Elf child(1)

P38812 - Child Elf(1)

Child elf figurine- Purple Dot

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P50177 - #Chameleon(1)

A camouflaged Chameleon figurine- Purple Dot

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Rough n Tumble Kittens(1)

P39088 - Rough And Tumble Kittens(1)

Rough and Tumble kittens figurine- Red Dot

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P38822 - Elf Ballerina With Unicorn(1)

Elf ballerina figurine with her unicorn

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DJ9203 - Tiger Body Art(1)

Face painting set with tiger designs

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LETVZ585 - Dolls House Playmat(1)

Doll's house themed medium fabric playmat 120x80cm

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Roman legionnary (1)

P39802 - Legionnary(1)

Legionnary figurine- Green Dot

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Cerberus      (1)

P38912 - Cerberus(1)

Cerebus figurine- Green Dot

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Moorish idol(1)

P56026 - Moorish Idol(1)

This sweet fish is yellow, black and white

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FM3096 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppet(1)

A sweet and cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppet

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Articulated Goblin(1)

P36005 - Green Goblin(1)

A scary and ghouly goblin figurine- Green Dot

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Domest Rat, White(1)

FM3038 - White Rat Hand Puppet(1)

White Rat puppet has movable arms and an expressive face

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Little Pig(1)

FM2967 - Little Pig Puppet(1)

Little Piggy Puppet plays in the pig pen

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Lockettes Supersize Red Dress

BN62107 - Lockettes Supersize with Red Dress(1)

Very large ragdoll in red dress with realistic brown hair

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Chainmail knight(1)

P39769 - Chainmail Knight(1)

Chainmail wearing horseman figurine- Purple Dot

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White tiger(1)

P50045 - White Tiger(1)

White tiger figurine- Green Dot

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P39100 - Yorky(1)

Yorky is a pink fluffy dog figurine- Red Dot

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P50224 - Ocelot(1)

A prowling Ocelot out on the hunt

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P55056 - Kaprosuchus(1)

This Kaprosuchus is waiting for it's prey

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Merlin the magician   (1)

P39005 - Merlin The Magician(1)

Merlin the magician figurine- Red Dot

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Baby Swan(1)

FM3110 - Baby Swan Puppet(1)

This adorable and fluffy baby Swan will have everyone swooning

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The terrace(1)

DJ7828 - The Terrace(1)

Outdoor furniture for Djeco doll houses

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Palette 6 colours - Nature(1)

DJ9230 - Nature Body Art Palette 6 Colours (1)

Face painting palette featuring 6 natural colours

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P39110 - Butterfly the Rabbit(1)

This sweet rabbit looks magical in its shiny bow

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Rabbit Holland Lop(1)

FM2892 - Holland Lop Rabbit Puppet(1)

Holland Lop Rabbit puppet is a cuddly bundle of joy

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P55038 - Tupuxuara(1)

A prehistoric Tupuxuara dinosaur figurine

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Stitch Patchwork Mouse(1)

RT316 - Stitch Patchwork Mouse (15cm) (1)

Stitch the sweet patchwork mouse

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Cerberus of darkness(1)

P38983 - Cerberus Of Darkness(1)

A three headed creature no one dares to cross

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Playing polar bear cub(1)

P50143 - Playing Polar Bear Cub(1)

Baby polar bear cub figurine playing- Blue Dot

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Demon of darkness horse(1)

P38917 - Demon Of Darkness Horse(1)

Demon of darkness' horse figurine- Green Dot

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Large white tigress(1)

P50212 - Large White Tigress(1)

A gorgeous and protective white tigress

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20 Assorted Wild Animals(1)

P0WILD - 20 Assorted Wild Animals(1)

An assorted pack of 20 Papo Wild Animal figurines

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Bird American Kestrel(1)

FM3090 - American Kestrel Puppet(1)

A little falcon, this puppet packs a fierce intensity into its small body

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Horned frog(1)

P50220 - Horned Frog(1)

The interesting and colourful Horned Frog

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Hit the road !(1)

DJ7710 - Hit The Road! Pop To Play(1)

A fun cardboard pop-up race track set

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Red dragon king (1)

P39386 - Dragon King Red(1)

The dragon king figurine in red- Green Dot

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Princess Chloe(1)

P39010 - Princess With A Cat(1)

Princess figurine with cat- Red Dot

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FM3093 - Dove Puppet(1)

A peaceful and calming dove puppet

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Sea Clam, Giant(1)

FM3067 - Giant Clam Puppet(1)

This Giant Clam puppet is a deep sea divers dream

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Tea Time(1)

DJ6512 - Tea Time Role Play Set(1)

A sweet stylish wooden tea set for your next afternoon party

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zzzFarm Salers Cow(1)

P51042 - Salers Cow(1)

Salers Cow figurine

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6 AssortKitchen&PlayAccessPk

LEACCPK - 6 Assorted Kitchen and Play Accessory Pack

6 Assorted Kitchen and Play Accessory Pack

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Maisie Rag Doll(1)

RT104 - Maisie Rag Doll (45cm) (1)

Adorable and sweet ragdoll Maisie

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Froggy (1)

P36017 - Froggy the Dragon(1)

Froggy the dragon has a cheeky side and is still learning to fly

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Gold dragon with flame(1)

P39095 - Gold Dragon With Flame(1)

Gold dragon with fire-breathing powers- Green Dot

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Dylis Lamb (1)

RT323 - Dylis Lamb (35cm) (1)

Soft and sweet Dylis the Lamb Ragdoll

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Large tigress(1)

P50178 - Large Tigress(1)

Large gorgeous and protective tigress

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Insect Frog Jumping(1)

FM3082 - Jumping Frog Puppet(1)

Croak! Went the little green frog

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Spanish Bull(1)

P51164 - Spanish Bull(1)

A beautiful Spanish bull with curved horns.- Yellow Dot

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Standing tiger(1)

P50208 - Standing Tiger(1)

This strong Tiger is standing up to protect his pack

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African penguin(1)

P56017 - African Penguin(1)

A fancy looking penguin out for a stroll

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Lying tigress nursing(1)

P50156 - Lying Tigress Nursing(1)

A proud tigress nursing her three baby tiger cubs.

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Phosphorescent ghost(1)

P38903 - Ghost (Glows In The Dark)(1)

Glow in the dark ghost figurine- Red Dot

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Stage Bear Puppet(1)

FM2986 - Bear Stage Puppet(1)

This Bear stage puppet is more giggles than grizzles

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Mermaid silver(1)

P39107 - Mermaid Silver(1)

An underwater beauty with her clown of a best friend

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African elephant(1)

P50192 - African Elephant(1)

This large magestic elephant is exploring its surroundings

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zzzEnchant Rosie(1)

P39098 - Rosie(1)

A pretty pink dragon figurine

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The queen(1)

P39129 - The Queen(1)

The Queen is dressed ready for the royal ball

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Bird Owl, Burrowing(1)

FM2578 - Burrowing Owl Puppet(1)

Who's that? It's Burrowing Owl puppet with its big eyes

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LEME079 - Tea-Time Kitchen Acc Pack(1)

A fantastic set for a doll to cook up a storm

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zzzWild Elephant(1)

P50010 - Elephant(1)

African elephant figurine- Purple Dot

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Polar fox(1)

P50200 - Polar Fox(1)

This sly Polar Fox looks like he is out for trouble

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P50186 - Impala(1)

An African Antelope keeping an eye out for predators

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Animal Fawn(1)

FM2573 - Fawn Puppet(1)

The sweet-and-gentle Fawn puppet is adorably designed

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