Insect Lizard, Collared(1)

FM3063 - Collared Lizard Puppet(1)

Gorgeously colourful collared lizard puppet.

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Blue velociraptor(1)

P55053 - Blue Velociraptor(1)

This Cretaceous Period Velociraptor features a strong movable mouth

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Gray Percheron(1)

P51551 - Gray Percheron(1)

This Grey Horse is dressed to impress

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Insect Lizard, Frilled(1)

FM3046 - Frilled Lizard Puppet(1)

Frilled Lizard puppet is lazing on a red rock under the sun

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DJ7806 - Doll House Sophie Doll(1)

Beautiful doll named Sophie for play in Djeco doll's houses

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zzzTweedie Patchwork Mouse(1)

RT315 - Tweedie Patchwork Mouse (15cm) (1)

An adorable scarf-wearing Tweedie Mouse

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Wild Elephant(1)

P50010 - Elephant(1)

African elephant figurine- Purple Dot

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Phosphorescent skeleton(1)

P38908 - Skeleton(1)

Spooky skeleton figurine- Red Dot

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P39110 - Butterfly the Rabbit(1)

This sweet rabbit looks magical in its shiny bow

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Dames Katy-DkBrownHair/P(1)

BN5168 - Dames Katy Doll (1)

Katy is a ready for her tea party in her floral dress

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Rabbit Jack(1)

FM2429 - Jack Rabbit Puppet(1)

Hop to it! It's bouncy and fast Jack Rabbit puppet

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Domest Mouse, White(1)

FM2219 - White Mouse Hand Puppet(1)

Alert and eager, this Mouse puppet sits waiting for cheese

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Animal Alpaca(1)

FM2953 - Alpaca Puppet(1)

An Alpaca hand puppet with long, soft fleece and big smile.

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Bird Macaw, Blue(1)

FM3060 - Blue Macaw Puppet(1)

This vibrant blue Macaw puppet is a beauty of the tropics

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White horse fleur de lys(1)

P39789 - White Horse Fleur De Lys(1)

This beauty of a horse is dressed for the joust

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Elephant seal(1)

P56032 - Elephant Seal(1)

This large Elephant Seal has a very distinctive nose that aids in their diving

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Dragon Prince and horse(1)

P39777 - Dragon Prince And Horse(1)

Dragon prince figurine with horse

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P56027 - Sawfish(1)

This magestic sawfish is an endangered species

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Medi KnightInArmourWi#Red(1)

P39245 - Armoured Blue Knight(1)

Armoured blue knight figurine- Red Dot

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White knight fleur de lys(1)

P39790 - White Knight Fleur De Lys(1)

This royal knight is dressed for a formal joust

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Cat Black (1)

FM2987 - Black Cat Puppet(1)

The Black Cat puppet is sleek, cuddly and not superstitious

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zzz#Minihummingbird (4)

FM2691 - Mini Hummingbird Finger Puppet (4)

Emerald green mini Hummingbird finger puppet

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Sea Turtle(1)

FM2021 - Large Turtle Puppet (1)

A gorgeous green turtle with a soft shell and movable feet

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Rabbit Bunny White(1)

FM2048 - White Bunny Rabbit Puppet(1)

Watch this sweet white Bunny hop by, perfect size for a cuddle

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Animal Monkey In Barrel(1)

FM2972 - Monkey In Barrel Puppet(1)

Monkey in a Barrel puppet has been a rolling success

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Animal Rattlesnake(1)

FM2893 - Rattlesnake Puppet(1)

Snake, rattle and roll! It's Rattlesnake Puppet

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Dragon ,BlueThree-Headed(1(1)

FM2387 - Blue 3 Head Dragon Puppet(1)

Three-Headed Dragon puppet has three times the fire breathe

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P50189 - Puma(1)

Out looking for it's next meal, this Puma is always alert

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Animal Lion Cub, African (1)

FM3064 - African Lion Cub Puppet(1)

Soulful African Cub puppet with big ears and a big heart

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Domest Guinea Pig(1)

FM3070 - Guinea Pig Puppet(1)

