger Puppet(4)

FM2652 - Field Mouse Finger Puppet (4)

Cute field Mouse puppet for your fingers

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Montecarlo Sports Cars

LETV440 - Monte Carlo Sports Car Set(1)

Six wooden sports cars and two traffic cones. Compatible with wooden train tracks

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20 Assorted Fantasy (1)

P0FANTASY - 20 Assorted Fantasy (1)

Assorted mixed pack of fantasy figurines

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Gentle Woman(1)

P39119 - Gentle Woman

A lovely gentle woman who is kind and welcoming

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Cat Tuxedo

FM2955 - Tuxedo Cat Puppet

The Tuxedo Cat puppet is ready to step out on the town

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Butterfly Fairy Fleur
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P39761 - King Richard with Lance (Black And Gold)(1)

King Richard the Lionheart figurine with lance in - Green Dot

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P55060 - Polacanthus

This spiked Polacanthus enjoys eating plants from the early Cretaceous period

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DJ7711 - Marie's Farm Pop To Play

Live out in the country with this cardboard farm scene

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Hippopotamus calf(1)

P50052 - Hippopotamus Calf

Baby hippopotamus calf figurine- Red Dot

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Dragon Baby

FM2886 - Baby Dragon Puppet

Baby Dragon puppet looks cute but is a fire-breathing menace

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Red panda(1)

P50217 - Red Panda

Active and sweet Red Panda

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Lanky Cats Ziggie

MH104140 - Ziggie the Black Lanky Cat

This adorable Lanky Cat named Ziggie is ready for some cuddles

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FM2573 - Fawn Puppet

The sweet-and-gentle Fawn puppet is adorably designed

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Spanish dancer(1)

P39075 - Spanish Dancer(1)

Spanish dancer figurine- Green Dot

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Pink riding elf(1)

P39096 - Pink Riding Elf(1)

Pink riding elf figurine- Purple Dot

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P55030 - Brachiosaurus

Quadrupedal animal with a small skull and long nec

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Groovy Girls Indigo Horse(1)

MH154310 - Groovy Girls Shadow Horse(1)

A beautiful jet black Horse ready to take a Groovy Girl on a trail ride

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Lamb, Woolly

FM3059 - Woolly Lamb Puppet

Soft adorable and cuddly Lamb puppet

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Roaring lion(1)

P50157 - Roaring Lion

Roaring lion figurine- Yellow Dot

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Tiger with raised paw(1)

P50184 - Tiger Paw Raised(1)

A figurine of a tiger with a raised paw- Green Dot

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Excalibur Castle - Blue

LETV235 - Excalibur Castle Blue(1)

Knightly Adventures await with this wooden castle on a-base

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FM2582 - Turkey Puppet

Gobble Gobble the Turkey is here to put on a puppet show

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P56024 - Surgeonfish

A stunning blue Surgeonfish figurine-- Green Dot

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Mandarin duck(1)

P51166 - Mandarin Duck

This Mandarin Duck is enjoying a lovely afternoon on the farm

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Moorish idol(1)

P56026 - Moorish Idol

This sweet fish is yellow, black and white

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P50209 - Scorpion

A wild scopion on alert to protect itself

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Moose, Small

FM3109 - Small Moose Puppet

A strong and sweet small Moose out for adventure

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DJ3432 - Mini Nature Night Light

Calming soft green nature night light with timer

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Medieval Queen(1)

P39048 - Medieval Queen

Medieval queen figurine- Green Dot

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DJ6517 - Gaby's Cooker Kitchen Set

A bright and adorable cooking wooden kitchen set

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Papillon rabbit(1)

P51025 - Rabbit

Papo Rabbit figurine- Blue Dot

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Blue oviraptor(1)

P55059 - Blue Oviraptor

This Oviraptor just stole an egg for it's meal

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Oven and Hob Pink

LETV303 - Honeybake Home Oven/Hobpink(1)

A stylish painted wooden oven and hob set

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Queen Gardenia(1)
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Squirrel, Grey Finger (4)

FM2648 - Grey Squirrel Finger Puppet(4)

Watch this sweet mini gray Squirrel prepare for winter

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Weapon master unicorn(1)

P39915 - Knight Unicorn Silver

Unicorn knight figurine in silver- Purple Dot

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White lion(1)

P50074 - White Lion

Rare white lion figurine- Green Dot

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Turtle, Finger(3)

FM2732 - Turtle Finger Puppet (3)

Adorable and majestic green mini Turtle finger puppet

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Horned frog(1)

P50220 - Horned Frog

The interesting and colourful Horned Frog

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Trendy horse(1)

P51546 - Trendy Rider's Horse

Beautiful white horse with plaited brown hair and - Purple Dot

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DJ9587 - Jenni's Jewels Tattoos

A collection of tattoos with a gorgeous jewel like design and neon finish

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Octopus, Red Finger(3)

FM2767 - Red Octopus Finger Puppet (3)

Mini Red Octopus (3 Pack)(1)

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Walking polar bear cub(1)

P50145 - Walking Polar Bear Cub

Baby polar bear cub figurine walking- Blue Dot

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DJ9150 - Bolidachou Artychou

Watch this fast driving Artychou spin around in his adorable little car

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Train Table with Board(1)

TL3481 - Train Table with Building Base(1)

A neat little table ideal for toys

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White King Richard(1)

P39783 - White King Richard

King Richard figurine in white- Green Dot

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DJ7809 - Doll House Alice Doll

Lovely Alice in her little pink dress is ready for anything

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Fairy Queen

LEBK763 - Budkin Fairy Queen(1)

Fairy Queen Budkin

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Bear Stage Puppet

FM2986 - Bear Stage Puppet

This Bear stage puppet is more giggles than grizzles

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DJ7707 - 3D Stable Pop To Play

Horse stables and competition equipment pop-up play setting

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MH112950 - Groovy Girls Princess Seraphina

The royally gorgeous Groovy Girl Princess Seraphina dressed in a pink gown

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Bea Ballerina

LEBK708 - Budkin Bea Ballerina(1)

Bea Ballerina ready to perform

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DSL1102 - Lola - Brown Hair With Maroon Dress

Lola has beautiful hair and a stunning maroon dress

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