Furry and sweet starter pet ready for fun playtimes

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Red dragon king (1)

P39386 - Dragon King Red(1)

The dragon king figurine in red- Green Dot

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Sugar Plum Kitchen(1)

LEME052 - Sugar Plum Kitchen(1)

A modern kitchen dolls will enjoy cooking up a storm in

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Stage Giraffe Puppet(1)

FM2561 - Giraffe Stage Puppet(1)

Elegant stage Giraffe puppet with gorgeous long eyelashes

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Blue elf child(1)

P38826 - Blue Elf Child(1)

Blue Elf Child figurine. Elf figurine only- Purple Dot

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Sugar Plum Dining Room(1)

LEME049 - Sugar Plum Dining Room(1)

A gorgeous pink dining set with furniture and tableware

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Animal Otter, River(1)

FM2266 - River Otter Puppet(1)

A joyful and playful River Otter puppet with a cheeky personality

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King Ivan  (1)

P39047 - King(1)

Medieval king figurine- Green Dot

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Play Table(1)

LEMK4100 - Wooden Play Table(1)

A perfect place to place a doll or wooden playset

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White King Richard horse(1)

P39784 - White King Richard Horse(1)

Kind Richard's horse figurine in white- Green Dot

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Animal Bear, Black Cub(1)

FM2831 - Black Bear Cub Puppet(1)

An unbearably cute Black Bear Cub hand puppet

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DJ3010 - Animachkas Matryoshka Dolls(1)

Five piece colourful animal Russian nesting dolls

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Stage Ostrich Puppet(1)

FM2872 - Ostrich Stage Puppet(1)

Ostrich puppet has feathery soft plush and long eyelashes

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Alligator snapping turtle(1)

P50179 - #Aligator Snapping Turtle(1)

A prehistoric looking Alligator snapping turtle fi

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The terrace(1)

DJ7828 - The Terrace(1)

Outdoor furniture for Djeco doll houses

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BBQ   accessories(1)

DJ7829 - Barbeque And Accessories(1)

BBQ and accessories to suit Djeco doll houses

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P56024 - Surgeonfish(1)

A stunning blue Surgeonfish figurine-- Green Dot

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Palette 6 colours - Nature(1)

DJ9230 - Nature Body Art Palette 6 Colours (1)

Face painting palette featuring 6 natural colours

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Animal Koala(1)

FM3057 - Koala Puppet(1)

Curious Australian Icon Koala puppet ready for a cuddle

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Bird Owl, Burrowing(1)

FM2578 - Burrowing Owl Puppet(1)

Who's that? It's Burrowing Owl puppet with its big eyes

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Stage BighornSheepPuppet (1)

FM2985 - Bighorn Sheep Stage Puppet(1)

Expert climber and tough guy Bighorn Sheep stage puppet

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Sea Otter, Baby (1)

FM2960 - Baby Sea Otter Puppet(1)

Baby Sea Otter puppet swims and plays all day

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Handbag and accessories(1)

DJ6663 - Handbag And Accessories Charms(1)

Be just like mum with this handbag and accessories set

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My Family(1)

LEP053 - My Doll Family(1)

Mum, Dad and two kids wooden family set

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Animal Monkey(1)

FM2123 - Monkey Puppet(1)

Watch the bananas with this cheeky brown Monkey puppet

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P55007 - #Stegosaurus(1)

Stegosaurus dinosaur figurine

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White phoenix(1)

P36015 - White Phoenix(1)

A white strong Phoenix taking flight on an adventure

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Dragon Winged(1)

FM3051 - Winged Dragon Hand Puppet(1)

Fierce and bold, Winged Dragon puppet is a handful of fun

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Animal Chimpanzee, Baby(1)

FM2877 - Baby Chimpanzee Puppet(1)

A Baby Chimpanzee puppet that is soft and huggable

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Mike's Autos Garage(1)

LETV420 - Mikes Auto Garage(1)

A retro 50s styled wooden garage with cars and accessories

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Mermaid silver(1)

P39107 - Mermaid Silver(1)

An underwater beauty with her clown of a best friend

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